Hotmail on 2 million iOS 5 devices, growing 100K per day

Hotmail on 2 million iOS 5 devices, growing 100K per day

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Hotmail is the world’s leading email service, and last year we added support for Exchange Active Sync, allowing customers around the world to sync their Hotmail inbox, calendar, and contacts to their mobile phones through the power of Exchange.  Although we’ve had this support for a year already, with the release of iOS 5 it is now even easier to set up Hotmail on your iPhone or iPad.  Since the release of iOS 5, more than 2 million customers have connected Hotmail to iPhones or iPads, and we’re just getting started—almost 100,000 new iOS 5 devices are being set up with Hotmail every day. 

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Here’s a snapshot of Hotmail connections to iOS 5 devices.  As you can see most are iPhones, with over 60% on iPhone 4 and higher, and almost 25% on the new iPhone 4S.

Chart shows: iPhone 4 - 40%, iPhone 4S - 24%, iPhone 3G S - 12%, iPad 2 (wifi) - 6%, iPod Touch 4 - 5%, iPad 2 (3G - AT&T) - 4%, iPhone 4 (Verizon) - 4%, iPod Touch 3 - 1%, iPad 2 (3G - Verizon) - 0% 
Distribution of iOS 5 devices

Our work for Hotmail on smartphones doesn’t stop with iOS – we have great support for Windows Phone, Nokia, and BlackBerry – and with our new Android client, it’s now even easier to get started on Android. 

Pictures of Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia phone

So, whatever phone you have, it’s a great time to switch to Hotmail.

- Chris Jones

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  • Michael
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    This is why I love Hotmail...

  • I'm really facing problem with the new hotmail from my Nokia mobile. Earlier it was very good but now I cannot reply any massage. There is a reply button but it's not working ! When I'm clicking that button then the same mail is coming !

    This is really a very big problem for me. Can any one help me ?

  • madjah
    12 Posts

    Could we have Drafts sync in the next version of Windows Phone, this is a must. Also When are the latest Hotmail features being rolled out?

  • @Nater - accept my friend request so you can give me your account information and I'll have someone take a look

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Hotmail is not pinching email on my vibrant. Why is it broken?  it was working.before.  If you think I'm about to use that happy battery draining seven app you're money tools. Fix it now. Or I cannot use this service.

  • Could you guys make it easier to see when an email was sent to you on Hotmail?

  • Our Congradulations to Chris and the team!!! Now it is time to turn your attention to other areas of  Windows Live before Google eats your lunch with G+ and all they tied to it.

  • IL
    15 Posts

    Please, add support  for IMAPS.

  • whynot
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  • I completely agree with Nathan especially the 4th suggestion. Infact, previously we had an option to add favourites in skydrive but that has been removed (which is actually worse or kind of a downgrading to skydrive. some people used skydrive just for that purpose)

    3rd suggestion has also been given by many many users on various platform (incl. this blog)  but no considerations to that uptill now. WHY WHY WHY??

    Also, when is new update for Hotmail rolling out as has been discussed in blog post for OCT 3rd. It is already one month past. By the time you will roll out, your competitor(s) would have have launched new features so you will still be behind. Why dont you make rollout speedier. Infact, Gmail has revamped its interface and added many new features. But hotmail UI is still with many many known bugs that have not been fixed.

  • Great job, guys. However I've got a question. Do you ever plan on supporting email flagging for Hotmail in Windows Phone? It works for Exchange and Gmail already, so we're kinda counting on you to catch up. ;-)

  • cfj
    3 Posts

    Why do you guys insist on calling Hotmail users "customers"?

    cus·tom·er, n., One that buys goods or services.

  • Awesome! Worked beautifully on my Android phone, and of course is perfect on my new WP7 handset.

    Hotmail remains top dog.

  • I wish my Hotmail didn't get so much spam :( "FREE MEDS FROM CANADA"

  • abm
    268 Posts

    We need XPS document support on skydrive (view xps as html) and Windows Phone natively.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Hey Chris, four suggestions for Windows Phone and

    1. Please provide the ability to download SkyDrive files on Window Phone memory (esp from OfficeHub).

    2. Let the users delete or rename files/folders and create/delete folders on SkyDrive from Windows Phone.

    3. On SkyDrive website: Unlike copying file from one folder to other folder, copying file from root directory to some folder and vice versa is not allowed! I can upload a file in root folder but I cannot move it or copy it from there. It should be fixed.

    4. It would be a great feature if we have option to synchronize the favorite or bookmarked sites and folders (categories) between SkyDrive and IE, so my favorites are always accessible wherever I go via IE built-in support and Bing bar (if using some other browser or platform). Also provide a simple web-based CRUD app (using MVC, with categories and search) which acts like a webapp for SkyDrive and webservice for IE and BingBar to manage, organize and synchronize these entries with IE (natively) or via BingBar.