SkyDrive gets simple app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management, HTML5 upload, other updates

SkyDrive gets simple app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management, HTML5 upload, other updates

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Last week, we shared our approach to designing a personal cloud storage service for billions of people. Today, we’re excited to release an upgrade to to address key feedback. You should expect to see the new SkyDrive release in the next few hours. Follow SkyDrive on Twitter so that you can be one of the first people to know when it’s live.

Here’s a video that quickly walks you through the changes to the service.

We have a long list of improvements that we set out to make to SkyDrive. While not all of the feedback we’ve received is addressed, we feel that this release is a big step forward—especially for the growing number of customers using SkyDrive to share and access Office documents.

Simple app-centric sharing, particularly for Office docs

As we look to the future, we know people increasingly think and work in a way that is “app-centric,” that is, they want something that just works from whatever application they are already using. So for example, when collaborating on a Word document, they want be able to share it in as few steps as possible – ideally without having to leave Word in order to set permissions or move it around to different folders. And they definitely don’t want to have to think about their folder structure or which email service their friends happen to use.

In the past, SkyDrive has made this difficult. We built the experience around discrete folders that were either private (“Documents”) or shared (“Class documents”). So how you wanted to share also dictated the way you organized your data. Also, sharing on SkyDrive was designed to work best when you shared files with people in your Windows Live network. Meanwhile, the most common scenario—sharing or collaborating with friends or colleagues across email services or other networks—was often a complex and unreliable process.

As a result, we rebuilt fundamental pieces of SkyDrive to simplify sharing and make it more app-centric, particularly for Office. For example, let’s say you’re working in Word Web App on a document in one of your private folders. Now you can Share from within the app and complete your task, without having to think about the structure of folders or subfolders. This is possible since SkyDrive now lets you share or permission individual files within a folder. This works for Office documents, photos, or any other type of file.

But we didn’t stop there. We also redesigned the sharing process – to make it much easier to share with people across email services and networks.

Sharing is easier on SkyDrive

When you click Share in the SkyDrive info pane or from the File menu, you can now do a few things:

  • Share via email. Enter any name from your address book, including contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook and Gmail. (If you want to import the email addresses of your Facebook contacts, first connect Facebook to Windows Live and then go to and click the Facebook logo.) Since SkyDrive now uses your email address to send a sharing invitation, it reaches your friend’s inbox, not their spam folder. And when you select “Recipients can edit,” you can now collaborate with anyone, even if you don’t know their Live ID in advance.
  • Post to your networks. SkyDrive connects to many different networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, so that you can upload your photos and documents once and share with friends across networks.
  • Get a link. For many people, the easiest way to share is to grab a URL and send it to yourself, or paste it into another browser. Now, you can choose a View only link when you’re sharing something private, a View and Edit link when you want to allow the recipient to edit an item, and a Public link when you want to share something with anybody who can access the Internet.

The sharing experience is one that only happens when you choose to share something. Everything on SkyDrive that you upload is private until you tell us otherwise.

Powerful file management

As soon as we released the SkyDrive updates in June, we received a ton of feedback that you like the fast performance of the service, but doing many actions was slow and cumbersome.

In this release, a number of file management tasks are now “instant”. Now you can:

  • Create folders inline.

Create folders inline


  • Rename a folder inline (or by hitting the F2 key).

Rename a folder inline


  • Move, delete, and download multiple files in bulk.

Move, delete, and download multiple files in bulk


  • Move and copy very easily with an inline pop-over dialog.

Move and copy

  • Use right-click functionality on documents and photos to take action right away.

Right-click functionality lets you take action

  • Create an Office document quickly. When you click one of the Office document icons, all you have to do is name the document, and then you can immediately launch into the Office Web Apps.

Create an Office document

HTML5 uploads, CSS3 transitions in Internet Explorer 10

In addition to some of the sharing and file management features, we continue to look for ways we can take advantage of modern browsing technologies. Today we rely on Silverlight to provide rich upload support. In this release, we’re introducing drag and drop as a way to upload files and photos for browsers that support HTML5 File API like Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. And while your files are uploading, you can continue to browse and use SkyDrive. You no longer have to sit and wait for uploads to complete.

Use SkyDrive while your files are uploading


We also have worked to make sure that SkyDrive works well on Internet Explorer 10. If you’re using the Windows 8 Developer Preview, you’ll notice that support for CSS3 animations works when you resize an album.

Photo improvements

We’ve rebuilt and re-introduced photo slideshows in this release, and we feel that we’ve built a slideshow that’s faster and better than before.

Slideshows are better and faster

We heard your feedback that it was hard to find photo captions, and that navigation was difficult. You can now click “View folder” to return to the folder of the album and see captions right below the photo.

It's easier to find photo captions

We’ve also added support for touch APIs on Internet Explorer 10 and Mobile Safari so that you can use your fingers to swipe and navigate photos.

Support for more file types like PDF and RAW

We recognize that a lot of our customers upload PDF files to SkyDrive, but to date we haven’t had a rich viewing experience for PDFs. In this release, when you click a PDF, we load it using whatever available PDF viewer your browser supports. This means that on IE, Firefox and Safari, PDFs will load in the browser if you have Adobe Acrobat installed. On Chrome, PDFs will load using Chrome’s native PDF viewer.

Enjoy a rich viewing experience for PDFs

Some of our customers capture photos using their camera’s RAW format, and we support uploading and viewing RAW files from a number of camera manufacturers supported by the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.


Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Many actions now happen inline (such as upload, delete, copy, move, rename, share, and create).
  • We preload more resources when you’re typing your username and password before logging in. This makes it faster to view and edit Office docs.
  • Signing in to SkyDrive is about 50% faster.

Join us for a live Twitter Q&A tomorrow

In the next few weeks, we’ll cover these features in a lot more depth, so come back for more updates. Also, I will be joining a few people on the SkyDrive team to field questions “live” tomorrow, 11/30, on Twitter from 10-12 p.m. PST. Just mention @SkyDrive in your question and follow us to participate in the conversation. 

There are a lot of exciting changes coming to SkyDrive, and I can’t wait to share those with you.   

Omar Shahine
Group Program Manager,

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  • blau34
    3 Posts

    the new HTML interface is bullshit.

    The upload lacks in functions and Desgin is pure.

    Please stop this bullshit HTML trend. We hate it.

  • Omar, can you please comment on when we will see the ability to move files located in the root folder?

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    Somethnig else... often when moving stuff I am moving that items/those items to the same place I moved somethnig previously. hence, on the Move dialog plesae provide a "Recently moved to" node or something similar.



  • This is a great product - just tested it out between my mobile and desktop. Just wondering why you guys don't allow  folder to be uploaded.

  • When I share a file with my friends and allow them to edit, why they have to have a Live ID to be able to edit the file? Can you please remove the restriction? Because of this, I have to use Google Docs to share files with my friends, because they can edit my file without having to sign in first.

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    And I've just noticed that in one of the screenshots, under the storage indicator, there's an option to "Manage my storage". Why don't we have that?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    When will IE9 get the functionality that Chrome etc. has - the ability to just drop files into folders? I think it's crazy that Microsoft provides a competitor's browser with better functionality than their own.

  • I cannot preview a bmp file using IE8.  Worked with IE8 on Nov 24.  Works with Firefox6.  See the doc file at the URL below for details and screen shots.

  • Why can't I copy documents from my SkyDrive to folders that are shared with me where I have edit permissions!!!

  • Melon52
    1 Posts

    Definitely progress, but it's hardly "app-centric" when a Word doc created on a WP7 phone can't be edited using SkyDrive's "Edit in Browser" function--the phone creates a blank comment that the web app can't handle.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Quote: "b) ability to update photos in full resolution (or at least several options like on the regular skydrive web)"

    Lol.  I tried the Camera Roll Synching on my Windows Phone and immediately ruled it out as a useless feature when I realized it resized my pictures that way.  Really, it makes details in larger photos invisible when it does that.  They should have given an option for that...

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Quote: "Some of Microsofts famous integration would be very welcome here!"

    What famous integration?  They couldn't even integrate Windows Phones into Windows Media Player, an application that comes built-in to the OS (for us, basically) with Native Support for Windows 7 LIbraries, MTP Support, and Third Party Media Stores in addition to Streaming Audio/Video, all the Necessary DRM support, EQ, Disk Burning and Ripping, etc.  Sync Center doesn't work with WP7 so you cannot Sync Outlook Data to your WINDOWS phone, something even an iPod Touch can do trivially viaiTunes...  Instead, they delivered us a completely redundant Zune application, which while pretty I have grown to dislike quite a bit...

    Windows Live Photo Gallery has no way to Sync Albums from SkyDrive, unless I missed something (I've been looking for a while, educate me if I'm wrong).  Picasa does this with easy, and it's "in your face" in the user interface.  To get SkyDrive data uploaded from a different source (i.e. a friend's computer, your Windows Phone, etc.) onto your compuer in Photo Gallery, you have to log into the WEB SITE and send it to Photo Gallery...  What?  And if I add 1 photo to that Album, I have to add it to that Album on SkyDrive via upload.  Albums on SkyDrive are basically invisible to WLPG outside of the upload process.  Those should be visible in the UI, as they are in Picasa (I have an iTouch and Android phone, so yes I make comparative observations).

    Photos shared from SkyDrive are still being sent as unshortened URLs, and they're anything but intuitive...  Should have an option to auto shorten them via TinyURL or something...  This is an issue, especially from a Windows Phone (which thankfully does display online Libraries, unlike the Desktop application).

    Have you tried GeoTagging a picture in WLPG lately?  Seriously?!

    Windows Live Movie Maker...  Can upload to SkyDrive, but again poor integration with the online service.  What about a Navigation Pane toggle to allow you to Navigate in SkyDrive for Raw Footage you probably uploaded from a different computer to download it and edit it on your computer (or even to do more edits to a video that you uploaded already)?  Need a Video Library in SkyDrive (like Documents and Photos)

    ...  I'm starting to wonder why these apps even ask me to sign into the service, TBH.

    Lately Microsoft has been failing when it comes to interoperability between their own software and their own services.  SkyDrive basically isn't integrated with Windows 7 in any decent capacity (even iCloud has better integration available at this point).  The Outlook Connector (at least on Outlook 2007) is terrible.  Contact Management in Hotmail is a real PITA due to the way the system handles Hotmail and WLM contacts.  Picasa is superior for managing Albums stored in the Cloud.

    Great Web Apps are Great.  I bet it will totally rock on a Windows 8 Tablet.  However, on a Desktop this software and the poor integration between devices and services makes it a pain to use.  I boxed my Android phone up to try my WP7 device as a daily driver and I'm already regretting it (but not giving up just yet)...  I want great software and services which work together flawlessly on the desktop.  They're really making it hard to appreciate their platform, services, and device software these days.  I've been thinking about going with that fruit, lately.  They seem to care more about this stuff.

  • While the ability to drag a file onto the Skydrive window in Chrome is a definite improvement - and an embarrassment to other browser that can't do this - the inability to upload FOLDERS means no other improvements matter. Folders, folders, folders!

  • "dguillaume

    2 Posts

    I have lost all of my Synced folders from Mesh??? PLEASE HELP

    November 29, 2011"

    "Omar Shahine

    66 Posts

    @dguillaume, can you go head over to and post there?

    November 29, 2011"

    CLASSIC MICROSOFT!!!!  I have had an issue pending for four months over there.  It seems Microsoft has beta software but doesn't have beta collaboration where it actually WORKS with its end users to resolve issues.  It just redirects people to finding the answer on their own.  More and more, it makes users only use some things from Microsoft.  More of people's time (and money) is going to spent on things that actually work.

  • Whoa! This is truly amazing update. Thanks guys! :)

  • Ronald
    22 Posts

    Maybe a bit off-topic (sorry in advance), but i'm curious if OneNote syncing means transferring  the whole file ( to Skydrive and back to your computer / Windows Phone or only syncing the delta (the differences)? I would like to know because i'm on a data plan, and my OneNote file is quite large. I thank you in advance

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    One last request... searching SkyDrive does not currently (I believe) search the contents of OneNote documents - most of my stuff is inside OneNote so if you could change that I would appreciate it.

    Oh, one other last request :)  ...  When I am logged in to Bing using my LiveID I would like it to search through all of my stuff on SkyDrive and return pertinent stuff in the SERPs. If there were an app on Windows 8 that did this - so much the better!



  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Now really, this is an amazing update that address just about every single one of my early complaints on skydrive.

    Now I'm just looking forward to address those that I only noticed after months using the past update:

    - Groups are broken (details:

    - WP7 integration is horrible; still waiting (at the very least) for:

    a) a way to back up my apps (broke 2 times my phone in the last 3 months and it's a pain to lose all data within an app). Wouldn't mind if that wasn't cloud based actually... but would be nice if it was synchronized with skydrive (apps don't take so much data anyway)

    b) ability to update photos in full resolution (or at least several options like on the regular skydrive web)

    c) restoring social messenger capabilities to default upload folder, or making it possible to upload things to a different one.

    Anyway, great update !

  • I think sharing a file using Skydrive is not easy to understand. I select to share a file with the new options:

    - Recipient can edit

    - Recipient does not need to sign in.

    Does that not mean that everybody with that link can edit?

    If i try - as soon as the recipient clicks on "edit in browser" he needs to "sign in" anyway ?

  • bcdedit
    2 Posts


    Hi Evan, as you suggested I posted my problem to skydrive.  Thanks in advance.

  • @controlz : +1

    I missed on that. Yes, skydrive team we should be able to upload the whole folders to skydrive.

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    We still can't upload folders? Why not? I have a School folder I'd like to upload to SkyDrive, but it says to upload the files within. But I can't. Because inside School is Yr7, Yr8 etc. And inside those are folders like History and Maths. And inside those are folders. It would be a nightmare to re-create all the folders in SkyDrive.

    Please, please allow us to upload entire folders. And soon. Google Docs allows this, so there's no reason why SkyDrive can't.

    Thanks for the improvements on SkyDrive!

  • Also, I would like to ask that why Search Capabilities in Skydrive is limited to to MS-Office file types (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, and .xlsx formats)? Is the skydrive meant to use only for these type of files only? I hope no. Then why you people are ignoring the search function in skydrive. You yourself have added support for pdf (by this update) as you admit that pdf is one of the most uploaded file types on skydrive then why people cant search pdf (or for that matter any other file).

    I have so many files (non office types) and folders on my skydrive that whenever I need one I have to go through various folders which is Extremely annoying and painful.

    We, seriously, need the capability to search any kind of file type.

  • No comment on the sharing URL format? Most of my friends don't have Live IDs and I just want to send them a link to a document.

    Which is friendlier,

    or list/


  • yul1a
    1 Posts

    Hello! Thanks Skydrive team for impovements! Really cool things!

    I can`t see documents of my frend which shared with me ( Skydrive - Shared "Files shared with you" )

    I have RW access to documens only by link in my e-mail


  • efjay
    14 Posts

    Tried accessing from my WP7 device after the changes went live, no problem. This morning I uploaded some files from my PC and when I tried accessing again from my phone I hot an error about being unable to connect and initially could only see those 2 new files. I closed office and reopened it and now can see all my old files but not the new ones. When I open in a browser from the phone I can see all files. Please investigate.

  • Hm. I don't see "Manage my storage" under the space used indication on the left navbar

  • One thing I would like to ask is that When the skydrive team has updated all accounts within a few hours (i.e. update is rolled out to all customers) then why HOTMAIL team struggles in rolling out updates as It is still stuck with 2 months old announced updates that are still to roll out.

    This is more important because Skydrive & hotmail has same no. of customers (as both are integrated).

  • +1 for @jamiet : love the updates..........option in hotmail? I definitely think he has made a valid point.


    1) Sharing is one thing that needs to be greatly improved since it is the essence on Cloud based storage. Now you have introduced File Based Sharing (instead of Folder based), I think we should also have the Person based sharing capability. For Eg. I use skydrive a lot for office work and I share a lot of files with certain people. I now want all my files should be available to a particular person. Now in current system What I have to do is to go to individual files and set the permission but it should be Person based i.e. I should be able to allow a particular person to access allmy files without going to each file.

    2) As Skydrive has now pdf viewing capability, This facility should be extended to HOTMAIL.

    3) Direct uploading from Hotmail should be there. (as Jamiet has pointed out.)

  • bigjim01
    27 Posts

    This is kind of interesting, but ultimately useless. It looks like you are attempting to make the functionality of Windows Explorer available on the web site. Also not everyone is a twit and can follow you on twitter. This is rather stupid of doing stuff on such a wasteful service. I would rather have my files on a computer with me and if I need to share a file, then I would rather email the file than have it on a site such as this.

  • @Omar - Is is possible to enable steaming of MP3's from your Skydrive through the standard music player on WP7? Currently you can only play one track at a time, and this is only through IE rather than the music player..

    Some of Microsofts famous integration would be very welcome here!

  • Ajay M
    11 Posts

    @Omar - the changes are great, I have used them to arrange my stuff including snaps, photos and music. I am able to move folders, individual items. All in a very fast and smooth manner. The SkyDrive feels faster too.

    Some last points, and I know that you must be working on that is to increase the upload size to atleast 5 GB (1 GB should be ok but I wish it should be at least 5 GB), make options in windows phone to upload full resolution snaps (do not decrease the size).


  • Just We are NOT able to send a simple link (i.e. zip file) for direct download.

    You Know Dropbox?  It 'simply absurd that you can not do!

  • As Hassan said  "can you please merge the normal SkyDrive folders and the "Synced Folders" that are synced with your computer using Windows Live Mesh?" THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!

    At the moment i've had to delete stuff if i didn't want it synced and then re-upload it so its still on skydrive. if you could somehow integrate a function where you could move files between being synced or just stored on skydrive it would save so much uploading and then one day merge skydrive and mesh it would be great.

    Cheers for such an amazing job on the latest interface!

    Luke Simpson.

  • If I setup a MediaShared folder and put my shared photo folders in it. It shows up under Docments and not Photos.  How would share my root folder so that all my public stuff is public?

  • Careful, I selected 5 folders and tried to move them to a subfolder called MediaShared so I could share a single link to all my media... and I received a popup with several red messages saying: "This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to access it.  Contact the owner of this item for more information."   I am the owner.... now what?

  • Internet Explorer 9 is able to pin your favourite sites to the task bar but with the emphasis now on HTML5 a newer and brighter web is being developed known as Internet Explorer 10, this will allow more beta type applications to come into play. Developers are working on their own individual style applications which are clearer and more enveloped yet still interact with the social aspect of computing.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    Would be great if you guys let the user map their SkyDrive in Windows Explorer via Map Network Drive.

  • SkyDirve isn't native support pdf. I installed Foxit Reader in my computer. In skydrive, I open a pdf file. The skydirve can said I don't  install Adobe Acrobat, so it can't view pdf in the ie9.

  • @abm, to be honest, it's unlikely we will do anything to support XPS. I recommend just converting those to PDFs.

  • @aredubbya is it an option to simply get a URL to the folder / document and then email that to the students? that will give them all access to the folder / document. You would just send the email from Hotmail or whatever email program you use and the students would then be able to access the document.

  • @thedriver for items to appear in the "Shared" list it can take a bit of time. Also I'm not sure what you mean by "These changes appear to have broken all existing sharing." Other than the items now showing up in the shared list (do they now btw?) what are the other issues?

    Also if you want to share a root folder and all its contents then just share that folder via the share command. all the items in that folder will be visible to the people you've shared to.

  • @ JJohnson1701 re -integrate with Windows 7 and Office: right click a file/folder, and 'upload to SkyDrive' should be an option, or 'back up to SkyDrive'.  In Office, in the Save As menus, there should be a destination for SkyDrive.

    I totally agree re the office "save as" feature, now in Office 2007/2010 we need to go to File>Save and Send>Save to Web but this should be 1 click, like making it part of the ribbon, currently way too many mouse clicks to save a doc to SkyDrive from within word. Getting young students 7/8yrs to use this feature is really time consuming and incorrectly perceived as "too difficult to use" or "inappropriate".

  • @aredubbya

    I agree - the sharing has become a disaster. The sharing was functional before, now whist you've added URL links and social media sharing, you've also removed group sharing and broken the sharing that was already in place.


    Did you see me earlier comments regarding sharing?

    Sharing with groups and being able to select multple folders for sharing at the same time is imperative.

    Please make it better, not worse!

  • Thanks for the quick reply. We use this in a school setting with Live@edu, so while typing will populate your contacts (for SkyDrive) it is very easy to have over 50-100 contacts and being able to choose them rather than remember the names of who you want to share with is also just as important.

    The next problem is with sharing. You can only share an item with 20 people at a time. This is way too limited. A teacher might easily have 60 students from two classes in the same grade level. Even though teachers group the student contacts according to the classes, You can't share a folder with a group that has more than 20 people at one time as SkyDrive counts the number of contacts in that group.

    So if I have two groups of Grade 8 students totaling 60 students ( eg G8A and G8B 30 students each), to share a folder with G8A I have to delete the last 10 students from the sharing screen, remember who they are and then share the folder with those 10 again, so the sharing process is far from ideal. The same process repeated for my G8B class. So what took one action before the update has to be repeated a minimum 3 times to share a single folder with 60 students. FYI at high school it is not uncommon for teachers to need to share folders/files 150 students.

    When you were able to share before from selecting categories we never had this issue sharing a single folder with more than 20 students at a time. I hope this can be a quick fix...

  • @aredubbya just start typing and the names will auto-complete from your address book.

  • This update to the SkyDrive is excellent!  It makes SkyDrive that much more usable and user-friendly.  I'm duly impressed!

    There are a few things I would like to ask be included in upcoming updates:

    -better geotagging.  If I'm at World of Coke, I want to tag it as being at 'World of Coke' not just 'Atlanta GA' in Photo Gallery or SkyDrive.  Maybe even have an option to share photo maps with friends, and you can then see all your friends' pictures on one big map!  That way, you can see 'oh, Jeff was in Washington too!

    -view geotagged pictures on a map in a timeline.  I'm sure you could come up with a compelling interface for this, but it would be amazing and impressive if, when viewing my pictures I took that were geotagged, I could view them on a mapp timeline, and have the map zoom around on its own, showing my pictures.  Even better, show them in the right orientation, or include my photosynths in there as well.

    -integrate with Windows 7 and Office: right click a file/folder, and 'upload to SkyDrive' should be an option, or 'back up to SkyDrive'.  In Office, in the Save As menus, there should be a destination for SkyDrive.

    -sharing a picture: if I want to share 1 picture to Facebook, if I click on the link, it lets me view all pictures in the folder.  It might be nice to restrict this to just 1 picture.

    -more tagging features.  If I've tagged a person, and I see they're online, how about right click, and chatting with the person through Windows Live Messenger, right from that screen?  Or, have a collapsable menu with 'see all pictures of 'name' in your SkyDrive' and 'share this picture with 'name'' with the option to share on FB/Twitter/e-mail, and 'share picture in chat with 'name'' to start a chat with that person, and send a link to the picture to show them the picture.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sharing now is not as easy as it was. If I have a huge list of contacts i cannot select them from a list lke you can when chooising addresses from a list to compose an email. It seems you are forced to remeber your contacts names. the previous name /category groupings you could visually see was very easy use, with this it is not so easy.

  • DannyBoy
    16 Posts

    What I'm waiting for is for WL Mesh to use all 25 GB of SkyDrive storage for syncing. It sure beats DropBox et al.

  • Nathan
    63 Posts


    Besides having files, docs, images and emoticon attachments options, please provide us with a feature to attach emails or the entire conversation from any email folder (Inbox, Sent, CustomFolders...) without leaving the page. Like we have this ability in Office Outlook: drag-drop the selected emails in the compose window and they will be attached to the message. Other than the Outlook client, this feature is not yet incorporated in any web based email solution till date. An implicit way is by opening the desired emails individually one-by-one and copy-paste the content, download all the attachments in system and attach them.

    Windows Live Messenger:

    During the chat on live messenger, in "Share content from the web" under "Your Content" we have the SkyDrive section. Besides pictures, it should enlist all the files including documents (docx, pdf etc) and videos saved on my SkyDrive account other than just pictures.

  • I don't know if you got this feature request or not, but can you please merge the normal SkyDrive folders and the "Synced Folders" that are synced with your computer using Windows Live Mesh?

    I know that might be complicated to implement as the difference between these two storage locations might be more than what we think, but it would make a lot of scenarios easier (like syncing a folder on your pc with your windows phone without uasing Zune).

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Hi, how about providing "View in browser" option for XPS documents?

  • How do I share the root folder and all of its contents with other users now?

  • Hi Omar,

    These changes appear to have broken all existing sharing. Further, the "Shared" link also does not appear to function any more.

    If I login to my Skydrive, I can see that my folders show under Sharing,  "Friends" / "Can Edit". But when my Friends login to their Skydrive and click on the Shared link, it shows "There are no documents or folders shared with you."

    If I select a folder and choose the "Sharing"/"Share Folder" option and share it with a new person, whilst the receive the link to the share, when they select the "Shared" option (on the left  of SkyDrive) it still shows "There are no documents or folders shared with you."

  • Wow, I noticed the new layout, and it looks great!

  • @Kit sharing links are in fact reference based links, not hardcoded paths. So moving a file should continue to work assuming the permissions inherited from the parent allow it.

  • @Pedrool in the near future. There is some work happening on our backend servers to enable this. For any new documents created today you can move those.

  • @jamiet thanks, photo printing is an area we think could be improved.

  • So with these updates, is there any new/expanded functionality for Skydrive access in WP7.5 (Mango)?


  • @markiz right now the Photos link in the left is simply a filter of photos in the "root" of your SkyDrive. So if they are in your pictures folder they won't appear there. I realize that's not ideal and we're working to address this in the future.

  • i can't view PDF files in firefox 8 neither in chrome 15

    in ie 9 are ok

  • Bruno H
    6 Posts

    Great imporvements! Now what we really need to get people of Dropbox is some way to interact directly through the explorer in windows. If you can give the possibility to get a folder in Windows linked to a folder in Skydrive then I will be able to get my freinds of Dropbox.

  • When will we see a desktop client?  I don't need synchronization I just need a desktop client so SkyDrive has the same look and feel and functionality as opening my local C: drive in windows explorer.

    Gladinet Cloud Explorer and SDExplorer freeware are OK but you can do better.

  • @bcdedit - I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you mentioned.  I tested uploading a document and a photo to the root folder, and I see the "Move to" command appear on them.  Try again, and if you're still having problems, start a thread here ( and we'll get to the bottom of the issue.

  • markiz
    40 Posts


    I hope you do that, it's pretty much the only problem i have for this new skydrive. It really is impressive how smooth and fast everything works.

    But because of this issue, and it is an issues, since photo backup is a major part of skydrive, is seems less polished.

    Maybe you could make something akin to libraries in windows 7, where photos and documents become user managed libraries.

  • Just like WP7, Microsoft goes and fixes all of the problems and then brings more to the table. I'm loving your products and services more and bore!

  • Hojsn
    10 Posts

    Love the changes... Keep working on improving the way you do right now and SkyDrive will eventually turn out to be the best cloud storage solution...

  • bcdedit
    2 Posts


    Great updates.

    One question: Are you aware that if you upload a file to the root SkyDrive folder, you won't be able to move it to another folder? You can delete and do everything else but move.


  • mipa87
    1 Posts

    Very nice changes! What about camera's DNG file support in SkyDrive and also in Windows Live Photogalery, ?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    @evankutter Yay! That's brilliant! One of my main problems with SkyDrive before was that I had a ton of docs that I couldn't move into folders!

  • @Pedrool - as of today, if you create a new document at the root, or move a doc from inside a folder into the root, you'll be able to move those files around freely.  For existing documents at the root (created prior to today), we're working to get those updated so they can be moved away from the root directory.  Within the next few weeks, you should see the "Move to" option appear on all your items at the root.  Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime!

  • These changes look great.  Now I've gotta get to exploring!  Thanks!

  • Kit
    23 Posts

    Glad to see some great progress from the team. I wonder what will happen between Docs and Skydrive, they are now more similar yet still different in key areas.

    I also looking forward to improve sharing link, the link generated currently is not permanent (kiss goodbye to renaming folders) as well as the sharing link is hideously long. The more annoying bit is the can we just have better address for better sharing.


  • controlz
    145 Posts

    Still no devices integration? :-( Hope that's coming soon.

    Otherwise amazing changes, now SkyDrive beats Google etc. by a billion miles!

  • Excellent! Thanks and keep improving. We expect to experience full integration between SkyDrive, Windows (not just Office, but Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Live Photo Gallery [where sharing is not enough] etc.), and Windows Phone.

  • Pedrool
    18 Posts

    @Omar Also, can you address when synced files (via Mesh) will be editable in browser? Thanks.

  • Pedrool
    18 Posts

    Omar, can you please comment on when we will see the ability to move files located in the root folder? My mom struggles with this and has given up using SkyDrive because of this, since SkyDrive "Create" buttons create new files in the root and this is how most novices use SkyDrive.

  • efjay
    14 Posts

    Looks good, but how and when will this increased functionality be reflected in the builtin Skydrive on WP7 devices?

  • Can't wait to try. Any xps file support?

  • CAdams
    1 Posts

    Great improvements.  I am looking forward to trying some of these out!  Great job to the Sky Drive team!

  • @markiz Did you move them into your Pictures folder? If so, you'll need to navigate into your Pictures folder now instead of using the Photos link on the left. We realize that's not ideal, and are working to improve it in the future.

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    The "Order Prints" function is also a bit...hmmm...rubbish. Its basically a link to another site ( and if I already have a login on that site then the photos get transferred (that's good) but if I have to first sign-up then it loses the initial "connection" to Windfows Live and I have to manually upload. Granted this is Snapfish's fault but it still doesn't reflect well on you guys.

  • @jamiet yep, still clunky. I get that that scenario needs to work a lot better.

  • Thank you, SkyDrive Team!

    You just made SkyDrive exponetially more useful. I'm especially impressed at the turnaround time from the previous blog post. I was expecting to have to wait for months to see this happen.

    Keep up the great work, and can't wait to start actually managing my files in the cloud.

  • markiz
    40 Posts


    I tried moving all the albums to a different separate folder, but than they do not show up in photos!

  • have the option to "Medium Icons, to select multiple photos would be better, because in the details view you can not see what you are selecting, because we are thinking of storing many photos now and rename  photo by photo what the camera automatically set DSC00... is not usually. Or the option to select in thunbnail view..

  • Great improvements, great work. Slide shows are back! Thank you for this giant step ahead. Being number ONE is now in your grasp. Now I can revise my books!

  • @jamiet.  Excellent idea.  I haven't had that particular need since I'm usually the one sending the pics, but I can see a lot of people liking that idea.

  • Is there anything in the works to make the shareable links a little more human-friendly? I'd love to be able to say instead of the redir.aspx with a long query string.

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    Hi Omar,

    Love the updates though here's a scenario that is still a bit clunky. Someone just sent an email (to my Hotmail account) and I wanted to store them on SkyDrive. I had to download all the photos to my hard drive and then upload them again using the uploader. Can't I just have a "Save all photos to SkyDrive" option in Hotmail?



  • I've been waiting so long for this and I truly appreciate it's finally arrived! There are still more ways to improve SkyDrive® though; e.g. having Windows Live Messenger® integrated when viewing a Word® document with a peer. The best of all updates for me is you guys finally allowed to set sharing permission PER file, THANK YOU! Keep up the great work! :-D

  • SkyDrive... getting better every day!  Keep up the good work!

  • @markiz What I did is move all my photo albums into the "Pictures" folder here

  • Dan
    3 Posts

    Genuinely impressed with all these new additions and changes. SkyDrive of old was quite clunky in places, so it's nice to see and use it feeling more "finished". Looking forward to how it all goes in the future! Good work all. (Slowly becoming a Microsoft fanboy these days!)

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    One thing though: it irritates me that photos are in the same root folder as everything else, and yet they are not at the same time, since you can click "photos" on the left and it filters it out.

    I don't want photos of my dog to be in the same folder as some scripts i have for college.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    This is impressive.

  • @trulyindian for existing root folders moving them isn't enabled yet as we are in the process of updating them to be movable. For any new folders you create you should be able to move them.

  • @dguillaume, can you go head over to and post there?

  • i knew this was coming! This is brilliant.

    Now all thats left is to do a short ad clip and let the rest of the world know.

  • @Omar : Many many appreciations for this superb work. I have got these new features. I really appreciate and glad to know that you people listen to feedback. Although I am still testing this, one thing I would like to point out is that we still are not able to move to/from root folder.

    Will write more as I explore more.