QFE1 for Windows Live Essentials 2011 now available through Microsoft Update

QFE1 for Windows Live Essentials 2011 now available through Microsoft Update

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If you’re using Windows Live Essentials on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have Microsoft Update turned on, you’ll see an optional update this week in all 48 languages where Windows Live Essentials 2011 is available.

After launching Windows Live Essentials 2011 last fall, we’ve been closely watching incoming data, monitoring the quality of service, and listening to the issues you were reporting. This update, called QFE1, primarily addresses the top quality-related issues that impact a large number of our customers. (QFE stands for Quick Fix Engineering.) Specifically:

  • In Messenger, we fixed a couple of issues where in some cases you could not re-establish video calls or file sharing activities after losing your network connection. Also, sometimes your status messages and display picture were not synchronizing correctly between PCs, so you’d see a notification that changes made would not be seen on other computers. We also made various performance and stability improvements.
  • In Photo Gallery, we made a design change so that geotagging no longer overwrites GPS coordinates in image files.
  • We corrected various problems with language translation.

This update to Windows Live Essentials 2011 has been available for download since December 2, 2010. We decided to make this update available through Microsoft Update to bring it to the attention of more of our customers. If you downloaded Windows Live Essentials 2011 prior to December 2nd or bought a PC with Windows Live Essentials 2011 preinstalled, we recommend that you install this update.

This optional update will download a package that only includes the new changes from the originally released version. You won’t have to go through the entire setup for Windows Live Essentials. You may, however, need to reboot your computer after installation is complete. If you start a new installation, or upgrade to Windows Live Essentials 2011 today, your installation will include QFE1.

You can check to see if you have QFE1 installed by looking at the version number in the About dialog for Messenger or Windows Live Photo Gallery. If your version number is 15.4.3508.1109, you’re running the latest and greatest released build. If you’re running version 15.4.3502.0922, we highly recommend that you install this update.

Thank you for using Windows Live and letting us know what you think of it. Your feedback helps to improve our products and make them better.

Arthur de Haan
Vice President, Windows Live Test and Systems Engineering

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  • @memexoxo:

    ContactsLog.txt is a text file that collects debugging information related to your server connection to Windows Live Messenger servers that helps us troubleshoot any connection problems that users may be having.

    This file is normally stored under your %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Messenger directory.  On Windows 7 and Windows Vista this would be “C:\Users\<windows login name>\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Messenger”.  We’re wondering how this got into your Sharing Folder?  Did you map your App Data directory into your Sharing Folder?

    The reason you are seeing email addresses that you haven’t had in your contact list for years is that you likely deleted these contacts from your contact list in the past.  When you do this in Windows Live Messenger we add the deleted entries to the “Block List” so that these deleted contacts no longer disturb you on Messenger.  For those contacts that you don’t even recognize, these are likely messenger invitations that you had previously declined that also get added to your “Block List” so that these people no longer disturb you by trying to send you invitations in the future.

    Ranjib Badh, Lead Program Manager, Windows Live Messenger

  • I am looking for a product engineer for Windows Live Messenger to tell me about a file called "ContactsLog.txt" that I'm finding in my Sharing Folder. When I click on it it shows me names of contacts on my list but it also has email address I haven't had in my contacts list or for years as well as contacts I dont even recognize. Why is that?

  • Gisabun
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    Is there an offline installer of WLM with QFE1?

  • Teddy78
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    QFE1 don't seems to be available with Windows Update right now.

    Is there a way to do a direct download of the file ?

  • Dano
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    I'm boggled as to why the 'Unknown Sender' email bug hasn't been addressed yet. That's the one where all of my sent emails are marked as being sent as an 'Unknown Sender'. That despite my Windows Live account being used to send them!

    This bug has been there since day one and has been reported in the MS forums. Sure it's cosmetic, but it catches my eye every time I check my sent email folder.

  • riahc3
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    The quickfix is pretty nice but I think alot of people have on their mind the following: A official Windows Live Messenger client for Android. Can you comment on that situation at all?

    Thanks and keep up the good work..

  • Arthur,

    The suggestion for Windows Vista Home Premuim did not work. I turned off windows up date and the windows up date from the internet took me right back to the same screen. Why, If this is an update would the standard windows update pick up the file needed for the update?

    Thanks, Christopherslaughter

  • controlz
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    On a different topic, is there any way to download your Hotmail Calendar? You can download your contacts as a backup, and I'd like to do the same with my calendar.

    Also, how much space do you get for calendar events?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    @GBK I really don't know. I hope it will be fixed soon... maybe in Windows Live Mail 2012/2013, with the Windows Live Wave 5 release....

  • w1ngnut
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    Yay! Excellent news!

  • M3CSL
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    Hello! You're sure you want to know what I think of Windows Live? ;) I have a new Windows Phone 7 and use Hotmail with it, but I'm very distressed, that Hotmail does NOT supports IMAP. I'm using Thunderbird for years and I don't want to switch to Microsoft mail programs. Is there any chance that IMAP will be supported in near future?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    When are the new reminders coming for Hotmail Calendar coming mentioned in this post? http://i.imgur.com/gGTyl.png

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    @CaptainStack Thanks for the info! I've turned off all the footer ads now!

  • Fouad
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    Amazing, I ♥ WLE 2011 *.*

  • GBK
    38 Posts

    I'm just wondering WHEN and IF windows Live Mail client is going to fixed to allow usage/setting of HTTPS on the hotmail/live connections?

  • Hemingray
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    tbh, 2011 was a "QFE" entirely, a "Quick Fix" to something that was never broken to start off with.

  • Why don't you offer some option where these sorts of updates are just installed automatically? There is no way on earth that my mom will go into Windows Update, look for optional updates, select it and install it. But my mom seems the primary target of this sort of software.

    Why does an update like this have ANY setup UI when installed via Windows Update? There should just be an option to have things like these automatically installed without end users doing anything, clicking anything or even being aware of it.

  • @Dusteater

    You can disable those ads actually, though it's slightly burried how. Go to the options menu and click "Messages" on the left hand menu. In that menus options there should be a section labled "Conversations" and one of those options is "Show expanded footer in conversation windows". Uncheck that box and you can get rid of those annoying visual ads at the bottom of conversation windows.

  • pzstm
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    My WU doesn't find any optional updates to MSN... I had the older version, so I update it manually.

  • It seems this version also introduced ads inside of each IM window now.  Can't say I am a fan of that, especially since I am paying for a Hotmail Plus account to remove ads.  This should continue across all Live services.