Connecting Office 2010 to the web and phone

Connecting Office 2010 to the web and phone

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In June of 2010, we connected Office 2010 to SkyDrive so that you can share and access your documents across the web. Over 30 million people have now accessed Office documents on SkyDrive! We’re extremely happy that we have reached so many of you!

In August, we connected Hotmail to Windows Phone and iOS devices via Exchange ActiveSync. Combined with Outlook Connector, you now have a seamless experience for getting to your mail, calendar, and contacts across your Windows PCs, phones, and the cloud.

In October, we connected OneNote on Windows Phone 7 to SkyDrive so that you could access your personal or shared notebooks across your PC and your Windows Phone.

Starting January 18th in the US, you can download OneNote Mobile for the iPhone. For a limited time, we’re even making it free. We’re working to make it available in other regions as well, and we’ll keep you updated as it becomes available.

OneNote on multiple platforms

What’s so great about OneNote?

OneNote holds a special place in my heart. I started using OneNote almost a decade ago, when it was in development. It was the first experience where I could combine ink, text, images, and markup all in one application. I watched OneNote mature into the most powerful and flexible note taking application through three Office releases. As someone who is heavily focused on both work and life related productivity (I happen to use Getting Things Done), OneNote is my note taking hub for myself and my family.

With OneNote now connected and syncing to the web, across your PCs, and across your Windows Phone or iPhone you have access anywhere to the best note taking tool. For things like:

It’s great to see OneNote available on the iPhone. I hope more people are introduced to what I feel is a truly innovative product. For more details, please visit the Office blog.

Happy note taking!

Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager, Windows Live

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  • hitmouse
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    " We’ll let you know here as soon as we are ready for a broader international release."

    Well, I consider a direct marketing email to me (outside the US) stating its availability, to be an indication of such.

    It would also make sense to release it in areas like Australia, or non-English speaking countries (where there are millions of English-speaking users) so that you clear up issues to do with locale assumptions, daylight-saving etc. Releasing only in the US generally means HUGE assumptions about other places.

    I'm also wondering if your statements are an indication of low confidence in Microsoft pre-testing compared to all the products from other companies which are released simultaneously worldwide?

    It's really time for these blogs to wake up to the fact that you have an international market, customers with needs for international rollouts and indeed, international readers, so this endless stream of US-only deals is very tedious. Microsoft has really fallen way way behind in good practices since its days of evangelizing international preparedness back in the 90s.

  • @hitmouse, Danielmd, hdw, and others: Sorry to make you wait just a little longer—we’re eager to bring OneNote Mobile to people in more countries, too, and I can assure you that will happen soon, although I can’t give you a date.  As with many of our v1 products, we released it in a single market (US) first, so that we could gather feedback & make improvements  before distributing it worldwide. We’ve released 2 updates based on what we’ve learned so far. We’ll let you know here as soon as we are ready for a broader international release.

  • hitmouse
    96 Posts

    Why is it that Microsoft is sending out email invitations to get OneNote on iPhone to countries where it is not available? You'd think Office would be smart enough to put 2+2 together and not send to people whose registered address is not in the US?

    It seems that everyone at Microsoft is blogging about the product and NO ONE knows why it isn't available outside the US. Let me guess: no one has it set as a review goal.

  • When will it be available in other countries?  It’s Windows Live Messenger all over again…

  • OneNote on a touch screen device and you can only type? When will you be able to draw/markup/etc using the touch screen? Also, I want to delete a note from the device. Make it happen Mirocrosoft.

  • hitmouse
    96 Posts

    The question of non-appearance outside of US creeps into the press:

    "Currently, OneNote for iPhone is a US-only release. No explanation will be offered as to why this is the case."

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    Fantastic! Will it be free in the UK at some point?

  • Hemingray
    85 Posts

    You guys are forgetting the #1 mobile OS: Android. You have an untapped customer base just waiting for you guys to get to it.

  • Islander
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    This is the right direction, but why don't you offer a plugin for the many many Office 2007 users, so that at least we can also sync our files with Windows Skydrive? Having to update to Office 2010 just for that is not what I call good customer support.

  • Android, please. :-)  Until then, there's actually a third party product called MobileNoter which is pretty good.  I would prefer an official MS app for Android though.  MobileNoter doesn't connect to SkYDrive, which means that you have to use either desktop syncing, or their own cloud (additional fee) for synching.

  • hitmouse
    96 Posts

    I don't understand how so many little one-man operations can get their programs released on iTunes stores around the world simultaneously (or with equivalent distribution mechanisms), yet Microsoft with its copious resources can drag the chain on anything non-US for years. Obviously Microsoft tools and methods just don't help one work smarter when applied to internal Microsoft affairs.

    ( Actually since I worked there for 10 years, I can understand how international efforts get sidelined, but it's still no excuse.)

  • hdw
    25 Posts

    Good. I also agree with hitmouse  please work harder on international support . I have a hard time believing you (Microsoft)  when you say 'We’re working to make it available in other regions as well'. Why is there no proper and consistent international support for Bing, for WP7, Windows Live etc;

  • From the screenshots it appears that the iPhone version does do more from it's default implementation.  As far as  I can tell you can't create new notebooks from the Windows Phone 7 version ( I have a Focus).  Looks like you can with the iPhone version.  The only way to get any pages at all outside of the Personal (Web) notebook is by going to in the Phone's browser, opening an additional notebook and having your auto sync settings turned to ON.  At that point whatever page you accessed will be available on the Phone.  That's fine and all, but hardly the most seamless implementation.  You can't CREATE new stuff in One Note on Windows Phone outside of the Personal (Web) notebook.  Please!  If I'm missing something, let me know!!

  • I am curious how I am a cry baby.  OneNote on Windows Phone 7 can't even be used for to-do lists.  Buy purchasing a Windows Phone 7 device I am essentially paying for the app being distributed for free and the one being paid for has less features, to include aesthetics.  Obviously the checkbox feature is not impossible yet its not part of what is going to be released in the upcoming update.  Sure its great to roll out OneNote because I think there are more people who don't use it than use it and exposure will help that, but it doesn't negate the obvious shun to the paying customers.

  • Thank you Microsoft and the Office team. I love OneNote and have waited for this day when you can access same notes from anywhere and everywhere. There will be feature enhancements both on iPhone and Win 7, but I can wait unlike some cry babies. I can counter argue on some of the comments here, but I won't. It's time to celebrate and I am looking forward to new features and other apps. (By the way, I am not a Microsoft employee for favoring them, just that they should know, someone appreciates what they do).

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    This is why I'd never choose WP7 over iOS and also why I will avoid WP7 like the plague.  Impatiently awaiting new WebOS devices.  Ignoring Android seems like a dumb thing to do especially when you seem intent on providing free advertising for Apple by making your own services shine more on their platform than your own.

  • Maybe the description and pictures are wrong but OneNote on iOS supports checkboxes?  Hmmmm OneNote on Windows 7 doesn't.  Getting to Skydrive OneNote files is not native, don't you think you should have taken care of your own platform before focussing on the competitor's?

  • Are there any plans to release One Note for Android?

    I would love a Windows Phone 7 device but they are still too expensive in NZ, so i opted for and Android .

  • @alessandro.grua I don't see how it is better on the iPhone.... Explain?

  • PR.
    1 Posts

    A welcome step, but there is intelligent life outside the United States that might have liked a chance to try this. Also no iPad support for a note taking app seems really silly.

    I love OneNote at work but I can't take it with me, so I end up relying on Evernote instead.

  • hitmouse
    96 Posts

    I hope the versions available in the other region iTunes stores are free also. Microsoft has a long long habit of making stuff free in the US, and $$$ elsewhere. If I had a penny for every time I heard " we're working to make it available in other regions/countries"  on a Microsoft product blog and the product either never showed or took *years* ... sigh.

  • This is seriously a joke! I love Microsoft and I also do love OneNote but I don't like the fact that it's better on iOS than on Windows Phone 7!

    I don't know what the hell is going on in Redmond but the Messenger (which is a bad 3rd party app on WP7) and OneNote are both better on Apple's iPhone than on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7!

    This seem redicules.