New online community for Windows Live experts

New online community for Windows Live experts

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We wanted to let you know about a new site called the Windows Experts Community.  The Windows Experts Community has a number of great resources, but of particular interest to those of you who use Windows Live is the new forum on communicating, sharing and synchronizing with Windows Live, where enthusiasts and experts can talk about all the ways that you're using Windows Live, about new developments in the industry, or whatever else is on your mind. 

Microsoft Answers and the Windows Live Help Center will continue to be the best places to discuss support issues and to get help, and this blog will continue to provide you with updates on the latest happenings around Windows Live, but the new Windows Experts Community will complement those sites with deeper, community-led discussions on a variety of topics around Windows and Windows Live.

Since we've only just launched the site, please be patient with any initial hiccups that you may see. And you can learn more about the Windows Experts Community in Paul Donnelly’s post on the Extreme Windows Blog.

Dharmesh Mehta
Director, Windows Live Product Management

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  • Hopefully some non server outlook to android sync joy soon?  WITHOUT (evil) google in the mix

  • Zwanzer
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    Hi  Dharmesh Mehta

    I am sure that you know what I meant with my previous message.

    Your evasive answer did not solve the existing problem, nor did the post of Chris.

  • @Zwanzer This is stil the place you'll hear about new product releases and updates.  If you want to know more about how we use feedback, Chris did a post on this about 8 months ago:

  • Zwanzer
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    When will there be a community in which the MS-Live-Team tells us what exactly they are doing with our complaints/requests/suggestions/etc about the Live Applications (Photo Gallery, Mesh, Movie Maker, etc).

    I see many many users posting in the Windows Solution Center.

    I see also many many promises that a senior team manager will post back to the users, but they never do.

    I see also many many promises that the Windows Live Team will take the user-information into account for future versions. But we wait and wait and wait for these new versions and we have no idea what's happening.

    So please start improving the existing forums before to add new ones.

    Talk to us - that is our first need !