Windows Live launches new plug-ins website

Windows Live launches new plug-ins website

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We’ve talked a few times about how important it is for you to be able to connect your Windows Live experiences to the other great services you use.  You can connect connect Messenger to Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, Hotmail lets you bring in your email from Gmail and Yahoo! Plus, and powers a great blogging experience for Windows Live customers.

This week we are introducing a new Windows Live plug-ins website, which allows you to download and submit plug-ins for Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer.

Windows Live Plug-ins website

From the new plug-ins site, you can download and add the Inkubook Photo Book Uploader to Windows Live Photo Gallery to create beautiful professional quality photo books, or get the Insert Video plug-in for Windows Live Writer, which allows you to insert videos into your blog posts from places like YouTube and MySpace.  We’ve updated our submission process to make it easier for developers to contribute new plug-ins to the community, and we encourage you to create and upload your own plug-ins.

We hope you find this new website helpful in keeping you connected to your services from Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer.

Brad Weed
Group Program Manager
Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer

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  • David9W
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    Sound great- but that does not let me comment on something I found on MSN home page that came from Being that found something really wild on the Discovery Channel because Discovery Channel demand that you sign on one of the following: Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google.

    Not all of us have time as Betty White says "Why would I want to Tweet? It's just a big waist of time." I don't have time to have five different email accounts, let along tell the world if I am in the bath room or some where else.

    When I find something I think is cool and want to ask a question, that's what I want to do. And if other companies dosen't want to play nice then why do I want to play with them?- YouTube is a good example of this and is coming close to being kick to the curb in my playbook.

  • discedo
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    It would be nice to allow plug-ins for Messenger. Such as a plug-in that will allow you to send offline messages while you're appearing offline. Oh, and another plug in that will allow to make your own display name. Simple things that were in 2009.

  • Hemingray
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    Oh, I see. I never really noticed it until now. Very nice, Nothing really there for Messenger that I can see, as it's the only WL application I ever use. Very nice though! Will these still work with 2009 if stuff for Messenger surfaces?

  • Brad Weed
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    Following up on Analy's post (she's on the team), we've had this plug-in model for awhile now and so Analy is right in that this site is just pulling some things together in one place.  There are definitely folks out there interested in partnering with Windows Live in this way. Inkubook is probably the lastest and best example of this.  It's a great way for them to get exposure and customers to their service.

  • The new plug-in page is just replacing old pages that already existed and putting in one single place the pointers to the plug-ins available for Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Writer. 3rd parties could go and develop plug-ins for those applications that users can install and then access from within the application. For the case of Photo Gallery and Movie Maker the extensibility is focused for publishing services.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    @Parrotlover77: That would seem possible (Although the only part of Essentials I ever use, is Messenger)

  • If Messenger could load third party protocol plugins to connect to AIM, Skype, and others, I would never leave WLM.  RIght now, I never use it in favor of Miranda (which, although it works, leaves a lot to be desired in the UX department).  I love the UX of WLM, but since the majority of my business contacts exclusively use Skype, and a lot of friends and family still only use AIM, I'm stuck with a third party multiprotocol messenger.

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    Sounds like an app platform for WLE products (much like the one Facebook has)(?)

  • Sound great, but I do not understand the model behind it. Are you enabling third parties to write plug-ins that then enabled integration of third parties service in to mainstream Live 2011 products? Otherwise what is the incentive for the developer? Presumably you are not allowing ad revenue to go to third parties, or allowing them to advertise through the plug in.

    Sorry if I miss-understood. To me this read like a solution somewhere between Chrome extensions and Windows Marketplace. Just wondering what will drive innovation, as nobody will make money here. I can't see third parties jumping at the chance, with exception to some Wordpress and maybe MSN features.

    Kieran Donnelly

    MD of F8 IT Solutions in Aylesbury UK