Hotmail, already powering over 15 million phones and growing, comes to Kindle Fire

Hotmail, already powering over 15 million phones and growing, comes to Kindle Fire

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We think it’s critical that our customers can use Hotmail from any device they choose. So, in addition to making Hotmail work great on devices running Windows, we’ll continue to invest in great experiences on other major device platforms. The recent release of iOS5 and our Hotmail application for Android has made it even easier to use Hotmail on those devices, and the result has been over 12 million active Hotmail users on iOS and over 3 million active users of our Android application.

Increase in number of Hotmail accounts

The Hotmail team is happy to announce that our Kindle Fire application for Hotmail is now live in the Kindle store and ready for download for free. The Hotmail Kindle app gives you several advantages over the native Kindle Fire mail application. Whereas the native Kindle application simply downloads your mail via POP3, with the new Hotmail app you can sync all your mail, contacts, folders, and subfolders via the more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol. Because the Kindle Fire uses a different implementation of Android, we needed to make some updates to our previous Hotmail app for Android to ensure it worked well. Now that we’ve finished the work and the app is ready, we’re excited to give customers a great Hotmail experience on the Kindle Fire. Take a look and let us know what you think.


David Law

Director – Hotmail Product Management

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  • abm
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    @Dick Craddock et el, if the email is read on WP for the first time... its appears unread on Hotmail (web).

    Is it a problem or a rescue measure?

  • David Law
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    @Silversee - good feedback on the font - thanks.  no plans for an upgrade yet, but we always want to hear what you think/want.  keep it coming!

  • Great job guys.

    For the Kindle Fire, my one bit of feedback is that there should be a way to increase the default font size in the Inbox. It's too small.

    It's evident that the Android app is kind of a quick port of a smartphone app--it's still basically scaled for a smaller screen.  I would like to see some options available so that the app looks a bit more comfortable on the 7" display, similar to Amazon's own native email client.

  • @insomniac99 You are not the only one who is not satisfied by POP, we're evaluating what we can do to make the Mac experience better.

    @vhailor - We're working on ICS support

  • vhailor
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    the hotmail application dont work in Android ICS 4.0

    I hope you are working on it

  • Hi there.  So basically every mobile platform now has a syncing Hotmail client.  And of course there is Windows Live Mail and Outlook Connector on Windows.  Is there any chance Microsoft will ever release a proper syncing Hotmail client for the Mac?  Even if it's just Outlook Connector.  I find POP woefully inadequate and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • @vbaker - these are really great suggestions. Thanks for using the app and giving feedback. We'll definitely look at these for a future release.

  • And about HTML Messages in Active Sync? Common guys a very basic feature that Hotmail doesn't have yet.

  • vbaker
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    I have a few suggestions for the Android app:

    1. While flagging is recently enhanced in Hotmail web version (and emphasized in blog posts) the Android app doesn’t support flags

    2. Option to select custom ringtone for new mail notification

    3. When opening Hotmail app, go directly to mail list, instead of showing account list if only 1 account is set up / Make it an option to go directly to inbox when opening Hotmail app instead of account list if only one account is active. Going to account list is in this case imho useless.

    4. When viewing for example Sent items folder, pressing back button quits app. I think pressing back should bring you back to inbox or menu.

    5. Different folders as tabs on top of the screen

  • @joel7 - while we don't currrently have an app for iPad, you can use the built in mail/calendar/contacts application on the iPad using ActiveSync. Instructions for setting it up are here:

  • joel7
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    It probably goes without saying, but please bring it to the iPad.

  • Randa
    9 Posts

    Glad it's on Kindle Fire now :)

    Would you please update the symbian app for HTTPS access?? It's too bad it doesn't work anymore! :s

    Also, spam has been invading my inbox since the past weekend, it never happened before :s

    Good job all in all! I still love Hotmail ^^

  • Very cool stuff. I love Hotmail.

  • Good app!!  Good mail and contact sync!!

    Wish there was a Hotmail Calendar app as well since the Kindle Fire does not have a native calendar app.  Hope MS will work with Amazon to design a calender app for the Kindle Fire!!

  • It is very nice that all these possibilities are added to Hotmail.

    But what about the most basic, elementary thing a user would like to have :

    How can I sync my Hotmail contacts with my Nokia 7230 phone contacts ?????