Minor update for Windows Live Messenger pre-2011

Minor update for Windows Live Messenger pre-2011

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If you are using Windows Live Essentials on Windows XP, or are still using a pre-2011 version of Windows Live Essentials (including Messenger), starting this week, you’ll see a required update that is rolling out in all 48 languages. This minor update to Windows Live Messenger and the other Windows Live Essentials programs includes a set of important security updates, performance improvements, targeted bug fixes, and some other, minor changes. The update began rolling out last May, but because of the security improvements included, it will become mandatory over the next week or so.

The update does not require you to download Windows Live Messenger 2011.

As we mentioned in a previous post on Windows Live Messenger video and photo sharing functionality, this Messenger update simplifies how you start a video call from within Messenger pre-2011. Rather than individually managing your and your friend’s webcam feeds and audio, you can now start a video call just by clicking the “Video” button in the conversation window or by clicking the webcam icon. Also, you can more easily make video calls to your friends who do not have webcams, controlling the audio for both you and your friend by clicking the speaker and microphone icons.

Piero Sierra
Group Program Manager, Windows Live

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  • Turns out I couldn't live without one-way cam, lol.

  • "Ads are not a problem on any part of my local network. There's several mechanisms in place to keep ads from appearing on any PC."  

    Er, that wasn't a real problem, just an analogy to your 'keep it unplugged' solution.

    @SilentMeadowLark:  Having separate cam controls is simple common sense, and hence available in most, if not all cam2cam software.  They know already.  They don't care.  Too busy brokering deals with social networking sites and advertising agencies.

  • Plus, I'm hearing (...reading) a lot about not allowing display names anymore. What's with that? A lot of people put up a line from a song or something, and if you're like me, you have your always-there display name (mine is FEATHERS INC, a friend of mine has Hawkeye) and you have a short message after. And for the personal message, you have something entirely different. Sometiems it's creative, and other times it's just a 'whatever' or a 'grrr' statement.

  • I just commented on someone's post on MSN's page on Facebook. I'm not certain what exactly this woman was saying, but it sounded like she was saying something about child safety with webcams. So I said something about that, agreeing with what I think she was saying, and finished with this:

    Some of us are responsible adults who know what we want when it comes to pretty much everything, including our method of webcam sharing. Some people have their webcam on and showing to more than one person, and some of those on the other end have their cam on too. But a video call is strictly between two people on MSN and showing your cam to someone else interupts that. And some of us don't have cams ourselves but our friends turn theirs on so we can see them. It's not always about 'hiding' or being ashamed of ourselves. Sometimes we just don't feel presentable, and while our friend has turned their cam on already, we need time to brush our hair, our teeth, get out of our PJs, whatever.

    If Windows needs more than they already have about the reason(s) users like the singular webcam features, I think this sums up most if not all of the complaints (and more) succinctly. But I still want to know where I can get a direct link to this security-only update if indeed not having it is going to cause me problems.

  • Hemingray
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    Ads are not a problem on any part of my local network. There's several mechanisms in place to keep ads from appearing on any PC.

  • "I just keep my webcam unplugged unless it;s needed."

    Welcome to the future!  Next, unstoppable advertisement sounds, but simply keep your speakers unplugged right??

  • Could we have a WLM-lite version please?  None of this social networking 'nerfed browser tacked on the side' nonsense.  None of this sluggish, forced, automated photo/video-sharing gubbins, instead of simply transferring files with a drag-and-drop, or providing a link.  None of these hand holding "You've arrived at a real-life website!  Careful now!!" warnings.  At the very least allow people to switch it all off, *for the love of god*.  ...and bloody well bring back the handwriting/drawing!  A truly progressive feature (remember those?) and on a whim, you scrap it entirely!!

    I mean, with all due respect to those that like this stuff, i'm simply not a 13 year old girl.  With new releases of MSN/WLM it always feels like one step forward, five back.  Sometimes I wonder if there's a more cynical reason behind it, like, if you ever release a perfectly functioning program, there will be no demand for updates, making yourselves utterly obsolete.  One wonders if you ever have a work experience guy, and you're forced to say, "Woah, slow down there!!"

    Anyway, just thought i'd add to the hundreds of other rants you'll no doubt take VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED.

  • malakh
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    this is definetly a downgrade. i don't know what messenger was thinking when they disabled the show my webcam option. i can't see my relatives and close people to me that live overseas anymore. this is the main reason why i loved the show my webcam it was much faster. def. going with another program,

  • Hemingray
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    I just keep my webcam unplugged unless it;s needed.

  • n3wton
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    This is all well and good, but it now makes it impossible to do just webcam chats, which is the reason I was still on a really old version. I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to video chat people, but 80% I just want to see them. Removing this option seems silly really, as the majority of the underlying code for sending webcams must be there to do webchats? why not add it as an option?

    Still keep up the development!



  • Well the one-way webcam functionality is officially dead.  I really don't get why they keep calling these downgrades "updates".    Sometimes I want to share my webcam with more than one person, or the other person doesn't want to turn on theirs.  They now have to go through a whole process to specifically disable their webcam for that to work.    Messenger used to be the best way to chat with friends, but is working very hard to change that.

  • As long as there is no forced update to the atrocity that is WLM2011 i'm happy.  The moment that happens, I jump ship.

  • Tymon
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    You guys should honestly be slapped for cramming this trash down your user's throats. Thankfully running the existing windows live messenger in compatibility mode stops this absolutely inane forced update. The day you remove THAT is the day I quit using your software however.

  • Also, I don't see the point of erradicating the singluar cam feature: I don't have a web cam, or a mike but sometimes I talk to people who do. It makes more sense to continue having the two features seperate. A lot of people don't like automaticly making a video call, no matter how much more smooth this update might make it. Sometimes it interferes with what they're doing, and some people have more than one person on cam at once and talk to these people separately; a video call only establishes in one window as far as I've always understood. These people aren't going to put all the people they have on cam into one group chat just so they can do video with all of them. It isn't 'more easy', it's messy. Not sloppy-job messy, just messy. Like feeding a baby semi-solid food gets messy. I've seen a lot of complaints about this distruption on facebook, and I agree with them.

  • All I see for an update is a whole new version (or two; I'm not entirely sure that Essentials and 2011 are the same....). Which, frankly, is rediculously irritating. I know someone who accidentally downloaded Live Essentials, found it discusting, and it took forever to rectify the mistake. I saw an update notice for Plus! and ignored it because I hate 'updating' when I don't know what's going on, especially on MSN because you never know what they're going to do to your carefully chosen settings. So when I see things like "Mandatory Update" I get a little ticked off. And here the only links I see where I might acquire this, so called, mandatory security (only) update, deliver me to confusing pages and the page for downloading Essentials. I refuse to download Essentials as I enjoy the version I currently use (don't ask for numbers to identify which version that might be because numbers mean nothing to me in this case and I feel it would be a waste of my time to comb my MSN to find any such numbers). I use what was called Windows Live Messenger along with Plus! and I don't intend to change that unless it's to the version prior; the bubbly appearance is slightly frustrating (when it gets hung up durring scrolling and changing status).

    So I would really appreciate a straightforward link to a straightforward security only update, please.

    And I beg pardon for being a bit ascerbic; I'm simply not pleased.

  • I know the extra security is nice, but I feel there's so much being cut from WLM that made WLM, WLM, in favor for social networking, to make me upgrade to 2011.

    Glad we're able to stay at 2009 at the very least, although with a feature or two lost. I'm going to miss one-way cam. (I did export my contacts like one time, but that was so long ago.)

  • @CJT-80 and others

    Build  14.0.8089.726 (like earlier versions)are being deprecated for use on all operating systems(XP, Vista, Win7, and Server 2008).  An email notice was(or should have been) sent to all users Live ID email adddresses that are/were using build  14.0.8089.726(or earlier).  The message(quoted below) indicated that to continue using WLMessenger the mandatory upgrade is required to continue using the service(i.e. signing on to Windows Live in using WL Messenger).


    Dear Messenger User,

    We have just released a new version of Messenger which includes important security updates to help keep you and your friends safe while you chat online. All Messenger users will be required to have the latest version to continue using the service.


    The mandatory upgrade applies to only those users using a build prior to 14.0.8117.416 (version 2009 QFE3 released on May 12, 2010, thus technically it's not a new build but the last and only 2009 build) on any operating system(XP, Vista, Windows 7, server 2008). The mandatory upgrade does not apply to anyone using Windows Live EssentialsWindows Live Messenger Version 2011, build 15.4.xxxx.xxx(initial release-Sept '10 or QFE1-Dec '10)

    It may also be important to note that build  14.0.8117.416 is currenty only being supported for the foreseeable future. That may or may not indicate 'in perpetuity' and/or until the end of XPSp3's life cycle(2014).

     -See the Live Team's May 2010 blog article for details on 14.0.8117.416 release(at that time it was an optional upgrade; now a mandatory upgrade)



    While this is our last planned update for Wave 3, we will continue to support this release for the foreseeable future as it will be the last version that supports Windows XP.



     Microsoft MVP

  • darm
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    No es una mejora para el usuario ojala puedan volverse atras de estas medidas.

  • Hemingray
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    @CJT-80: 8117 only really removes one-way cam, which I doubt WLM's core servers even understand anymore in terms of functionality.

  • CJT-80
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    @ Piero Sierra and @ Hemingray - I have WLM 2009 - Build 8089.726. Are you saying the "update" will change this to 8117.416??? If so WHY? I specifically use 8089.726 as it still has individual camera functions, and works better than 8117.416 on my PC. Also I refuse to update to 2011 as the functionality is "poor" compared to previous versions.

  • Hemingray
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    Okay let me break this down for everyone:

    This post is in reference to those still running 2009 version 14.0.8089.726 (Check in Help > About Messenger)

    If you're running 14.0.8117.416, you won't need to take any action. To update, Go here: explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials-xp and download the installer. It will update you to 8117.416.

  • Hemingray
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    @ankitshah_12  I don't use 2011 (and never will), so I don't really know about it.

  • yanivav
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    Question - Will this update solve the  blocked active links issue?  


  • @hemingray can you reply to my previous status???atleast give me the status of whats going if you know.....

  • Hemingray
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    @Deepak: I think that's the one from May that they're going to begin requiring. This article may only be related to 14.0.8089.726.

    There's no visual changes in 8117.416 at all, but this version does kill off one-way webcam, as well as exporting your contacts to a .CTT file (very little, if at all used feature)

  • Deepak
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    How to get the Update..? my messenger shows  Version 2009 (14.0.8117.416).. does this version requires this update? or how to find the verious of my Messenger is the Latest any time  or requires the any update including current one?

  • how to manually update windows live messenger????there should be some button to check for updates..

    i also want to know will there new option in windows live messenger 2011 to just remember email id???

  • Hemingray
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    Question, is this mandatory update only for 8089.726 or does it also affect 8117.416? You say last May so I can only assume that it only affects the former.