Connect your Android device to SkyDrive with OneNote and other apps

Connect your Android device to SkyDrive with OneNote and other apps

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As we design SkyDrive to reach billions of people, we know it’s important that your files are automatically available across Windows devices, while being accessible on a broad range of devices.

With Windows Phone, your SkyDrive files are automatically available from the Office and Pictures hubs. SkyDrive will also work seamlessly with Windows 8. In addition, you can access files from other devices using, SkyDrive for iPhone and via 3rd party apps or devices using SkyDrive APIs.

In addition to storing files on SkyDrive, many people use OneNote together with SkyDrive to organize and access notes, web pages, audio clips and more. More people are using SkyDrive in this way as OneNote has become available on new platforms and devices, including the OneNote Web App, OneNote for Windows Phone and OneNote for iPhone & iPad.

Today, we’re excited that the Office team is making OneNote for Android available in 57 markets worldwide with easy access to your notes on SkyDrive. The app also offers key OneNote features like checklists, image capture, table editing and support for hyperlinks. Please note that not all Android devices are created equal. You currently need to have a device running Android 2.3 or higher and with access to Android Market to use OneNote for Android.

OneNote for Android offers key features

If you have an Android device, we also encourage you to try other apps from partners built using SkyDrive APIs. For example with Browser for SkyDrive or Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive, you can view, access and upload documents or photos on your Android phone. Portfolio for SkyDrive lets you organize and upload photos from your Android phone in batches to SkyDrive. If you want to add SkyDrive support to your app, site or device, please visit our developer center.

Portfolio for SkyDrive
Portfolio for SkyDrive

Browser for SkyDrive
Browser for SkyDrive

We hope you find these apps useful for accessing OneNote and SkyDrive on the go. For full details on OneNote for Android, please visit the OneNote Blog.

Anand Babu

Product Manager

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  • As an avid user of OneNote (basically run my business off it) there are only a few issues I have, but for the killer app that is OneNote, these would be non starters if I hadn't already been using it for 2 years.

    1. You can't open or sync Mobile OneNote (watied for a year for this to be ported to Android) password protected notebooks. Same problem exists with SkyDrive, you can't access password protected areas using ON online.

    2. I have ON 2010 setup on a LAN which is necessary, however I also need to be able to connect to it at all times. Skydrive does not hook into your ON notebooks, it keeps them in the cloud. I and others would rather have a hybrid version which would allow both LAN and Skydrive usage.

    Any other issues I ever have with ON are so minimal i can't remember and I am really hoping that MS would fix 1 and 2 which would make it easier for my business to sell and support ON products.

    Again, thanks for finally bringing us the ON Mobile app for Android, too bad I can't use it.

    Alex Molitor

  • HamishR
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    Great news, I'd been waiting for that for awhile. The problem I immediately faced after installing it, was that you can't save the synced data to the SD card, hence my phone comes very close to maxing out its memory after I have synced all my notebooks. There is no option to choose not to sync some of the notebooks either, which would have at least given me the ability to limit the amount of data it copied over. That and the lack of viewing of ink content added from my tablet pc - my main source of input to OneNote, makes it more of a beta release for me, and frustrating that I have the app, but can't really use it.

  • controlz
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    There really needs to be an official SkyDrive for Android app.

  • Ronald
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    Another thing lacking is the ability to create a new note via the Share via option. OneNote is not in that list.

  • Ronald
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    I like the OneNote app. It is really convenient, except that after installing i noticed that when your OneNote desktop version is in e.g. English and Android phone in Italian, the OneNote app is in that other language as well. The only problem is that the OneNote app creates a new Personale (web) file next to the Personal (web) file for the desktop version. I deleted the new file, but the app mentions it need that file and creates it again. Please make it an option to choose which OneNote file is the default one to sync with.

    Another recommendation: make the app smaller (it is quite large) or make it an option to move it to SD.

  • Hi !

    Wonderful news about the OneNote App. Do you have any ETA for Romania ? It's sad it wasn't in the list this time.

    Thank you !

  • Having tried other 3rd party Android OneNote apps, with all of their limitations, I was really surprised and pleased at how well integrated and functional this app is. Syncing is quick (both to and from SkyDrive) and I can edit and create new notes with numbered, bullet points and check-boxes.

    Finally I can ditch Evernote and go back to OneNote!

    My only complaint is that, yet again, this is not a tablet optimised app. Screen real estate and time is wasted by navigating between note books and pages when a nice tab/window on the left could have made much quicker. Fingers crossed for a tablet optimised version soon...

  • Amazing. After a short period of time after I switched from Google's cloud, Evernote and Dropbox. OneNote for Android is what I missed. Thank you!