Office Web Apps on SkyDrive get a Spring update

Office Web Apps on SkyDrive get a Spring update

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I’m pleased to join the Office Web Apps team in announcing some new features available in Office Web Apps on SkyDrive. After our global rollout of the Office Web Apps to more than 190 countries in March, we’ve continued to work on the Office Web Apps, and we’re rolling out some nice enhancements today, including Excel features like AutoSum and formula assistance, and PowerPoint perks like the ability to change the design theme from within the PowerPoint Web App.

For more info about today’s update, check out Andrew Howard’s post on the Office Web Apps blog. And stay tuned for more new features in SkyDrive and the Office Web Apps in the coming months!

- Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, Windows Live SkyDrive

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  • Hi OMAR

    I use Windows Live Messenger at all places, sometimes not only in my self computer but in Internet cafes and other computers. I use it also in my iPhone. That is my main communication tool.

    But whta happens is whenever I connect out of my computers I lose all the important messages. A great feature would be to save these messages on-line, at the Hotmail Box or at the Skydrive.

    GTalk and Facebook do that already!

    It is the only complaint I have about Windows Live Messenger! Thank you!

  • Dude
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    I know this is not related to the topic, But please. Please, please. KEEP THE ZUNE BRAND. Zune is awesome on its own. Do not rebrand it as Windows Live like you do with everything else. See how Bing was more successful than Windows Live Search?!

  • @GlenUK I could not agree with you more on the clunkiness of managing lots of stuff on SkyDrive. Rest assured we understand this and are working to improve things. Also thank you for the feedback on the Web Apps. I will make sure that the right folks get the feedback.

  • G-UK
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    This is my first post and i really don't want to rant but there are a few things that annoy me about some of the Live services, I really want to like them as I trust Microsoft and overall the services you offer are good for me but.....

    As a user of Skydrive for cloud based backup for both my personal and professional activities I am going to have to mirror what  JohnCZ stated in his post. The lack of a more dynamic way of dealing with large quantities of files or documents contained within complex folder structures on Skydrive is severly limiting.

    I used to use Office Live before the migration to Skydrive and Office Live's folder/document mangement UI was far superior and so much better to use if you stored large amount of documents, the individual checkboxes next to each file and the tools/actions listed across the top banner were far superior. Having to keep performing tasks on an individual basis is far to slow and limits the services potential in a huge way in my opinion, it may be prettier but its vastly less efficient and susequently less useful by a long margin. Massive step backwards here.

    Also what adacosta said about the lack of a print or layout view has all but stopped me using the Word App as i cant perform any kind of basic page layout while I type, i have had to use Google Docs for when i dont have access to my PC/Laptops standalone word package, its another real problem that needs a solution.

    I find the powerpoint app not much use either as it forces you to use pre designed themes which is kind of strange considering most power point presentations when there being drafted can change considerably before the end product is reached and a set theme may not be appropriate, why can i not just create slides how i want them on the fly. I understand you dont want to offer to much because you still have to sell boxed copies of office but the competion offers this and in some cases totally free. I cant help but think Microsoft will eventually lose out in the long run by having web apps that feature wise are not much better than your standalone downloadable office viewers. If you have to cut features plese try to leave in some basic functionality.

    Sorry if this is seen as a rant,  i like the MS eco system but this stuff really bums me out.

  • @Ronald - these are great suggestions - thanks.

  • controlz
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    @Dick Craddock - I'm glad this may be a future feature. This is the only thing that will stop me creating another Windows Live ID and forwarding the email to my current address (then I get a Messenger alert) and closing the ID when it's no longer needed.

  • Ronald
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    @Dick Craddock - Regarding alerts: i would like to suggest to enable (push) notifications in future versions of Hotmail and other related Windows Live services. When IE9 is running Hotmail does show desktop notifications, but as soon as one closes ie9, desktop notifications stop as well. I think it would be of great convenience if one could still receive desktop notifications even when IE is closed. One step further would be of course to enable notification irrespectively which browser one uses.

  • @controlz - thanks for the good suggestions. Alerts is something we're looking at, so it's neat to see that there is interest from folks for this feature. Thanks for using Hotmail, and keep watching this space for updates.

  • controlz
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    Off topic (sorry!): is there any way to get alerts in Messenger for when you recieve an email to your alias? Also, Windows Live Home doesn't seem to update to say ' you have one unread message', as it does when email is sent to your normal email address. It just says 'you have no unread messages'.

    Please add alerts! I'd like to know when I'm emailed....

  • @adacosta we don't comment on when we'll get to things but thanks for the suggestion!

  • controlz
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    These are great features! I'll use Web Apps more than ever now! Thanks for the update!

  • JohnCz
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    Looking forward to the new features you have planned for SkyDrive.  I do some freelance work and setup separate client SkyDrive folders.  One particular client folder has approximately 4GB - 100 files (Excel and Zip) that date back 10 months.  I really only need to keep 3 months online.  I'd love to have a better way delete old files than delete each one individually.

  • adacosta
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    When is Page/Print Layout view coming. I don't like editing documents using the web page layout.