Over one million new blogs on WordPress.com, but time is running out

Over one million new blogs on WordPress.com, but time is running out

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We’re glad to hear that many of you have had a smooth experience in upgrading your Spaces blog to WordPress.com and are connecting the fantastic blogging capabilities on WordPress.com with the leading communications and sharing services on Windows Live. We’re excited to announce that between blog upgrades and new signups, Spaces bloggers have created over 1 million new blogs on WordPress.com since we began our partnership.


In addition to this blog and notifications on Spaces pages, we’ll be sending around another email newsletter this week to remind customers that haven’t upgraded yet. If you’ve been a bit hesitant to get started or have questions, you can read more on our help forums. And here are a few stories from customers that have already made the move:

So if you still haven’t upgraded your blogging experience, please get moving quickly as we’re down to the last few weeks before we finally close down Windows Live Spaces. 

Thanks again to WordPress.com for the great partnership, and thanks to all of you for being great customers – we hope you’re enjoying the new experience across Windows Live and WordPress.com.

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • @bRoncODe- we're rolling out the closure in batches. All should be complete by March 30th, 2011.

  • bRonCOde
    24 Posts

    Hello, I am writing to know if postponed the closure of Windows Live Spaces for another day or if closing gradually as I checked some Spaces and many of them still work.

    Your answer would be very useful to me because I am also a archiveteam.org contributor.

    From already thank you for your attention.

  • @ithilwen  Our support team took this offline with Joanna to try to help her out.  Thanks.

  • Dear Windows Team Admin,

    Please, we need your assistance. My friend, Ms. Joanna Christine Tortona could not access her account. We are running out of time because she wishes to migrate her Live Spaces to WordPress. She had emailed via your help center about 2 weeks ago, and I have emailed last March 10 via replying to the reminder to migrate before March 16. I sent it to communications@microsoft.windowslive.com.

    I have given our details and still no reply to her or to me. We are getting rather desperate looking for help in all the links possible. She could not ask for assistance in the forums because it requires that she is signed in. She cannot sign in because she cannot access her account.

    The link to her space is jochimator.spaces.live.com and the link to her profile is a dead end, but it is cid-d98db338093c9576.profile.live.com. Please, send us assistance soon, we have been trying to beat the March 16 deadline and we are getting worried. Please reply to jochimator_16@yahoo.com.

    We are hoping for your immediate response. Thank you.

  • Have you heard that wordpress is hit by massive DDOS attack i think its bad news for microsoft.

    is it worth shifting guys????

    source downloadsquad.switched.com/.../wordpress-com-hit-by-massive-ddos-attack

  • jader3rd
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    I recently noticed that WordPress blog posts weren't being reflected back on my Windows Live Profile. While I didn't have to add WordPress back as a web activity, I did have to redo by WordPress Publicize settings. Small annoyance, especially given all that could go wrong in a migration, but not one that I was expecting.

  • Thank you, Darmesh, for mentioning my post - I was wondering where all the hits were coming from. Hope it has been of help to other "Spacers".

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    I've been loving the WordPress blogging experience but I do wish they would implement Live ID authentication on WordPress.com.