Over 500,000 Windows Live Spaces blogs migrated to WordPress.com

Over 500,000 Windows Live Spaces blogs migrated to WordPress.com

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We’re very excited to be working with WordPress.com to let customers connect the fantastic blogging capabilities of WordPress.com with the leading communications and sharing services of Windows Live.

As part of this partnership, we’re helping customers to migrate their existing Windows Live Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com, and we’re using the power of Messenger Connect to help customers share their blog posts with their Messenger friends.                

We thought it was worth taking a moment to highlight that, as of today, just over half a million Spaces blogs have now migrated to WordPress.com. On top of that, nearly half a million additional Windows Live customers have decided to create entirely new blogs on WordPress.com.  And for each of those nearly 1 million new people now blogging on WordPress.com, there are, of course, many more new blog visitors also now going to WordPress.com. 

People are continuing to migrate their Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com, and to those of you who haven’t gotten around to it yet, we want to remind you that you’ll need to do so before March 2011.

Thanks again to WordPress.com for being a great partner, and to our customers, we hope you’re enjoying the new WordPress.com blogging experience, and Messenger Connect sharing capabilities.        

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • I've just migrated my blog and the experience at Wordpress has been pretty better! Congrats Windows Live for this successful partnership!

  • yanivav
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    Hello Dharmesh,

    I'm a PM in a company specialized in creating fun content for variety of platforms.  We are currently interesting in creating custom content for WLM, and understood we have to buy a certificate from Microsoft in order to sign our  content.

    I'll be very thankful if you can contact me via email: avyaniv@gmail.com

    Thank you,


  • Make RSS improvements

    Multiple things need to be improved in the RSS arena:

    1. Should be able to add more than 10 feeds. It seems to not allow more than 10.

    2. Should be able to organize in folders.

    3. Should be able to mark as read.

    4. Should see icons in feed that are site specific (not RSS generic)

  • controlz
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    I would like to thank everyone at Microsoft for making and supporting the products out there today. Windows is easily the best OS out there. Office is simply great. Windows Phone showed the iPhone and Android who really rules. Windows Live........is amazing. You offer free programs updated every few years that are miles better than Apple iLife. You offer free state-of-the-art web services with TONS of storage for your files. Apple MobileMe (a rubbish name) offers less storage and less features and you have to pay for it!!

    A few of feature requests for Windows Live:

    1. Windows Live Web Messenger supports Family Safety child accounts

    2. The ability to upload folders to SkyDrive

    3. Some more Live Mesh features in Windows Live Mesh

    4. Bring back blocking in Messenger - keep appearing offline to individuals and groups, I like that, but add the ability to actually block someone (not get their messages, like you do when appearing offline to someone).


  • Incredible number of migrations to wordpress. Well done Microsoft Spaces team. Now if you could just introduce a advert opt out feature on MSN, you would be full of win.

  • JohnCz
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    @badboybubz, no fear..by default there is no connection with Facebook or any other service unless you configure those in WLMessenger.  Also, you can change the default view in WLM 2011 to be the compact view you might be more comfortable with.

  • Im not one for facebook, why all this intergration with WLMessenger? 2011, I am sticking to 2009  I dont want it all interconnected!

  • JohnCz
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    Hi Dharmesh, hope #2 is something being worked on with the folks at WordPress.  I mean, you should get something from this deal.

  • Once you arrive at Wordpress.com or wherever you decide to make your new blogging home, can you please add your new address to the comments on spacergran.wordpress.com It's a roll call for all ex Spacers so that everyone can  find you easily whether on Wordpress or elsewhere such as Blogger


  • Another post on showing SkyDrive albums in WordPress blogs: ludwigkeck.wordpress.com/.../spaces-to-wordpress-photos-and-slide-shows-pages This is one of a short series on moving from Spaces to WordPress

  • jjhii
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    I moved my BLOG but I much perfered the old one.  First I now have to get user back to the site where before my contacts were just there.  Overall I am very unhappy with it and have basically stopped using the BLOG. bummer

  • @JohnCZ

    1. You can publish to WordPress.com from Windows Live Writer, WordPress.com uses Messenger Connect so you can choose to have your posts automatically shared to your Messenger friends and if you're using Windows Live and trying to create a new blog, we'll bring you into WordPress.com.  And of course, there's the migration we mentioned for existing Spaces customers.

    2. Unfortunately, this isn't possible today.

    3. You can't do that directly, but there's a pretty straightforward way to copy (or move) the photos if you'd like to do that so you have all your albums on WordPress.com.  You can see one person's step-by-step here: technograns.wordpress.com/.../moving-your-photo-albums-over-from-windows-live-to-wordpress

  • I've said this in support forum, but let me state it again here:  Please add option to stop the Live Space->Wordpress redirection.  I've migrated my blog but I don't want it to connect to my old Space.

  • JohnCz
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    Impressive figures for sure.  I haven't upgraded just yet.  I'm thinking of using Office 365 instead.  A couple of questions...

    1. With the exception of Live Writer, how does Windows Live and WordPress work better together?

    2. Does WordPress let blog visitors to login with their Windows Live ID to place a comment?

    3. Does Windows Live let you use Live SkyDrive to host/stream Photos/Videos/etc to WordPress?

  • Waiting for the Windows Phone 7 app

  • I'm one of the 500000 spaces blogger ! !