PC Magazine awards Editors’ Choice to Hotmail

PC Magazine awards Editors’ Choice to Hotmail

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For all of you who have been following this blog and using Hotmail regularly, you know that we’ve made a lot of updates recently – helping you remove the clutter in your inbox, making it easier to share photos, bringing the power of Office into your inbox and making email more interactive.

We’re very humbled that yesterday, PC Magazine gave Hotmail their Editors’ Choice award. Thank you, PC Magazine, for the recognition!

PC Magazine Editors' Choice

And to all of you who use Hotmail daily, we want to thank you for your support – we couldn’t be where we are without you. There’s a lot more coming from Hotmail, and we look forward to delivering it to you.

Thank you!

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • I am a long time hotmail user and there is no doubt it is by far the best email service available. Congratulations and please keep up the good work.

    Most of the time I use Hotmail thru the Windows Live Mail desktop client. There is however one very useful feature I miss from the Hotmail/Calendar web version. To-do list. Is there any plans to integrate the To-do list to Windows Live Mail client?

    Thank you.

  • kcrannie
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    If you read the article correctly, PC Mag was comparing Windows Live Hotmail to Yahoo! Mail, hence, "the second-most-popular webmail service. . ."  That said, PC Mag tends to suggest that Yahoo! is the first-most-popular webmail service.

  • The more I think about it, the more I LOVE the idea of using the Bing image as a daily 'theme.'  Who do we see about getting that done ?  ;-)

  • Hey !  I like your idea #3 !!  :-)  :-)

  • controlz
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    Well done Hotmail! You rock! I mean, you're the ONLY service with HUGE file attachments, cool, usable, parental controls (WL Family Safety)... You're just the best!

    A couple of feature requests:

    1. Extend the free account expiration. Please.

    2. I was going to say unlimited storage, but actually 5GB that grows with you is fine.

    3. A new theme called 'Bing'. It changed everyday to match the current Bing image of the day.

    Thanks Hotmail and Windows Live!

  • The new Hotmail is so much better than Gmail ever was. Especially with Mobile and client integration. Gmail's labels always created weird folder clutter that was hard to comprehend.

    I agree with the themes request. Would be great to pick a header color or image from your computer to use. I get tired of the blue, but the other themes see too over the top.

  • winter
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    Could you please add more themes options for web mail? Most of the currently available ones are too colorful and somewhat  childish. Also, sometimes I need to check my mail from Firefox in Linux OS, these themes make eyes uncomfortable. A theme of white background with a few color lines like the design of this blog is good enough. Thank you.

  • 7flavor
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    @Dharmesh Mehta, even if there's just one account being remembered, only IE can sign in after the sign in cookie expires because it has the BHO. Other browsers' password managers are unable to save the password and autofill it because Hotmail has AutoComplete=off.

  • @7flavor, @James Manes - If there's just one account being remembered on a PC, we let you save/remember your account across all of our supported browsers.  However, if you are using multiple accounts from the same PC, this currently requires a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that we only have for Internet Explorer.  This is something we'll continue to look at for future updates.

  • 7flavor
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    Although there is a workaround (using a bookmarklet that turns autocomplete=on for such sites that disable it), it doesn't work in all browsers. Hotmail should not disallow saving password in any browser.

  • 7flavor
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    No it doesn't work in any other browser besides IE as Hotmail doesn't allow the browser to save the password using the browser's standard password management. The Remember my password option only saves a cookie which means the Hotmail session lasts until the cookie expires. Only IE can save the password because it has an ActiveX-based Live Messenger Sign in Assistant. Other services like Gmail allow saving the password using standard browser features.

  • @7flavor it is not vendor lock-in. You just have to check the box by "remember my password" before logging in. Works for me in chrome, opera, and firefox.

  • Thanks for the great product.  Dharmesh - could you share any teasers on "a lot more coming"? :)

  • 7flavor
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    Why is it that the Hotmail sign in page only lets you save the password in IE and not in any other browser? This is an example of vendor lock-in.

  • Swen
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    congrats from germany, too, and thanks for the great service, i love to work with all the service from hotmail/skydrive and so on..... *nicejob*

  • Congratulations!

  • @thljcl You're right that Hotmail is the most widely used email service worldwide.  I believe PC Magazine's comment on being second was looking at just the United States.

  • thljcl
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    I think that Hotmail is the most popular web mail service on earth. But PC Magazine called it second most popular in the world? I wish to ask, if Hotmail is the second, what is the first? Or, could it be the PC Magazine just mistaken it? By the way, I’m using Hotmail almost exclusive for email and Windows Live SkyDrive. Thanks, Microsoft.

  • congrats.