Coming this week: an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011

Coming this week: an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011

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This week, we will release an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011. In addition to changes that improve performance and quality of service, the update also includes full support for SSL in Windows Live Mail, and the latest Bing bar. Here are a few of things we think you’ll find the most interesting:

  • Mail: We fixed a sorting issue in the Sent items folder and improved the upload reliability and instrumentation in Photo mail.
  • Messenger: We fixed a couple of stability issues and made various changes for improved voice and video quality. We fixed an issue that was causing sound to be lost after upgrading, and we improved performance when displaying the MSN Today page in the main window.
  • Photo Gallery: We implemented various bug fixes for crashes related to launching Photo Gallery through Autoplay and facial recognition.
  • And more: We made many other usability, performance, and stability improvements across the suite of Windows Live Essentials apps.

We will be rolling this update out in 2 phases. Starting this week, it will be available at and on Microsoft Download Center. Later this month, existing Windows Live Essentials 2011 customers will be prompted to update to this version. At that time, it will be offered as an optional update. You can see if you already have the latest and greatest by checking the build version number in Help About, which for this update is 15.4.3538.0513.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for using Windows Live and for all your feedback that helps us continue to improve our products.

Arthur de Haan

Windows Live Test and Service Engineering

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  • Sqrly1
    1 Posts

    Thanks (sarcastic tone) This update made me go into full defensive mode. No warnings, out of the blue "click me and allow me access to system files!"  I wouldn't even allow it to continue until finding this blog.

    Why don't you just send these updates through the regular, built in, windows update tool?

  • jvd897
    8 Posts

    I'd just like to second what Dano said above about the "Unknown sender" message. Very, very annoying. I also get this message when I receive emails from some particular known senders -- even if I click "Allow sender", the next email that comes from them will be flagged as "Unknown sender".

    Again, that these (and Geoff Coupe's) bugs still haven't been fixed -- they've made it through beta testing and two updates -- makes me very wary of Windows Live Essentials's future and of recommending them to friends.

  • I see that this latest version of Windows Live Photo Gallery still does nothing to address the fact that WLPG will corrupt Makernotes in the Exif metadata of our photos. See:

  • I would like to report a bug affecting Windows Live Messenger 15.4.3538.0513. Error code 800488eb with the message:

    We can't sign you in to Windows Live Messenger. Please try again later.

    My computer's date and time settings and block are correctly synchronised. I can't figure out what other programs may cause this to happen, but obviously it's a bug or a problem with Windows Live that has not been fixed despite this update.

  • Dano
    3 Posts

    First off, thanks for the SSL fix in WLM. That change is most welcome, so nice job on that.

    However, I'm most disappointed to see the 'Unknown sender' message is STILL appearing when I view messages in my 'Sent' message folder. How the account I login to WLM and send messages as can be construed as an 'Unknown sender' is beyond me.

    This is an embarrassing bug that crept into the Windows Live Essentials 2011 final release and has somehow survived 2 updates of the Essentials suite. It's not a major problem by any means, but it sure is annoying. Can this please be put on the fix list?

  • Gisabun
    5 Posts

    Will there be a full download version instead of the installer?

  • Please, please, please...improved Live Mesh performance! Less hard driver hammering, faster server response, etc.

  • Don't try to make use of the lack of experience of less tech-savvy users and remove the recommended setting that installs all Live programs and adds a bunch of programs that you didn't want. Make it detect which Live programs you already have and update those and make adding new programs an option and not the default setting.

    I'm also clueless as to why a reboot is needed after updating Windows Live Messenger (a normal program) in times where you can even update a graphics card driver without rebooting. As an official Microsoft product this does not make a good impression on the users.

  • adacosta
    91 Posts

    Could you make it easier to download the full installer file? Like just take a few minutes out of your time and put a link on the page saying, download the full installer here.

  • SSL    Thank you Windows Live  Essentials  Team ;)

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    @ PanzerIV, the thing that actiually fatigues eyes and is present in all Microsoft appicaltions an operating systems (but WP7 and XBOX UI and some parts of the DWM window composition) is the unnecesary movements caused by improper buffer triggerings that result in tearings and intermiting items during the resizing of UI items or moving trough a document. It's the reson why using creative appications is more eye comfy on Mac systems where the buffers have been properly triggered since the release of the first OS X causing a more quiet desktop that allows you to focus on the things you relly matter. Also it creates a more solid and stable appearience. I am not a Mac fan I have never had one but most of people that I know who spent hours creating visual contents and are aware of the visual stress and prefer Mac due to this.

  • @Arthur de Haan

    > the update also includes full support for SSL in Windows Live Mail

    Please clarify, is there going to be an SSL solution for clients on XP?

    "Windows XP still commands a slim majority, with a global share of 51 percent."

  • Bunch of noobs... I KEEP TELLING YOU that Photo Gallery MUST include the option to let you choose the color of the side bars so at least we can have them black again like in Photo Gallery 2008. That's the only reason I'm staying on that version because there's no way your eye can see the real colors and avoid eye fatigue with stupid overbright white bars. Not a single serious photo editing program use white bars, seriously cmon. Takes 2min to build such feature.

  • @Arthur de Haan: please add some kind of customization to the font size in social updates. In some scenarios, the fonts look too big and it is annoying to read. It maybe accomplished by adding a simple [+] / [-] icon to change zoom or even better if you guys add a panel to the config windows that allow to set font type and size. Thank you.

  • PurSpyk
    1 Posts

    Any plan top fix the propblem where the mail program creates these odd temp folders in <user name>\AppData\Local?

  • Ronald
    22 Posts

    @Arthur de Haan

    Do you know if there is an ETA for full support for SSL in Outlook Connector?

    Maybe you are not allowed to mention a precise date, but could you give us a hint (soon, couple of months etc.).

    Thanks in advance.

  • @mainensign Although I agree XP users deserve safe email retrieval. I do not agree on XP being secure. The entire permission model is outdated and exploitable.

  • Hi All, Hi Team ! Can we expect an update for The Outlook Connectors too ? Are we going to see Twitter coming soon to find a place in our Social Network Filtering cmds ? Sure I'm going to follow and wait for ... TY

  • WPS
    8 Posts

    Hey guys, good to see that you still work on this programs.

    You wrote that the upload of messages in the mail client got improved with this update. But I still have the bug that I can not upload E-Mails with big attachments (~20 MB), when I try it with the Webmail version of hotmail it works fine.

    I get the error code "0x80072EFE" in the client, maybe this is usefull to you.

    Any chance this get fixed in the next time?

    Please reply.


  • @controlz

    > Go to Windows 7. :-)

    XP is a secure, supported OS, receiving security updates till 2014.  There is no legitimate reason one should need Windows 7 for secure email retrieval, XP supports SSL/TLS just fine.  It makes more sense  to go to another email provider that supports secure IMAP, rather than being coerced into a Windows 7 upgrade.

  • Are there any substantive improvements to Windows Live Movie Maker? It seems like the forgotten child of the Live suite, but there are SO many things it needs to improve. Has the development team gone underground?

  • jvd897
    8 Posts

    Fantastic, thanks! So I guess the caveat at needs to be updated now...

  • Randa
    9 Posts

    I agree with controlz! We need SSL SUPPORT =)

  • Have any release notes been published on the specific changes in this build, and specifically on Windows Live Movie Maker.  Users on our forums have been having several crash issues, as well as cases with corrupted or non-loading project files, and video that will only appear as a yellow exclamation icon.

    Given this is a minor update, I don't suppose there are any major additions like a preview of audio waveforms, narration, or the like, but it would be nice to know what are the included fixes in 15.4.3538.0513.

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    None of my issues have been adressed only a workarround for opening Facebook albums from Facebook pages but not a fix

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    @ mainensign - If XP users want security, they should upgrade to a more secure OS that isn't a decade old. Go to Windows 7. :-)

  • > full support for SSL in Windows Live Mail

    Do XP users (~ 40% of windows, i.e. tens of millions, maybe hundreds), who are stuck on WLM 2009, not need email security?

    This is a perfect illustration of why open protocols (secure IMAP) are better for users.  There are numerous IMAP clients that run on XP, but DeltaSync means your are at the mercy of a single vendor.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    will mail be getting an update concerning its inability to sort newsgroup posts (when grouped in threads) by date of the original post, instead of the latest reply?

    i see absolutely no logic in how it works right now and why has it been changed, and i know for a fact A LOT of people (anyone using newsgroups) simply refuse to use it for it.

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    Will Windows Live Photo Gallery have different icons for each filetype as every application does??

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    Will the new Windows Live Messenger application fix the following??:

    - Unability to view Facebook albums from Facebook pages

    - Translation issues for Focebook and Windows live social updates

    - UI rendeing issues affecting all ATI hadware

    - Crash when the Web camera settings panel is accessed trough the audio and video setup assistant

    - HD resolution support for legacy 1.3 Mpixel cameras in YUY2 mode

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    Will there be SSL support for outlook connector??

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    Thank you! SSL support for WL Mail!