Windows Live Messenger has already powered 1.5 billion minutes of Facebook chat

Windows Live Messenger has already powered 1.5 billion minutes of Facebook chat

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Frederic from ReadWriteWeb recently noted the large number of people who have connected Facebook and Messenger. As it’s now been about one month since we released Windows Live Essentials 2011, we wanted to take a moment to talk more about our progress in building partnerships with Messenger that help customers connect to their friends and networks from across their devices.

More than 10 million people have connected Facebook to Windows Live

In the last few updates, we made a number of changes across Windows Live that made it both more valuable to connect Facebook to Windows Live, and easier for you to do this. We’re still early in the release, but to date, over 10 million people have connected their Facebook accounts with Windows Live. One thing that excites us about this is not only the scale of this adoption but the fact that it is already 6 times more than we saw in all of Wave 3 (our previous set of releases).

When Windows Live customers connect to Facebook, they have a number of options to select from, in terms of how their data moves across the two networks.

Connect Windows Live to Facebook

More than 250 million chats between Messenger and Facebook

One of these options is the ability to chat with your Facebook friends from within Messenger. Because there are a number of complexities involved in integrating two huge, real-time communication systems, this chat option is only available in 13 countries around the world. That said, there have already been over 250 million chat conversations between Messenger and Facebook customers, and these conversations have lasted more than 1.5 billion minutes. We’re excited to see how this is continuing to grow as more people connect their Windows Live accounts to Facebook and as we begin to offer chat integration in more countries.

Chat between Messenger and Facebook

Millions of people connecting to other sites

While Facebook is clearly one of our largest Messenger partners, there are more than 75 other great companies that are similarly being connected deeply with Windows Live. And from these, over 1.6 million people have connected YouTube to Windows Live, and over 700 thousand people have connected MySpace to Windows Live.

Available across your devices

Partnerships are not only important for connecting Messenger customers with their networks, but they’re also critical to making sure customers can stay connected across their devices. On the PC side, many device manufacturers and retailers are choosing to pre-install Windows Live Essentials on their new Windows 7 PCs – helping bring together a complete Windows experience. We’re continuing to work with these partners to make this possible, and we expect over 100 million new consumer PCs to ship with Windows Live Essentials next year.

On the mobile phone side, Windows Live is deeply integrated into the newly released Windows Phones and we’re looking forward to seeing the adoption and hearing your feedback on that experience. But many of you are currently using other smart phones, and we think it’s important that you can also use Messenger from those devices. So we work with our partners to ensure that we have great experiences for their devices, and we’re seeing some good adoption and usage of the latest mobile experiences for Messenger. There are over 10 million active Messenger customers on BlackBerry devices, over 5.2 million active Messenger customers on iPhones and over 1.2 million active Messenger customers on Nokia smart phones. And through our mobile service provider program, app developers are able to bring Messenger to tens of millions more customers on other phones.

Helping customers connect to the networks and people that matter to them is very important to us, and so we appreciate the opportunity to be able to work with all the great companies that are connecting to Windows Live and those that are making Messenger available on their devices. And most importantly, we’re glad to see our shared customers making these connections to improve their communication and sharing experiences across more of their devices.

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • jesej
    1 Posts

    who cares about facebook? if i want to chat with people on fb ILL GO TO FACEBOOK!!!! try fixing problems first, guys, before you go adding this fluff crap!!!

    like how messenger completely sucks now. i HATE IT. ive used it for ages to webcam. it was the only im that let me have a halfway decent video on my dial up (yes, i live in the middle of no where...dial up is ALL i have available). but now youve changed the video chat. i cannot connect using 'video call'. dial up cant handle it! msn is completely useless to me now. buh bye

  • I never used FB Chat, but since the time its available on WLM, I have been chatting chatting chatting..... Its so cool on WLM!!

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Quote:  "Now, where's the Android client?"

    They don't even have a Windows Phone 7 client out, much less an Android client.  I'm about to start demanding people use Google Talk or pretty much don't bother trying to communicate with me via an IM client.  Don't want to hear the crying about it like last time I uninstalled Live Messenger, either.

    The Facebook chat is cool and all, but I only have access to a desktop client like 30% of the time.

  • Hey guys, don't listen to this bogus post. See we have put up a lot of complaints here:

    This is officially THE WORST VERSION of MSN messenger ever!

    Can't change Nicknames. Can't have multiple cams. Makes us go invisible to all 'other contacts' on it's own. Can't change contact details from within MSN...need to open a webpage.

  • baerwb
    9 Posts

    The Facebook is integration is great...but Twitter...bring back my Twitter integration please.

  • I really enjoy having Facebook and Windows Live together on my Messenger

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Now, where's the Android client?

  • avensog
    8 Posts

    nice use of trickery in the headline "1.5 billion minutes".

    Good to see you guys are doing something right for a change, adding facebook chat support to your im client was a good move.

    regsnerven makes a good point about nicknames, seriously need to listen to your consumers more.

  • I dont want the Live Messenger or the Live Community to be fuc***ng Facebook. I want them to be what they used to be. A CHAT!!!!! with NICKNAMES!!!!!!!!!!

    So bring back that nicknames and stop being a facebook look-a-like. That sucks!

  • Nice. Use it all the time.

    Also, it would be nice if I could sign in to this blog using my Windows Live credentials ;-)

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Nice if Messenger would quit locking up at random.

  • So when is this coming to New Zealand? The other blog post said other countries would be added "as quickly as possible". Over a month later and still no other countries added...

    I'm not buying that its so complex you can't add small countries (1 mill users or less), when large countries (60 mill+ users total) got added straight away....

  • It would be more awesome if Facebook didn't insist on popping out the chat window on the web site after the conversation... That is, if I have a conversation on WLM with someone on FB, and then I open a browser and go to the page, you will see the tab popup of the conversation. This is irritating on so many levels, BUT, I also realize it's a FB problem not a WLM problem. WLM is absolutely fantastic for supporting this though. :)

  • Maxim
    9 Posts

    Why you don't support your own products on your OWN windows mobile 6, 6.1, 6.5 e.t.c.??? Where's facebook chat on Windows Mobile? Where's normal touch interface on windows mobile???

  • I use it all the time lol