Introducing SkyDrive for iPhone and Windows Phone

Introducing SkyDrive for iPhone and Windows Phone

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SkyDrive is your personal cloud for your documents, notes, photos and videos. Move your files into SkyDrive and immediately they’re available from any web browser anywhere in the world. As we detailed a few days ago, there have been a number of recent updates to to improve how you share with others, manage your files and folders, and browse through your stuff blazingly fast utilizing the latest web technologies (like HTML5 and CSS3).

Yet as devices proliferate, having a great experience on the web is only one piece of a pretty complex puzzle. As people start to rely more on their smartphones, the need to be able to access files on-the-go is important. As we mentioned two weeks ago, we view device access as “table stakes” for personal cloud storage. People are choosing where to put their files based on how portable and accessible they are across the various devices they use; therefore, it’s critical that we continue to extend the SkyDrive experience to the devices you use every day.

SkyDrive for Windows Phone

With the recent release of Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”), we focused on deeply integrating SkyDrive into the phone itself through the Pictures and Office hubs. For instance, you can share photos stored on SkyDrive by email, text, or IM, use Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with SkyDrive files, and even keep your phone’s camera roll up-to-date on SkyDrive automatically. This integration isn’t surface-level—SkyDrive is integrated into the apps you use, along with core phone functions. This is a great example of using SkyDrive as an App cloud for Office and Pictures, where the cloud is an underlying feature of the app itself. For more info on the differences between a File cloud, a Device cloud, and an App cloud, check out our post SkyDrive—designing personal cloud storage for billions of people.

Even with all that we’ve done to integrate SkyDrive into Windows Phone, we still have more to do. In talking with SkyDrive power users, we found that many still want the full SkyDrive experience from Windows Phone, including tasks like browsing their entire SkyDrive, sharing links to folders or files, deleting files, and creating folders. Many people who have more than a few dozen files will start to organize them, and we want to make sure people have a direct representation of SkyDrive on their phone. Folders are a natural and time-tested way to organize groups of files, and browsing based on how files are already organized is important for SkyDrive power users.

“If SkyDrive is where I chose to put my stuff, don’t limit what I can do with it,” they told us. So while the Pictures hub is the best way to experience SkyDrive photos, and the Office apps are the best way to view and edit SkyDrive documents, some people still wanted to go further.

Starting today, you can now use the new SkyDrive app on Windows Phone 7.5 to do more with your SkyDrive. It’s available in every country/region where we offer Windows Phone.

Browse your entire SkyDrive—documents, photos, any and all of your files

Being able to see all your folders and files (of all types) is important for SkyDrive power users, as it helps facilitate sharing and file management.

SkyDrive Windows Phone Folder


Share any SkyDrive folder or file with one or more people

Pick a file of any type, or even a folder, and share it with as many people as you like. This uses the same “Get a link” mechanism as does—you can give the recipients view-only or view-and-edit permissions to your file.

SkyDrive Windows Phone Send a Link

Manage your SkyDrive

Organizing your folders and files just the way you like it is now possible with the SkyDrive app. Create a new folder for a new project or photo album, or delete old files or folders that you no longer need.

SkyDrive Windows Phone New Folder

SkyDrive Windows Phone Delete Folder

Here’s a video detailing the features of the new SkyDrive app for Windows Phone:


SkyDrive for iPhone

We realize that not everyone who relies on SkyDrive for sharing photos or accessing Office documents uses Windows Phone… yet. We have a long history of supporting iPhone customers with built-in support for Hotmail and with apps like Bing, Messenger, OneNote (with SkyDrive sync), and now Skype.

More generally, we believe you should have access to your personal content no matter which device you use. This is why we are excited to invest in HTML5—both on the web and on mobile—on

On the iPhone, we’ve taken the next step by making the new SkyDrive app for iPhone available in 32 languages worldwide. In addition to their OneNote notebooks, iPhone customers can now access all of their files in SkyDrive, create folders, delete files, and share links to folders and files directly using the Mail app.

SkyDrive Folder iPhone


SkyDrive iPhone Folder Options


SkyDrive iPhone Sharing Email


SkyDrive iPhone Delete Folder

And here’s a video detailing the features of the new SkyDrive app for iPhone. You’ll notice that the basics are the same, but the experience is tailored for the iPhone:


We’re thrilled to be releasing our new Windows Phone and iPhone apps today. Just as has evolved over the years to be the fastest and best way to access & share your data in the cloud, the way you use SkyDrive across your devices will evolve as well. We want you to have the best of a File cloud, the best of a Device cloud, and the App cloud. We also look forward to making SkyDrive available in more places, both directly and through the Live Connect platform for apps, sites and device OEMs. So stay tuned—we have a lot of great stuff coming!

The links below will take you to the Windows Phone Marketplace and/or the iTunes App Store to download the apps. Note that the apps are rolling out now and may take a few hours to be available in all countries/regions. If they’re not available yet in your area, try again in a few hours.

Get SkyDrive for Windows Phone

Get SkyDrive for iPhone

Mike Torres

Group Program Manager, SkyDrive Devices and Roaming

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  • Too simple. SMEStorage is still the most powerful cloud file manager.

  • Hi Mike, I'd be interested to know what those factors were that made the team decide iOS should get priority over Android.  Personally, this is very disappointing.  Skydrive is great and I use it almost daily but the lack of native Android support is becoming a bigger and bigger chink in its very shiny armor.

  • I would like to be able to easily integrate Skydrive into my Windows 7 Computer and Windows Explorer. I know that there are third party apps for this, and also fairly complicated workarounds (which did not work for me - I ran up against some kind of permissions issue when creating a shortcut), Since it is technically feasible, it would seem to be a natural for Microsoft to offer this, either as a Windows Update, or a Windows Live app (I prefer the first option). Also, what about us Windows 6.5 users who are locked into a contract - can we get an app too?

  • Two feature requests for the SkyDrive iphone app:

    1-Ability to control the upload AND download resolution of photos.  The current iphone app does not allow upload or download of photos at their full, original resolution.  Users should be allowed to move photos in and out of the iphone in their, original, full, unmodified form, especially when connected via WiFi.

    2-Local iphone storage for photos and documents within the Skydrive workspace.  Dropbox and Goodreader apps do this.

    One more request:  Ability to create "Photo" folders within the synched folders space on SkyDrive.  These Photo folders should be viewable with the same rich user interface that is available in the Photo storage area of the regular (non synched) portion of SkyDrive.


  • Can't get a decent Windows Phone from Sprint yet (at least in my area).  Until then, I am using an Android phone and tablet.  Any chance SkyDrive is coming to the Android platform?

  • @ArkEngel: Absolutely ;)

  • Nice start!

    One feature that would be very great and seems to be missing:

    - Ability to move files (one notes, docs, pictures, folders) between directories.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    @Mike Torres

    That's ok, it's not that they can do anything right now. I am not on an officially supported market, waiting for that to happen is the only way for me.

    But full-res photo backup (WP team), and a tidied up root folder (skydrive team) i'll be waiting for.

    It's at least nice to know you have been heard. Hopefully more people will suggest the same and it's gonna get a higher priority treatment.

  • @v.v.: Will do.

    @polodad47: We're definitely aware of this request!  Nothing to announce right now but if you refer to our post a few weeks ago about our future direction, you'll see that we believe it's important.

    @Captiosus: We view Windows Phone as unique and different from the competition despite the fact that we will support some apps and services on competitive platforms.  With SkyDrive, as mentioned above, we just don't think we have a viable service if someone with an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad (running the iPhone app) can't get to their most important stuff.  We will continue to bring rich integrated capabilities to Windows Phone, but we do think it's important to address the tens of millions of Windows users who also use iOS devices.

    @markiz: Thanks, I'll make sure the Windows Phone team knows about this!

    @Lorenzo: thanks.  There shouldn't be "buggy" scrolling, though with a large number of items it's possible that the performance is impacted.  If you could, let me know if you're seeing something that results in really sub-par experience.

    @danielgr: We are continuing to look at improvements in sharing - thanks for the feedback.  Of course I can't comment on future releases.

  • markiz
    40 Posts


    That makes sense. And a great description you gave on the sharing as it is now :)

    It needs to be taken care of pronto. High-res uploading and social sharing.

    Before that i hope they take care of the mess they made of the root folder.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @markiz My point was not about making the album "public". I do believe I'm not alone in this world having layered friendhisp relationships. Each person may have different layers, but it goes something like these:

    - My family & close friends

    - My good friends

    - My friends

    - My acquittance (people I know but not necessarily consider my friends).

    - The rest of the world.

    Personally when I upload an album of photos, there are many times I don't mind if some friends or acquittance watch it if they come by it, yet I don't want to make it public. In the past I could simply add permissions for those friends without sending them an e-mail (which I don't want to, because I personally limit my spam-mails to family and close friends), and yet keep the album private within the people I want. Now I can either make it public for the whole world to see or send e-mails to everyone I want to give access to it. Again, might just be me, but it's disappointing Microsoft is going back into what used to be a great flexible way of controlling one's privacy.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @tezawaly  Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, it seems that, contrary to WP7 integration, the new Skydrive App uploads the original photos (in my case I tried many different cases and in all of them I got the original photo, maybe the old photo you uploaded was smaller than you thought).

    So now finally I have a way of "sharing my high quality photos with my friends". Guess I should say "thank you Microsoft". Yet it's dissappointing that what WP7 should have allowed me to do in 2 taps ("one-tap Share on Skydrive") requires me to:

    1) Create a folder on skydrive and associated permissions (with now need to spam everyone about it, 'cause "sharing without sending e-mails is not allowed anymore)

    2) Take a photo

    3) Leave the camera and go search for the "Skydrive App"

    4) Browse my endless root folder (now with all albums and documents folders mixed together)

    5) Clic on Add photo

    6) Go search the photo I want to upload on my "camera roll" album

    7) Finally upload it to skydrive

    And yet, I'll get the photo up there inside a social-feed enabled folder and in high quality but:

    1) The Skydrive app will have renamed my photo to some crazily long filename with a random ending.

    2) I will still need to go to skydrive separetely to add a caption or tags...

    Now you are talking on "Share on the go using Skydrive" Microsoft...

    @Mike Torres You know, I don't really care if you say I'm right, I know I am because every time you update skydrive I go and check if you re-enabled the "social feed" on the "mobile uploads" folder. What I'd like to hear (but obviously it won't be the case) is at the very least: "we understand we don't have this right, but right now we have no further announcements to do on this matter". Of course I'd rather read "we know and we are working on a fix to that horrible experience we are offering to our customers".

  • I like that you guys are trying to make SkyDrive more accesible. Keep up the good work. I second @jamiet's comments for ways to improve the app. I too am experiencing some buggy scrolling and would like ways to move files, folders, and ways to pin some of each to my start screen.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    @Mike Torres

    With another LiveID i can access photos. With the phones primary LiveID i can also access documents. But all of my documents and photos are on the LiveID that is not the primary on the phone, i had it before i bought the phone. And it's registered to Croatia, so i had to create a second, dummy, ID just to access free marketplace.

    So eventually (i hope) once the Marketplace does come to these parts, i'll have to do hard reset and loose everything. And in the meantime Office and Pictures hubs are useless, unless i re-backup everything to a second liveID account.

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    I'm glad Microsoft is getting back to embracing its roots as a software company but some of these decisions, as a WP7 owner, bother me. Here's why:

    Things like SkyDrive, OneNote, and Xbox Live were exclusive perks of the WP7 platform. Slowly but surely, all of these things are finding their way to iOS. Granted, the Xbox Live app for iOS is only a shell of what can be done on a WP7 device but the rest... And with OneNote down, it's certain that other parts of mobile Office will surely follow including Word, Excel, maybe even Powerpoint.

    If most of the exclusive functions available to WP7 are no longer exclusive and eventually find their way to iOS, where's the incentive for someone to LEAVE iOS in favor of WP7? You're shooting yourself in the foot by taking many of the key selling points of your own platform and giving them to a competitor.

  • Please give me a simple way to make SkyDrive a network folder on my desktop.  Put a command button on the web interface to create a network folder to connect to my SkyDrive root.

    I am using Gladinet Cloud Desktop and SDExplorer and would like to use Microsoft Products to connect to a Microsoft service.

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    Mike Torres, please just keep it in your mind on features planning :)

    Again, thank you for your efforts and great products :)

  • @vv: It's clear there's a need there, but we don't have anything to announce right now re: Groups and Windows Phone or the SkyDrive apps.

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    Mike Torres, ok, but are there any plans to integrate Groups docs & photos into Office & Pictures hubs and your SkyDrive app?

    I't really annoying to use browser to access these items when we have so nice hubs.

  • @henriko: we have an API available, check out our last post!  Works with Windows Phone and we already have apps like handyscan which use it.

    @markiz: are you not able to access the app at all?  We support all the Mango markets and languages.  Let me know and I'll follow up on that.  The IE page has to load because that's how the Office hub works - we're looking to fix this in the future.

    @jamiet: you're right, that's not actually on our radar because we are really trending in the direction of 1 Live ID per user in all the places we can.  And it's not actually feasible today because the Office hub integrates with the Live ID of the phone user.  Not sure about the performance issues you're seeing, but I see that you've followed up offline with our team.  If you have any more details to share (exact # of files, different file types, etc.) please do so.  I agree with the rest of the requests myself.

    @abm: we definitely plan to expand management capabilities over time!

    @Sven: nothing to announce for iPad at this time but definitely appreciate the feedback.

    @Brian: unfortunately, Mesh syncs to a different storage location in SkyDrive than the rest of SkyDrive.  I realize this is frustrating and frankly there's no good excuse for it.  We're acutely aware of it, thanks for the feedback.

    @MDW: nothing to announce for Android at this time.  Our choice to do iPhone first was based on a number of factors, but none of them preclude Android support in the future in some way.  For now, try out the mobile browse version of SkyDrive.

  • MDW
    1 Posts

    Seriously - why iOS before Droid? You guys did this with OneNote and now SkyDrive - the two Apps I've been waiting for forever on Android.

  • Where are the mesh files?

    Like other users i downloaded the app then went to look at the files i have synced to skydrive with live mesh, but they are no where to be found?

    I thought mesh is syncing to skydrive so why can i not see my files?

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    Echo Alan on a Skydrive version for iPad. Curent one works,at quarter screen, or X2, but we know how that looks. Woud also be nice to be able to download Skydrive documents, doc, xls, ppt, etc, to my iPad. Lord knows I have plenty of choices for applications that can use them on Apple.

  • Alan
    1 Posts

    Is there a version of the SkyDrive app coming for the iPad?

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Thank you much. I was waiting for this app for a long time.

    OAN, there must be more functionalities, like "copy and move files/folders", "rename folders" and "save files on phone".

  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    OK, some comments upon using the WP app:

    1) I like the fact that it exists - thank you for that.

    2) Its slow, horribly slow - particularly when browsing through the files view - scrolling is really "jerky". Perhaps its because I have many many folders but still...

    3) I have witnessed clicking on a folder and it opens the folder immediately above it in the tiles view. The only way to get to the folder I wanted was to click the tile *underneath* the one that I wanted. This was happening a lot yesterday evening although I haven't reproduced it yet today - also, it seemed to happen in conjunction with the slowness that I just mentioned

    4) Would really like the ability to move folders/files using the app

    5) Same as everyone else - would really like access to folders synced via Mesh. (I suspect this is coming).

    6) Would like to be able to pin a folder to my homescreen. If that folder is a Photo album - show a picture from the album. I know I can currently do this from the Pictures hub (and indeed I have done this) but that doesn't have all the same functionality sa the SkyDrive app (namely, the ability to upload).



  • jamiet
    45 Posts

    I echo what v.v. said - access to the SkyDrives of my Linked Live IDs via the app would be great.

    Given that you have never ever ever done anything with the Linked ID feature other than use it to switch while browsing Windows Live web properties I have zero hope that you will ever do this - but no harm in asking I guess.

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    @Mike Torres

    "Noooooo!", as Vader would say. So i'm stuck without any decent skydrive support on my phone until Marketplace comes to the neverland that is my country (croatia).

    BTW, ms announced that windows store would be simultaneously be open in 231 countries, and yet Marketplace availability is EXTREMELY slow to expand. Why exactly is that? Apple and Google did it, and ms does npt have their time, it needs to be done quickly. i 've got money in my pocket ready, but if it's not soon, i'll have to give sideloading a try.

    Also, why does the blank IE page have to open every time when opening a document, it should stay hidden. Looks unpolished this way. And i need to press back two times this way to get back to skydrive.

  • markiz
    40 Posts


    I am also frustrated with the inability to backup full sized photos. If it's bandwidth they are worried, they should make the phone recognize when it's connected to wifi and than upload it. And if it's not, it could ask you to upload it anyway or queue or something.

    But, about the making a folder public, you can do it without sending email. You enter the album, click sharing, get a link, and than "make it public". You don't have to send that link. it's a bit confusing how the did it, took me a while to figure it out.

    And i hate how they messed up categorization, and now all the documents, folders and albums are all jumbled up i the root folder.

  • K3N
    2 Posts


    Problem solved all my documents where in the "Documents" Folder. I moved the documents into the root folder and now all workes fine again (in office hub and skydrive app). Thank you for your efforts!

  • henriko
    1 Posts

    When will there be a SkyDrive API for WP7 so that third-party apps can use SkyDrive as cloud storage? As it is we have to use Dropbox.

  • @kidroid: Not sure what you're asking, sorry...?  Developers can use the sign-in support with the Live SDK but the user has to authorize this, yes.  

    @joel7: Good idea.

    @danielgr, @tezawaly: Good feedback on the camera roll auto-upload.  Right now it doesn't support original resolution.  We've definitely heard that request before and appreciate the feedback.  On the social feed support, you're right that the feed is no longer hooked up.

    @Alimaggs: No promises on future support, but we definitely expect to continue to improve the apps along with the web experience.

    @Dazzle369: I have no idea :)

    @markiz, @K3N: There could be one of two things happening here.  You do need to sign SkyDrive with the same Live ID as you use on your phone, since the Office hub uses that for authentication.  We mention it in Help but I could have called it out above too, sorry about that.  The other thing that it could be is this - take a look:

  • markiz
    40 Posts


    I actually signed in in the skydrive with a different liveID, since the one that i have as the primary on my Omnia is a dummy one that i created just to be able to access free marketplace.

    but they did not mention problems with this in this lengthy post.

  • K3N
    2 Posts


    I have exactly the same problem, I also have problems accesing/downloading documents using the office hub (works fine yesterday). How ever i dont experience any probems using skydrive in with my browser. Maybe it has something to do with country/region (germany in my case)?

  • Alimaggs
    22 Posts

    Awesome. Love it. Really useful.

    The only thing that's missing, and this is quite essential for me, is the ability to access Group documents.  I've set up groups for a bunch of projects (mostly WP7 app development) and use it to host collaboration OneNote books, scripts, etc. - Any chance this app will be updated to include Groups in the future, or should I be moving this stuff out of groups and into my own SkyDrive?



  • About resizing photos, I found a mysterious behavior in the Windows Phone app.

    * taking a photo using SkyDrive app and uploaded it, it was not resized, 3096x4128 resolution. (by 13MP camera IS12T has)

    * taking a photo and saved it to camera roll, then opened SkyDrive app and uploaded it, it was not resized too.

    * uploading a photo by SkyDrive app which was in camera roll and taken 4 days ago, it was resized to 1224x1632 or 1224x918.

    I believe the only difference is timestamp of those files. Is there time-related resizing logic in the app?

    Or, is it still the only way to get original non-resized photos is syncing them with Zune Software ?

  • What ever happened to PhotoSynth for WP7?

  • markiz
    40 Posts

    I can only open images, doc's, pdf's, txt's, no go!

    When i tap a document, IE windows opens, and says: "can't open. you don't have permission to access this content".

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    @Mike Torres

    Now you hit the nail: "camera roll auto-(Skydrive)upload" & "one-tap (skydrive) share" are two of the main reasons I bought a WP7. Then I discovered that you turn both of them useless by:

    - Not making it possible to choose the "auto-upload" size (and choosing a ridiculously low quality by default)

    - Removing the "social messenger feed" from the "mobile uploads" folder where the photos I decided to "Share on Skydrive" are uploaded with "one-tap".

    So I'm afraid but what you offer is not "one-tap share" but "one-tap upload", since no-one will ever notice whatever you upload to that mobile uploads folder because the feed is broken (and you did it on purpose), so nothing will show up on WP7 ("What's new feed", "Pictures feed", whatever), nor on PC ("Windows Live Messenger", "Social Messenger" whatever). You guys at Microsoft truly have a special way of understanding the meaning of "sharing".

  • kidroid
    5 Posts

    Live SDK,  "SignIn" button with windows logo, any authorization? or developer can use directly?

  • joel7
    12 Posts

    A request: can you make a way to change the default fonts used in the styles of Word [in the SkyDrive version]?

  • Thanks all for the comments, keep them coming.  We're reading them all!  

    We do believe it's important to be cross-platform for your most important files.  At the same time, we've designed Windows Phone from the ground-up to be the best SkyDrive experience.  In addition to the new app there's still a lot you can do on Windows Phone that you can't do on other platforms (camera roll auto-upload, one-tap share, etc.)

    It's great that people want even deeper integration across all Microsoft platforms.


  • Nice to hear that Skydrive is now mobile.

  • Excellent app.  Sadly my work make me use an iPhone, but this app works very smoothly to access my SkyDrive.  

    Just one thing, any way to upload multiple photos from my puny little 16GB iPhone instead of one pic at a time?

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    I have to say it's a nice update, yet to me it remains of little use as you fail to address my 2 basic concerns with Skydrive & WP7:

    - Social messenger remains disabled for my "Mobile Uploads" folder, which means I cannot share my mobile photos with my friends and family's on the go. Now I get a stupid message on the skydrive website saying me "I'm advised not to share the folder because some applications automatically upload stuff to it", I wonder what are those apps, 'cause afaik the only way to put something on it from your phone is by clicking on "Share on Skydrive" and there is no way to make it automatically (the auto feature photos go to a different folder...)

    - Since the past update you mixed all the photos and documents together, which extends to the mobile app. Now that's what really makes using skydrive a pain despite all the new welcome improvements. It's even more annoying that some photo albums show on both the "Documents" and "Photos" filtered view... I really, really hope this is some kind of temporary arrangement, and that you aren't planning to do away with the basic root differentiator of Photos and Documents ...

    - On top of that I'm still waiting to be able to upload my photos on my resolution of choice, instead of the crappy default 720px one... You still make me feel I'm wasting both my phone's 13MP camera and unlimited data plan..., which is sad because your job should be keeping me happy having bought your product.

    - Finally, also waiting for groups integration on skydrive (the brand new app doesn't give access to those either). Together with the broken "social messenger for groups", unability to share my skydrive pics, broken permissions management (without e-mail), it seems to me you are simply decided to kill not only "groups", but also "social messenger" and force people to rely on Facebook to share their activity. It's a pity, 'cause imho it was the single greatest idea of the whole Windows Live thing.

    PS: I loved the way one could change folder's permissions without sending links and relying on social messenger to convey the updates. There are simply many things I want to "share" with people, but not necesarily send them an e-mail about it. Kind of "it's here, and I'm fine if you watch it, but I'm not going to tell you "please do it". Now I also realized that was also a victim of the last Skydrive update, and that now it's only possible to share by sending e-mail links to everyone... Really, it's not like you make one step forward and 2 backwards but...

  • Chitti
    1 Posts

    IOS version is more user friendly than the wp7, i hope even the desktop version of the skydrive changes for windows  at

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    ....also please support acess to SkyDrives of Linked IDs/Accounts.

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    Guys, i got your new app, thank you again.

    Bad news: app is too simple, major lack of functionality.

    Please, provide ability to organize/manage files (multiselect, move, rename etc) and integrate access to files and photos of Skydrive/Live Groups - it's extremally required!

    Anyway it's better than nothing, thank you and keep improvements please :)

  • John
    26 Posts

    First of all, thank you for bringing these apps! I've tried both (iPod Touch and HTC Mozart) and again, the iOS version is better than the WP7 version. The iOS app renders a simple Word document with some cliparts perfectly on my 2nd gen iPod Touch, the WP7 Skydrive app opens no Office document at all (launches the web browser and then an error message pops up that the file cannot be opened). When I try to view the word documents in the Office Hub Skydrive integration, the document opens, but renders totally wrong and not near as good as on iOS.

    Why are Office documents better displayed on iOS than on Windows Phone?  I really don't get this. It seems that Microsoft is trying to kill WP completely. Please get your apps right on your own platforms first!

  • borgib
    1 Posts

    I'm a new WP7 user. I have had both an iPhone4 and a top of the line Android device. I love WP7's simplistic UI and beautiful animations, and I really love how it all flows into the apps as well. However, I am seriously considering returning this phone because of the lack of developer support and overall higher prices for apps. My understanding is that WP7 doesn't support native code execution (sorry if I butchered that), and it's keeping 3rd party developers at bay. This is something supported on both Android and iOS, so why can't WP support it? If Microsoft truly wants WP to succeed, they need to embrace this in order to attract more 3rd party development. You can't force them to your will and expect to win.

  • mahan
    1 Posts

    i agree if you think people will wait in line just like they did for apple  so i am telling you are wrong

  • So why does my Mango phone smell and look more and more like an apple?  WP7 is the only mobile device to have  Xbox Live integration; not any more.  Halo Waypoint on WP7... Oh guess what, IOS can do it now as well.  Do you truly think Metro is going to sell your phones?

  • I'm dying with laughter, but I am very disappointed for the following reasons:

    -Microsoft is abandoning Windows Phone users, with the development of applications for Android and iPhone OS, which should not do. We should give priority to users who have purchased a Microsoft product

    -I knew that was recently distributed Kinectimals (which had to be WINDOWS PHONE EXCLUSIVE), for iOS customers, at a lower cost than Windows Phone version. BUT ARE NOT YOU ASHAMED??

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    You guys are making my decision to move to the iPhone in January look like trivial common sense. Thanks a lot.

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    That's brilliant! I don't use Android, but will there be an app for that soon? Great work SkyDrive!

  • v.v.
    9 Posts

    Guys, WP, SkyDrive and other are really great products, thank you.


    Please, integrate SkyDrive/Live Groups into Office and Pictures hubs!

  • ilwp
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    i love wp7. but i dont understand one thing if MS release its proprietary products to non - MS devices than who will buy wp7. for eg , i heard rumor that MS is releasing Office for iPad , if thats true than there are high chances that people wont buy windows 8 table.

    PS: i know MS is a software company. and i am big fan.

  • Any chance of integrating this further into the operating system itself?

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    bartw78 - first sentence

    Uchendu Nwachuku - first sentence

    evil-twin - first sentence

    And slightly off topic but,  dalydose - point 5.

  • Skydrive does not really work yet, and won't until the photos that it syncs from my phone is done in the original size. Photos, and music should sync automatically with the cloud and with any other PC or device that I might want to use.

    In addiiton as some one else said until the livemesh and skydrive work together the service will remain broken, and unusable.

  • Will it now be possible to upload photos to SkyDrive without being compressed?

    Greetings and thank you for your great work.

  • dalydose
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    I love that this is happening, but I have a few thoughts:

    1.  These things should come to Windows Phone first and better.

    2.  I'd use this more if the carriers weren't being so stingy with the bandwidth.  I got an email and text threatening to throttle speed and I wasn't even over 2GB for the month.  The cloud will suffer if the carriers have anything to say about it.

    3.  I still want to be able to ATTACH files (like PDF) directly from the email.  For example, I reply to someone about a job and I want to attach my PDF resume. I can't do that as of now.

    4.  I kinda, sorta really want all of this new functionality without the need for an app. Well, I lied...there's no kinda, sorta about it. :)

    5.  Can someone walk down the hall and smack the head of Skype for not having a Windows Phone app yet?


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    When can I use skydrive to save my games from my WP7? :)

  • When oh when will you guys integrate SkyDrive with Windows Explorer? When oh when will I be able to access SkyDrive storage WITHOUT using a web browser?

  • You guys really need to combine Live Mesh and Skydrive storage. One little change would turn this from a hassle into a joy.

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    I love SkyDrive and I love my Windows Phone. But to have full SkyDrive functionality on my Windows Phone I need to download an app? Seriously??? I am sorry, but this is really really poor. What happened to integration? Get your stuff together Microsoft and get this sorted. Not cool!!!!

  • Thank you guys, this made my day! One question though: Is there any way to edit the way SkyDrive shares links on WP7 because it looks just bad showing the long URL instead of the short hyperlink like on iPhone :-(

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    Still not available on the Marketplace.

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    This is great, I can't wait to download it on my Windows Phone. What about the desktop stuff, though? I would love it to be more like Dropbox, with the ability to copy public links directly from within Windows. If that was the case, I'd switch over entirely instead of using a mix of Live Mesh and Dropbox.

  • Thanks all - the WP app is still in the process of rolling out worldwide and should be available shortly!

  • Looks great on iOS, but really looking forward to the WP7 version being available. Says App not hopefully soon!

  • This is great! The Skydrive app is a must have app for windows phone!

  • i want skype for windows phone!!

  • sag969
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  • Way to go guys!  Please bake the Send a Link feature right into OneNote too, will ya?

  • I have an App not found using your link and I cannot found the App on the Windows Phone Marketplace, any problem?