SkyDrive keeps Office formatting beautifully intact in the cloud

SkyDrive keeps Office formatting beautifully intact in the cloud

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You may have heard about a plug-in announced yesterday by Google. Our friends on the Office Web Apps team have a great blog post that explains our approach to connecting Office to the cloud using SkyDrive, whether you use Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office for Mac. Once you upload your Office documents to SkyDrive, you can access them anywhere and share with anyone – without making unexpected changes to the formatting of your document. 

Omar Shahine 
Group Program Manager, Windows Live

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  • winter
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    @Omar Shahine -

    SkyDrive is a great service and it is getting better all the time. But can you add a Recycle Bin to it, just like the Windows OS? Or like web email, user can set the deleted emals to be permanently erased immediately, one week later, or 30 days later.

  • controlz
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    I don't really see the point of the Google add in. If you click 'edit online' you're doomed...

  • phistuck
    16 Posts

    @Omar Shahine -

    It happened with 97, 2000, XP and 2003, it also happened with 2007. It (of course) happened with the 2007 Compatibility Pack for 2003, too.

    It always happens. When something is a little more complex, it gets messed up on another computer. Sometimes even on the same computer when you re-open it.

    I do not have an example, sorry. I stopped using this software.

  • @Fergus thanks for the feedback. We are aware that the current user experience needs work.

  • @phistuck can you elaborate on your problem? What version of Office is being used on both ends?

  • Fergus
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    The document creation and formating capabilities of Skydrive + Webapps is very powerful.  I use a number of online editors and Webapps is without doubt the most powerful.  I do think that the UI for listing files within SkyDrive could use a refresh - perhaps a UI toggle that would provide a 'cleaner' interface to the standard SkyDrive UI?

  • phistuck
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    Well, it is very nice to have your formatting kept intact when you move things to the cloud, but the formatting is not kept intact when you actually open a document that you sent to someone, in another machine, with the same software.

    So... I would not brag about this, basically.

  • @Islander thanks for the feedback. Right now these capabilities only work in Office 2010.

  • Islander
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    Great stuff, are there plans to integrate Office Web Apps and SkyDrive import/export/upload/download into Office 2007 like you did with Office 2010? Or do we have to buy a new version for that? I'd really like to share my OneNote documents with myself on the office...