More ways to get reminders from your Hotmail Calendar

More ways to get reminders from your Hotmail Calendar

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Hotmail Calendar has more than 18 million customers creating more than 1 million events per month. We're happy to announce that we've just released an update to Hotmail Calendar that addresses the most common request we get: improving the way reminders work.

Now you can:

  • Set up multiple reminders for each event and send them to your email address, mobile phone, or even to Windows Live Messenger. You can even send reminders to multiple email addresses or phone numbers, to make absolutely sure you don’t miss the event!
  • Set up different reminders for each one of your calendars. New events that you create on each calendar will get those reminders by default. (Don’t worry, you can still set different reminders for individual events.)
  • Get notified when someone else updates an event or to-do on a shared calendar.

To set up and start using your new reminders, just go to the Calendar options page.

If you haven’t tried Hotmail Calendar yet, give it a shot. It’s the best way to get reminded of your events and to keep track of what’s going on with family and friends through shared calendars. To try it, click the Calendar link in Hotmail, or go to

Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager, Hotmail

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  • langware
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    Even though your problem has not been solved, the Windows Live Solution Center's moderators have locked your thread and suggested that you open a new thread.

    If you do open a new thread, copy the URL and post it here so we can continue to follow your efforts at getting Microsoft to solve your problem.

  • langware
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    @Ben Poon,

    Thank you for your response.

    I understand that you are not able to provide a timeframe for fixing this known (and 100% reproducible) bug.

    However, the fact that this particular unsolved bug has been known for over two months, while other bugs have been known for over a year and also remain unsolved (see below for details), speaks volumes about Microsoft's level of commitment for supporting Hotmail's existing features.

    It appears that Microsoft is just not interested in ever fixing some of Hotmail's known (and reproducible) bugs. Sigh!

    Here are details of a bug that was reported in the July 2010 timeframe and has still not been fixed:

    With the Reading Pane placed at the bottom of the screen (sized so that the inbox occupies about 2/3 of the vertical space and the reading Pane occupies about 1/3 of the vertical space), select a message from the inbox so that it appears in the Reading Pane. Then click the "down triangle" to the right of the Reply option (top right of the message in the Reading Pane). The resulting drop down list is truncated (cut off by the bottom of the reading pane's frame). A 100% reproducible problem that has been known (and unsolved) for over a year.

    Is it unreasonable for Hotmail's customers to expect known bugs to be fixed within a year?

  • @Herbism - Sorry you have been having problems.  We have someone taking a look right now and we'll get our engineering teem involved to figure out what the issue is.

  • @langware: I really appreciate your concern for the user experience on Hotmail, especially around this help menu. The details of the bug I opened do include the fact that we can solve this problem by suppressing the menu for opening in a new tab/window. Unfortunately, I have to reiterate that I can't guarantee a timeline for the fix.

  • langware
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    @Ben Poon,

    It has been 10 days since your August 29 response .... where you stated: "I personally reproduced the issue and logged a bug for it directly in our Hotmail bug queue."

    I reported this bug on July 9 to the Windows Live Solution Center.

    Obviously, Microsoft has been aware of this bug in Hotmail's User Interface for at least two months, but is in no hurry to correct it.

    So until this bug is fixed, why not just remove the menu choices to "Open in new tab" and "Open in new window"? This should be trivial to do and will eliminate the confusing results displayed when your customer selects one of those two choices and sees a new tab/page opened with a duplicate copy of their Hotmail inbox.

    Before the next blog is posted extolling the latest and greatest features of Hotmail, how about fixing bugs in existing features? The bug I've reported is but one of many known bugs that have existed for months/years with no resolution. Does anyone there really care about fixing known bugs?

  • Herbism
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    Mr Craddock - as Program Manager of Hotmail, please read the thread

    I have had 18 different moderators since June 17 reply to this thread without reading the previous replies and do nothing but say be patient. I gave them a Fiddler Cap and now they want access to my account. Why would I give access to my account and perhaps my computer when this service has been so pitiful?

    All I ask you to do is read the thread and you will see why I am so frustrated and I would think you would be concerned as program manager this type of do-nothing  service is being offered.

    Thank you.


  • wmgray
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    This would be a wonderful feature if I could access my account.

  • Herbism
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    I apologize for posting off the subject but I have become desperate.

    I started a thread in Windows Live Solution Center looking for help on Hotmail on June 21 (title begins with "I Quit Hotmail..."). On June 20, 2011, after years of using Hotmail without problems I can not compose, send, reply or forward email. I can receive and use any links in the emails. I can use the account without problems on Firefox on the same computer and it works fine if I am in my account on other computers. I use XP-Pro and IE8.

    In 9 pages of comments I have heard from 13 "Windows" moderators who all say "we're sorry , try this". I have done every suggestion they have made plus done a complete system restore, re-installed IE8, sent them a fiddler gap as requested and on and on (it is all in the thread).

    Recently they asked for control of my account without any explanation of the details like when, how long, will I get my account back and how much of my computer do they want control of. I have asked 3 times for more explanation and have not received any replies.

    I am just about at the end of trying to get my Hotmail account to work in  IE but I prefer to stay in IE. So, two questions, after reading the thread, are there any suggestions to solve the problem? And 2nd, is this the type of support I can expect from Windows Live Solution Center? Just read the thread, I am by far not the only person having this problem.

    Thank you for any help.


  • Ronald
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    @Dick Craddock:

    I'm wondering why the sender name in mail sent from Hotmail via EAS  is Xyz (as in instead of the real name displayed when sent from Hotmail via the web.

  • controlz
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    Sorry this is off topic, but how do you move files in SkyDrive that aren't in a folder into a folder? The move link in the sidebar isn't there when it's not in a folder. Again, sorry this is off topic.

  • Nice work on that one. Anyway even if off-topic I'd like to know if Windows Live will ever bring more pressure to Windows Phone developers to fix the birthday bug. After two years with Outlook connector and Windows live now the Connector guys fixed the problem, buying a new Windows phone I got shocked that this bug exists there also. Even if off topic maybe you guys can bring more pressure to your own company . Windows Mango RTM 7700 still has that bug. So how can we be happy with Windows live calender if any client code connected to WIndows live has a bug making birthdays appear on day to early? Having lots of contacs it's sad to move to google just because of that.

    Would love to hear you guys also taking care raising the image of WIndows live since most users make Live resposibale for taht bug which is obvious a client connector problem of some shared Microsoft code.

    Please take care. Would love to hear good news about that.

  • controlz
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    @Ben Poon - thanks for the method. :-)

  • langware
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    @Ben Poon,

    Thanks for the response.

    If this bug cannot be fixed quickly (within a month) so that the proper page is opened in a new tab or window, then perhaps you should just remove the menu choices to "Open in new tab" and "Open in new window" (removing a menu choice is something that can be done immediately with minimal effort).

  • @langware: Thanks for your tireless feedback on our products. We really do appreciate it!

    I personally reproduced the issue and logged a bug for it directly in our Hotmail bug queue. While I can't guarantee a timeline for the fix, I can guarantee that we'll take a look at it. =]

  • @Site-Jumper: Definitely hear you on the request for search. It's something we'll definitely consider for the future.

    @controlz: Glad you like the feature! As for exporting calendars, we actually support that today, though it takes a little work:

    1. Login to Hotmail Calendar

    2. Click on the "Share" dropdown in the top toolbar and select the calendar you'd like to export

    3. Select the "Send people a view-only link to your calendar" checkbox

    4. Click the "Get your calendar links" link

    5. Read the resulting dialog box and click "Ok"

    6. Observe that the page reloads with additional links

    7. Click the "ICS: Import into another calendar application" link

    8. Copy the URL in the resulting dialog

    9. Paste the URL into another browser window, but before loading the URL, change the very beginning of the link from "webcal://" to "http://"

    10. The browser should now download your calendar's ICS as a .ics file

    Note that you can also use the HTML or RSS options shown in step 6. Also, you may want to uncheck the "Send people a view-only link to your calendar" checkbox after exporting such that your calendar is no longer shared via a private URL.

  • langware
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    @Dick Craddock,

    I too would like a response to my previous post here. I've described a bug in Hotmail's user interface. The Windows Live Solution Center has only provided conflicting responses. Can you please provide definitive status on the bug I reported?

  • controlz
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    @storm72 - I have the same problems as you in Firefox 6.

  • @ Dick Craddock

    May I expect a reaction from you with repect to my earlier post concerning the "search feature" in Live Calendar ?

    Please let me know, even if you decided to ignore my post (an MS habbit ?).

  • storm72
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    Sending calendar event invitations is completely broken in Firefox versions beyond 4.0.1. I cannot type an e-mail address, nor can I select an e-mail address from my Hotmail address book. It simply does not work. I've received the usual "clear your cache" advice from the WLSC, but as I expected the problem persisted. Checking with Firebug, I'm convinced there is a JavaScript error somewhere. Is the Windows Live team aware of the invitations issue and can we expect a fix soon?

  • controlz
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    @langware is right. I have the same problem with both my Hotmail accounts.

  • @Dick Craddock:

    The problem reported by @langware is true. I am also facing that. It is bug in hotmail. Please pay attention that. I am using IE 9 on Win 7.

    @langware : you are true Gem for Win Live team. I have seen your feedbacks and the points you raise are really beyond the level of normal user. You analyse or pay attention to even the smallest things.Moreover, you really invest time in providing such a great feedback. I really appreciate that. Keep it up!! :)

  • langware
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    @Dick Craddock:

    I am sorry for this off topic post ...

    On July 9, 2011, I reported a Hotmail bug to the Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC). It's been 45 days, and the WLSC has been of very little help. I would just like some status.

    The bug is as follows ... Using IE9, if one left clicks the question mark in the upper right portion of Hotmail's inbox page, a drop down menu appears. The menu contains the following choices: Help, Support, Service Status, Feedback, and Getting started.

    If any of these choices are RIGHT clicked, a new drop down menu will be displayed. Two of the choices in this drop down are: "Open in new tab" and "Open in new window".

    If either of these two choices are clicked, a new tab (or window) is opened, but instead of containing the page that corresponds to the original menu item selected (Help, Support, Service Status, Feedback, or Getting started), the new tab (or window) contains a duplicate copy of ones inbox. Clearly this is a bug.

    I have reproduced this problem with IE8, IE9, Firefox 5, Firefox 6, on 5 different computers running XP and Windows 7, and using both my wife's and my Hotmail account.

    On July 15, I finally received a response. The WLSC moderator suggested that I configure my browser's tab settings (this scripted response was a waste of time since I had already clearly described my browser's tab settings in the original post of July 9).

    On July 20, I received another response stating that this was a known problem.

    On July 24, I received a response stating that the moderator was able to reproduce the problem, but that the behavior "was how these links were designed respond." [SIC]

    On July 25, a moderator asked me to post screen shots of the problem. I did so that day.

    On August 3, I received a request for screen shots of my browser's tab settings ... but the request did not include a link where I could post those screen shots. The moderator stated: "The issue is clearly with the browser setting and not with Hotmail, as Hotmail or any other website for that matter can never inflicts the browser setting."

    On August 18, I received a response. The moderator said: "I was not able to reproduce the issue." The response also included a link where the screen shots of my browser's tab settings could be posted. I provided the screen shots that day.

    On August 23, I received a response that stated: "I have raised a bug with our product group which would be fixed in the future release of Hotmail."

    I am sorry for this off topic post, I tried using the proper channel (WLSC) to report this problem and to obtain status, but as you can see from the above log, I have received inconsistent replies from the WLSC. First I was told that the bug I reported is a known problem, then I was told the behavior was as designed. Later I was told that the problem was with the browser, and finally I was told that a bug was raised with the product group. All of this took approximately 45 days!

    Can you please provide some definitive status on this problem? Is it a Hotmail bug? Has anyone on the product team been able to reproduce it? Will it be fixed? I believe this problem started just after Wave 5 was released.

    Thank you!

  • controlz
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    Brilliant. And a thousand more brilliants. One request, though. Can we please have the option to export calendars?

  • @ Dick Craddock

    Another feature that has been asked numerous times during the last couple of years by lots of live-calendar users = search in the calendar.

    Is there any chance that it will be added some day ?


  • @gorzko : My facebook B'days also show up on Calendar without any problem and main page too.

  • @gorzko Actually, Facebook birthdays show up in my calendar just fine.

    As far the new notifications, I wish these new options were available for subscribed (.ics) calendars.

  • gorzko
    24 Posts

    Sounds nice! :-) But I would really welcome better sync with Facebook birthdays. I mean, they are shown on my main page, but not in a calendar itself and there is no option to simply add them.