Windows Live Mesh reaches 5 million connected devices

Windows Live Mesh reaches 5 million connected devices

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Today, we’re excited to announce an important milestone: Windows Live Mesh has now connected 5 million devices, with over 3 million users syncing 2.2 petabytes* of data. Windows Live Mesh was released on September 30th, 2010 and joined SkyDrive and Office Web Apps, services already used by 70 million customers, as a core component of Microsoft’s consumer cloud strategy.

To the cloud!

This marks an important moment in the steady transition to a world where people will use a blend of cloud services & PC-based apps together. As a company, we believe this trend will continue as people seek a personal balance in how they manage their data across multiple devices and services.

This is in contrast to those who believe that it’s a cloud-only world and that everything should and will live online. It’s a simple idea, but our customers tell us they want a choice in what works best for them.

To deliver this choice, our consumer cloud strategy is focused in three parts:

  1. Offering world-class email and chat services with Hotmail and Messenger that connect to services like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and over 75 other websites around the world
  2. Providing a great platform for others to build on, including Microsoft services like Xbox, Office, and Windows Phone 7
  3. Connecting Windows to the cloud with Windows Live Essentials

In particular, we are only successful in connecting Windows to the cloud if we build software that makes it easy for customers to bring those two worlds together. Since 2005, Windows Live has been designed with this in mind, bringing Windows’ heritage of choice together with the connectedness of the cloud.

We’re excited to see our customers embrace this connectedness, around the world, and all for free.

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

*Edit 3/2/2011: This number includes all data synced via the cloud – whether sent from one device to another or to online storage.

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  • If the Essentials is entitled Windows Live Essentials 2011 does this mean we won't frequent updates of the products and can expect a once a year wave? I, like a lot of people, would rather see small features added periodically rather than have to wait for a Wave to be released. What about signing people up for beta testing, as Xbox's team does before final release...that way we know we're getting to try out unfinished code?

    I want Mesh to be better than it currently is but won't wait a year for an updated Wave. If I have to pay for more storage and XP support I would just like to know if this current state is it for 2011. Is it?

  • Picsoe
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    An awful lot of people have problems with Live mesh because :

    - It is very slow

    - It almost uses 100% of the computer resources for minutes at boot-up

    - There is very often a situation "waiting to receive xx files" and nothing happens anymore

    - It fills the recycle bin with deleted files

    - It fills a computer with large log-files and never cleans them up

    - etc

    It is definitely not a mature piece of software.

    I think that it is time that MS recognizes the above and that Live Sync is put back into place for as long as it takes to make Live Mesh a full-fledged program.

  • techieg
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    Since storage never seems to be enough these days, one extremely important thing I would like to know is; when can users be able to purchase additional storage for both SkyDrive and Live Mesh?

  • I'm a Live Mesh Beta happy user, but since the ending of the service was announced, I made the switch to Windows Live Mesh and I'm shocked by its slowness. It has been working for 3 days and the file transference is abysmally slow. Is there any way to improve its speed? Also, the web interface of Live Mesh Beta was better designed and quicker in response. I would like to suggest trying to apply its features in Windows Live. Mesh.

  • Ali8
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    Windows live essentials web site is not good.

  • 7flavor
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    Too bad even the older 2009 version's service is being discontinued for XP.

  • Please, please, please add this "old" feature back: In Mesh beta, you can upload files via a web interface, then the file will be synchronized to other computers running the Mesh client. But the new Live Mesh removed this feature. Right now, you can only download files from the SkyDirve Synced Storage from the web interface, but you cannot add/upload files to the SkyDrive Synced Storage from the web interface. I have been banging my head over the wall to try to figure out why such a wonderful and useful feature was removed.

  • controlz
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    Windows Live Mesh is amazing. But a few improvements should be made...

    You need to make it part of the SkyDrive storage, as @littledictator said. 25GB for all files and photos makes more sense (NOT for Hotmail stuff, though. That should be unlimited or something like that).

    You can currently sync your favourites between computers. Lovely. But you should be able to access what favourites you sync online. Let's say I sync my favourites between computers. And I'm using a different computer to normal. I want to find a synced favourite site.... I should be able to access it easily at or something like that.

    Interface. Live Mesh was great in that sense. Improve Windows Live Mesh.

    Cloud printing. I don't need to say any more.

    OFFICE WEB APPS! Yes, that is right. If you made Mesh part of SkyDrive, it shouldn't be too hard.

    Finally, makes synced folders blue. Or something like that. So you know it is syncing.


  • I love Live Mesh and have been shouting about it to others since the beta long ago! However, it's integration into Windows Live services seems a little detached still :-\ Why you have this separate 5GB of storage, instead of just unifying the darn thing with Skydrive and advertising it as ONE THING! This makes far more sense to average users when marketing - "get a hotmail ID and you automatically get 25GB *FREE* cloud storage where you can sync folders, computer settings and office docs between your PCs, tablets and phones all via the Windows Live Mesh software!" Note, the one single big number placed next to the word "FREE" makes most peoples ears prick up - Fact!

    Also, where is the Windows Phone 7 Live Mesh App? Are you waiting for companies like Dropbox to arrive on the platform first so you have something compete with or have you actually got a plan to release an app very soon to make those other solutions feel totally irrelevant on WP7??? I know Skydrive integration is coming to the Office Hub later in the year but that's only for docs and that's going to be a long way off still! Surely you should all be expert Silverlight coders at Microsoft to spit out a full-featured app by the end of the month?

    Sorry to sound like I'm badgering but your product is so close to the edge of perfection that it's frustrating you guys are not pushing out more frequent updates to unify the experience and provide a true continuous client for your customers. Without trying to discredit any of the efforts made over the years to overhaul the product and brand, I believe it is this one product alone (Live Mesh) that could single-handedly turnaround Hotmail's still fairly tainted image if done right as suggested above! Make it happen guys....

    Oh and @Lorenzo is right - you need to bring back a way of denoting Mesh synced folders by using a different folder icon (maybe one with the Live Mesh logo on the corner of it perhaps?)

  • phistuck
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    Windows Live Mesh is no alternative for Windows XP users, which Windows Live Mesh does not support.

    So, you are basically telling me that come March 31st, I have no  way to continue syncing my stuff or working remotely.

    Does that seem fair, or logical, to you?

  • Hemingray
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    @rgarfinkel: Have you considered using Logmein's Hamachi VPN software?

  • When it was announced that XP wouldn't be supported by Live Mesh, I'd already been using for remote access, and for file transferring- sure, it's two different services that you have to install and use on computers, but both are free and they got the job done.

  • I love windows live mesh. I use it all the time. Mostly for school work but helps my productivity a bunch!

  • Dharmesh, I appreciate that the question of Win XP support is not entirely up to you, but you and other members of the leadership team should be aware that leaving Win XP out of the Mesh mix has driven loyal MS customers like me to competitors like Like Lorenzo, I'm Win 7 at home but my workplace is firmly wedded to Win XP with no change in sight. We are a nonprofit and the bad economy has hit us hard. Until MS relents in its policy or my school wins the lottery, Mesh has little appeal. If enough of us cry out for mercy, perhaps Steve Balmer et al will hear.


    -Doug G.

  • Congratulations. I hope this means we can start talking about offering additional storage (10GB, 15GB, etc.) for a fee. Also, there's still a lot of pending feature requests from the Live Mesh Beta period, the most important of which is of course Deltasync. Oh, and FYI: I never use Remote Desktop.

  • @Lorenzo Thanks Lorenzo.  And agree that uploading all the files can take a long time.  But if you just want to be able to selectively pick things as you need them, you can remotely access your PC directly (i.e. not by putting those files on the web first).  You can find more information here:  Thanks for the feedback.

  • @Dharmesh Mehta Thanks for the prompt reply! That recommendation is definitely a great fact, I've been doing that.

    My only issue with that is that if I want to access those files with my Win7 PC off then I have to upload all the files online and uploading over 1GB of data with folders and subfolders is complicated.  I've been slowly adding the files but hope that one day I could drag and drop folders (with subfolders inside) and have it all upload automatically.  

    The service is getting better. Keep up the great work!

  • @Lorenzo We'll definitely continue to update the product and hope your work place will adopt Windows 7 soon.  In the meantime, if you are running Windows Live Mesh at home and want to access your files, you can remote into your PC by allowing this in the Mesh options at home and then go to from work.

  • logos
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    talking about Windows Live Mesh, can we expect an update soon? there's been many requests on Windows Live forums when live 2011 got released, especially from those comparing it to the former mesh "beta", with full desktop integration... blue folders and expanded side bar ;) remember ? :)

  • I like how elegant and more refined the new Windows Live Mesh looks but I kind of miss the ruggedness that the Live Mesh beta had. The folders, which had the blue to signify it was being synced was helpful. The news feed for each sync folder told us what recent changes were made in that folder.  I would like to hope that the Live Mesh beta desktop would appear in Windows Live one day.  I definitely like the newer integration with Office Web Apps. That's great.

    I appreciate that there is more storage coming but I just don't get why the storage for SkyDrive/Windows Live Mesh/Office wasn't the same. It's hard to explain the fragmentation to family that want to use it.  I really enjoy the remote desktop feature. I've used it from my Win7 PC to Vista on my parents, who are 2000 miles away and there was no lag in what I did for the most part. Awesome.

    My biggest gripe has to be something I have no control workplace runs Windows XP.  The staff knows XP and the software the staff uses only runs on XP and, since compatibility mode is beyond so many here, I'm stuck without syncing files using Windows Live Mesh. The beta supported XP but this product does not.  If there is anyone on the Windows Live Mesh team who is reading this, I sincerely ask you to offer us as a solution.  To better illustrate my problem, I can't access any of my home files right now. Why? Because even as I type this I'm using my work's XP machine.

    ~LorenzoA (TheExMascot)