Facebook chat in Hotmail now available everywhere

Facebook chat in Hotmail now available everywhere

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Today, Facebook chat is available to Hotmail customers worldwide, wherever Facebook is available.

When we first announced the ability to chat with Facebook friends from Hotmail, we were only able to offer this to customers in six regions. Since then, we’ve been working with Facebook to increase availability, and a few weeks ago, we announced that the feature was available globally through Messenger. Today this is available around the world through Hotmail too. And while Gmail beat us to bringing their own chat into the inbox, we have now gone a step further and brought both our own chat and Facebook chat into your inbox. Starting now, we will be displaying notifications of this update in Hotmail.

Since announcing the availability of Facebook chat in Messenger worldwide two weeks ago, nearly 2.5 million more people connected their Facebook accounts to Windows Live, bringing the total to over 20 million customers. And with three out of four Hotmail customers using Facebook, we expect that many more people will want to take advantage of this feature, now that it’s available from your Hotmail inbox.

Facebook chat now available in Hotmail

To try it out, first connect your Facebook account to Windows Live and make sure the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box is checked to give your consent to Facebook. We’ll link your accounts (this may take a few minutes), and you can start a chat from Hotmail just by clicking on the name of a Facebook contact. If this doesn’t work right away, sign out and back in again, and you should be good to go.

Dick Craddock
Group Program Manager, Hotmail

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  • Great, awesome!

  • @controlz I understand what you are saying and you are probably right in thinking that Google would probably go ahead and try and close down that functionality in defiance but I only suggested it as Google do provide an API that other third party clients such as eBuddy, Flory and Pidgin already utilise for their own IM clients and unless Google decide to do Skype and close down ALL third party clients, I don't see them stopping Microsoft...

  • gudd wrkk... 3 cheers fr hotmail nd evn fr r own microsoftt..u guys rockk..

  • I love the work you guys at Hotmail and Microsoft are doing generally. Microsoft is a very innovative company. probably even the most innovative Silicon Valley company. Hotmail is my flagship email and I must say actually the best because I use all the major emails and Hotmail is the most secure email there is and concerning Bing it is the best search engine there is on the web. It doesn't bring spam results not half as often as Google brings up irrelevant results. Bing is my default search engine. Bravo to everyone in Microsoft. GREAT JOB!!!!

  • controlz
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    @littledictator - It would be nice, but I can't really see Google wanting their rival Windows Live to get their chat service. True, Yahoo! have allowed chat service integration with Windows Live, but they like Microsoft. After all, Yahoo! searches are actually Bing in some areas. :-)

  • controlz
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    A very nice feature with Windows Live Web Messenger. I can't really think of another way to improve Windows Live... but I can think of millions for Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo! etc. Windows Live rocks!

  • N1cks
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    Question - if I set Windows Live Messenger to 'away' or 'busy', does it also change my Facebook chat status from 'online' (green dot), to the 'half moon'?

  • 7flavor
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    Facebook is an everyday thing now so the best you can do really is add Facebook chat to the XP version of Windows Live Messenger as well.

  • Masud
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    I'm missng some facebook contact in my messenger 2011. plz help me.

  • Masud
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    I'm messing  some facebook contact in my messenger 2011. plz help me.

  • Okay, so i know i'm just some other commenter out there and my suggestions aren't always taken seriously. but i also know that "Windows 7 Was my idea!" and more literally, IE9 (they took my suggestions! w00t!)  

    but one thing that's been irking me is that in Messenger there's these great 'connect' features. but the thing is, it's messenger based. I can't see what my blogger pals (who don't have messenger) are blogging unless they got messenger and chose to share blogger information. This seems a little backwards. The way i look at it, Messenger should connect to existing services using their API's. MEssenger should be a one-stop place for all my stuff. If i could load messenger and see the latest tweets, facebook activity, blog posts, and then be able to chat with friends on gtalk, hotmail, skype, etc - that would be pure awesomeness.   (and by the way, it's really not that hard to interface with gtalk. there's some open source Native Windows and .NET API's that i've used dto connect to gtalk... not that you  guys aren't aware of it... it's just, i am too, so don't feed my any nonsense about it being impossible :) )

    So. there you go. :D my humble opinion. thanks microsoft. love you guys.

  • I agree with @Ellie as there's no denying that the addition of Facebook chat alone has made Messenger "relevant" again in the eyes of many who had abandoned for other services (*ahem* gtalk) a while back! The quick addition of other clients would only help to strengthen Messengers status as a one-stop-shop for your entire social hub (just like Windows Phone).

    In fact, it would be yet another way of wooing back gmail customers, placing gtalk alongside the other new benefits within Hotmail such as being able to create a new account using your existing email address (ie: gmail, etc) and being able to import your gmail inbox into Hotmail! However, if you plan on making this update happen, you should do it by summer or earlier as it will be pointless to do so in 2 years time for the next version of Windows Live as nobody will care by that time. Just sayin.... :P

  • jd2066
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    @Ellie: You can already chat with Yahoo Messenger users via Live Messenger. See en.wikipedia.org/.../Live_Messenger

  • Ellie
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    I don't mean to sound like an ingrate, but :littledictator windowsteamblog.com/.../default.aspx does have a somewhat valid point. I just don't trust Facebook at all. But I DO trust Microsoft, Hotmail and Messenger very much. So you're probably not going to bring Gtalk to Hotmail/Messenger soon, okay.

    Might you consider alternative such Yahoo! Instant Messenger, or even the elderly but still used little yellow man walking of AIM (I assume that is AmericaOnline Instant Messenger).  There might even be an IM facility within Live Journal (probably Messenger). Another one to add, if they stay around, would be MySpace IM. At least consider the possibility of platform independent chat, for the future, should the other services wish to participate?

    Sorry for the length of this post. I'm sure I'd be excited if I were a Facebook user.

  • ...and do you know what could be even better? Bringing gtalk to Hotmail's inbox (and Messenger) too! ;-)

  • Excellent, and very useful -- thanks!