The next chapter for the Windows Live Messenger network

The next chapter for the Windows Live Messenger network

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More than 12 years ago we released the first version of Messenger to help people chat and keep in touch online in a more personal way. One of the unique things about IM and Messenger in particular is that it has always been about the network of people far more than any one “app.” Almost every one of us joined the Messenger network to be with the people who were on the network – to chat, share stories, laugh, gossip, and just be together. Messenger enabled each of us to communicate and share with the people we care about.

A lot has changed for IM and Messenger. We started to text more on our phones, to broadcast messages on Facebook and Twitter, and Skype became the best way to have video and voice calls (in addition to also letting you IM).

Recently, we added the ability to sign in to Skype using a Microsoft account, the same account you use for Messenger, Hotmail,, and more, bringing your contacts to Skype automatically. This makes Skype fantastic for connecting with that network of people you know and love.

Today, we’ve announced on the Skype blog that we are now encouraging all Messenger users to update by  downloading the latest version of Skype. In the coming months, we will retire the Messenger apps for all regions worldwide except for mainland China.

Many of us use and love Messenger today – but it’s always been about the people that make up Messenger – not the app itself. We’re confident that Skype provides a better experience and even stronger network – today and even more so in the future, especially with the addition of the Messenger network.

And most importantly, because more of the people you care about will be on Skype, you can connect in richer ways, and you can be connected on more devices and platforms. We will enable Skype to work better with than Messenger ever has too.

Skype contact list with menu to filter by Skype, Online, Facebook, or Messenger contacts

Chris Jones laid out our plans for reimagining cloud services for Windows and Windows Phone in May. Since then we’ve made major updates to SkyDrive, released, Windows 8, the new Office, and Windows Phone 8 – all powered by a single Microsoft account – and today, we've announced the future for Messenger and Skype.

This will be the final post on “Inside Windows Live.” It’s been quite a journey, and we’re excited about a future of amazing devices and services!

Brian Hall

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  • JoleneG
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    I dont mind it, i really like Skype

  • I cannot stand Skype.  It's a horribly written piece of software and utterly frustrating to use, and its interface leaves much to be desired.  I refuse to install it on my computer because it can never close properly, it's a resource hog, and I can never connect for video chats with my girlfriend properly.  Windows Live Messenger is utterly fantastic in comparison.  It just works.  I click and I chat.  With Skype, on Surface, I try to call her on her iPhone and it ALWAYS hangs up.  I try from my Windows Phone 8 (8X) to her iPhone, and it never connects.  Ever.  Only when she completely logs out, force-closes her app, logs back in, then calls me will it work.  It is ROUTINELY the case that it takes 15-30 minutes for us to call each other with Skype, with dozens upon dozens of "call started" and unable to connect or call failed messages.

    I completely dread using Skype for video calling.  I'm trying to get my girlfriend to switch from iPhone to Windows Phone, and this does not help me one bit.  She NEVER has a problem with Facetime on the iPhone.  

    Also, will Skype have the drag and drop to share (pictures, videos, music, web links, files) that Messenger has?  That is a huge reason I continue to use Messenger.  Will Skype have ALL the emoticons Messenger has, including the ability to add new emoticons at will?  Will we be able to save our entire chat history with friends to my local PC?  Will we be able to play multiplayer games with friends over the Skype client?  Will we be able to do group text or video chat for free?  If not, I will continue using messenger until it's shut off as a service, and then I will not have an instant messenger at all, because I refuse to use Skype on my main computer without those features.

    I dread the day I have to use Skype to IM.

  • Shell78
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    I was more than happy with Windows Live. It was my main way of chatting cause I'd gotten pissed off with Yahoo. But I HATE skype!

    Windows Live also had far better cam quality than Yahoo, but looks like I'm going back to Yahoo instead of settling for shitty skype.

    Also, I don't know if it's just an issue I'm having, but already I can't cam chat on Windows Live. If it's a main change, a little heads up would have been appreciated so I can go elsewhere. What's the point in a chat program if you can only send a cam message and not actually cam while chatting??????

    Cam should have been left alone until the whole things was terminated. Way to piss loyal fans off and you expect us to follow you to skype - LMFAO!

    Not likely!!!!

  • hola porque nos tienen que enlasar en un solo lugar tenemos el derecho y todavia la libertad de estar en tweter o facebook o en ninguno de los 2 mucha gente no dece4a mas facebook y tenemos que verlo hasta en la sopa,

  • despues de instalar esta ultima vercion,tengo grandes problemas xcom enviar mis fotos,skydrive no se lo que hace yo embio una foto sola en un email y el hace todo un relajo embiando un albun de fotos intimas a personas que solo le embie una foto,,o sea es una mierda esto deven reparar o esplicar mejor como funciona,Me parese que esto es una forma mas de hacer publicidad al telefono inteligente que no esta a un precio todavia avordable y es una pantalla en miniatura,no todas las personas entienden este sistema ni nos intertesan los telefonos ifhone yo tenia uno y me robo la compania en un mes 149$ sim tener internet com ellos solo cervicio y call id  es increible,,podrizan esplicarme si esto solo me pasa a mi o a otros les pasa se van las fotos en un albun sin nuestra autorisacion y estamos conectados enlasados en todas partesa,parese lo que dice la biblia se cumple que el anticristo controlara la informacion en un solo9 lugar,,Yo no veo respeto ni privacidad enlasando unos com otros para perder el control de nuestra libertad skydrive es una basura que no funciona

  • Anamon
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    "We’re confident that Skype provides a better experience and even stronger network."

    You can't be serious? The IM functionality of Skype is utterly useless, and always has been. It always felt like nothing but a last resort in case audio/video calls give out.

    I cannot be selectively invisible to certain groups or contacts. There is no offline messaging. Conversation histories don't work in a useful way. They can't even get the sync right, constantly delivering old messages marked as "new", just because you're on a different device when the conversation partner comes back online. I say this both as an end-user and a programmer: Skype IM is a disgrace in every way.

    Worst of all though is that it's unreliable. What good is an IM service if I can't know whether my messages get delivered? Some friends of mine have actually resorted to calling people (on the phone or via Skype) to ask them whether they received their Skype IM messages. What good is such a protocol? And these issues aren't new to the Skype team, they've been floating around the support forums for almost as long as Skype exists, being brought up again and again. But Skype have made it abundantly clear that they don't care about fixing bugs.

    Here is what I would want, or rather, expect you to do: take the IM protocol, network, and functionality of Skype. Throw it all in the bin, never to be seen again. Take the MSNP, the Live network and WLMs functionality, and work on integrating them into Skype. That way, we will at least have a replacement for WLM. Because, again, the thought of calling Skype IM a replacement for WLM is a bad joke.

  • I think you should do skype as good as windows live messenger before avec finished messenger.

    skype not saying you have new emails. there's no vibe either

    actually if I compare skype with windows live messenger so is skype outmoded

    and my mobile phone is tough when I log in with microsoft id in skype app for android. I log in with skype id so the phone alert

  • Nater
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    Microsoft will pay for not releasing a decent WLM client for Android, the way they did for iOS.

    Sorry, but I'm downgrading back to Windows 7 cause the Facebook backend support on Windows Live is absolutely f*****g terrible.  Delayed Messages, Missed Messages, horrible MPOP support, complately f***s up other clients (i.e. mobile clients on Android).  It's one of the main reasons I ditched Windows Phone 7.5.  It's a terrible platform for communication especially with the terrible way the IM client works.  Skype is even worse, because it doesn't even allow you to add WLM contacts in the Android client, and probably not the Windows Client, either.  Most of my IM buddies are on Yahoo!, not Windows Live.  I use WLM because:

    1.  It is interoperable with Y! IM, and

    2.  Microsoft has better services than Yahoo!

    But I've already started moving things back to Google Drive/Gmail and I'm getting ready do shell out for some storage there.

    I just spend over 1.5 hours trying to add a Yahoo! contact and still haven't succeeded at doing that.  I don't receive his invitations.  He only receives email invitations that tells him to download Windows Live Messenger.  It's not worth my time anymore.  I'm moving on.

    Going back to Windows 7, cause this Start screen makes me want to throw my computer into the wall (yes, seriously), installing Yahoo! Messenger and using Google Talk for the rest.  No more missed/delayed (sometimes by hours) IMs.  No more BS hopping between two distinct user interfaces on my computer.  No more terrible compatibility issues with games (and I'll gain a ton of performance back in some of them that run like crap on Windows 8 but were flawless on Windows 7).

    I'm done with this.

    You people have no clue what it's like to use your products.  Use Lync Less.  Use Messenger More.  Deal with it for a few weeks, then talk about how great this B.S. move is.

    P.S.  Again, no one I know is going to create a Skype account, and I'd have to be an absolute retard before I suggest a surface over an iPad mini to anyone because the Windows Store is a steaming pile of crap.  It is not fun being a Beta tester.  Sorry.

  • Sesh
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    One of the reason I used messenger was its simplicity. Besides, it also allowed privacy.

    - No one could take photos of a webcam session for example whichis quite important as I donot like people takinmg photos of my family that is in a webcam session. Once a digital photo is taken and out of your hands, it is never truly back in your hands. Messenger never allowed that.

    - The user interface is cluttered in Skype. The chat window is quite small too. Either you call/see or chat. During a video chat session, I share links. One good example is a link to an Amazon website for something I am mentioning as better and a link then and there just makes matters clear. On msn, the chat is vertical to the video and it is almost immediately recognised. Unlike skype where its a small window hidden away and an additional 30 seconds of interruption on the link being sent, found, scrolled and clicked...sheer inconvenience and nonse.

    - Themes, it is fun to just chage themes and play while in a conference. My video conferences are seldom solo. It is usually with families and almost always while we adults are talking, I can entertain kidsby changing UI

    I can go on. It is these simple yet powerfiul things that make3s messenger a joy to use. Yahoo has these now. I had quite abandoned it with the advent of rich improvements on Live messenger, Google + hangouts etc...perhaps, for it is time to revisit it back and notify my contacts to move over to either Google Plus and/or Yahoo.

    Skype is not really for me. On Android, it keeps crashing when I use text in the middle of a video chat.

    It needs significant....whatever happened to Microsoft these years? Once upon a time, it used to make products that just worked, Solidly, robustly, feature fully and functionally. Software did what it promised. These days all I see is half baked products and more often than not, I am moving away from Microsoft products and by getting repelled at the quality.

    I recenbtly uninstalled Windows 8 that I purchased on the launch day. It just did not make the cut of my home rigour. It is sad...also perhaps, it is time for freshness. I'll revamp my attitude and discard nostalgia and hanging on to it.

  • Stefen
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    Hi Brian,

    I understand what Microsoft is trying to do and why, but I strongly feel that the change won't go over well for a good number of users, myself included.

    I love Messenger in its current form. It does what I need it to do without too much clutter. Being a blind computer user who uses JAWS for Windows, this is extremely important. The more clutter there is on the screen, the more controls I and others who are blind or visually impaired have to go through just to chat with someone.

    Not only that, but if I wanted to voice chat, I would use Skype. I text chat, so I use Messenger, because Skype's text chat is extremely irritating in its current form.

    What bothers me most about this whole thing is that Microsoft is basically forcing everyone to use Skype in place of Messenger. Why can't Messenger be kept as an option for those who just want to text chat without being forced to run Skype?

    If I had to give one suggestion how to make Skype more like Messenger, I would definitely have to say quit cramming everything in one window. Way too many ads, controls, etc, to use it effectively. Just pop up a Messenger style IM window and leave it at that. And please, please use normal controls so people who use a screen reader don't have to shell out large amounts of cash to upgrade their readers just to use a free IM client because the whole interface changes. I know Microsoft works with Freedom Scientific to make Windows work well with JAWS, so it'd really be appreciated if the team took that into consideration.

    I'm pretty open-minded, so I won't go off and automatically say that things are going to be extremely horrible, and I'll definitely give it a shot, but the above are very real concerns I have. I just don't like being forced to use something I don't much like because the thing I do like is being discontinued.

  • epepin
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    Hi Brian,

    I'm excited about the possibilities of an improved an ubiquitous Skype network. I have several concerns about higher quality features of WLM not making it into the new Skype.

    1. The best feature of WLM is the digital noise cancelling, so the client is not trying to manage echo by contantly modulating speaker volume. This feature is a must.

    2. Screen sharing a a good feature, but many WLM users appreciate the Remote Assistance capabilities in order to help family and friends.

    3. Drag-and-drop to share content. Sharing a photo from your computer or the web during a chat session or video call could not be easier in WLM, as far as I can tell, it's not possible in Skype yet.

    4. More 16:9 webcam support. One major frustration I have had with Skype is that in the time since Microsoft purchased Skype, there have been several new versions of Skype. But there is still no support for 16:9 video calling using the Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD webcam.

    WLM also has a big leg up on interface. The Skype interface is cluttered and the contact list is difficult to manage (e.g. in WLM you can expand or collapse more categories of contacts).

    I have written more extensively about how the Skype merger can go well or poorly over at my blog: (Skype stuff near bottom).

  • sadman
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    I am sooo tired of Microsoft obsoleting things, killing things off, and just generally being dicktators! I've been an MSN and Hotmail user forever...but they killed the blog I used, and  they keep making Hotmail worse...and it's pretty much to the point where this is the last straw! I am going to have to say enough is enough and avoid Microsoft like I have with Apple. There are alternatives, and Skype is not it.

  • Nater
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    Look, I'm tired of this overhype of crap that isn't nearly as good as how you're trying to sell it...

    1.  Skype Metro App

    Terrible.  Has Ads in it, which is a bad idea for a Mobile App (Mobile being Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, or Netbook - anything that can be used without being plugged into a power source).  Microsoft proper should have rejected that app when they seen the ads in it.  There are no Ads in Messaging hub, why the hell are there ads in Skype "Metro."

    The Video calls do not work between Android Phone and Windows 8 PC with Metro App.  They do not work properly no matter which way the call is made.  It it's a phone model issue then I don't know what to say.  This was a Verizon flagship Droid device so they're rather prolific around here (especially since the company got them for everyone they issued cell phones).

    Google+ and Google Talk Voice and Video Chat (and Hangouts) work flawlessly (and IRT Google+, even to iPhone/iPod Touch).  Yahoo! Messenger for Android works flawlessly.  Apps like Tango work flawlessly.  It is more convenient and much easier to go to Desktop, Open IE, go to Gmail, install the Google Video Chat plug-in, and start a Google Talk Video Chat from there; than it is to do so between a Mobile and Desktop (W8 Metro App) Skype user using your own app.  Is that not an embarrassment.

    Secondly in the feature overlap and disparity.  There is no way to log out of that Metro app other than to uninstall it. There is no way to Unlink a Skype Account. The Metro App is not Facebook-Connected, so if you have contacts on WLM and Facebook you have to keep both enabled.  You can't even send a picture from that app, never mind a Video or any other type of File.  This results in duplicate Notifications for everyone in your WLM contact list that sends you an IM.  Thirdly, it looks junky because it puts the email address instead of the person's display name in the Notification Pop-Up.

    At this point no one should be launching apps this half-baked, and do Apple put Ads in their own Apps preloaded on their own OS (Microsoft owns Skype, mind you)?  I don't think I've seen an iMessage user with graphical ads in their IM client main window.  Must Microsoft's own apps be littered with Ads as well?  I seen this in the News Hub.  Really this is making a MacBook with OSX look too freaking enticing to me right now...

    2.  Skype Desktop App

    Just as terrible as the Metro Version, with a ton of its own issues.  Look at the buddy list window up there.  That "Call Phones" button is way too big and you could have put an icon next to the Home Icon where the user name is displayed instead, with a tooltip that gave the user their Skype Credit balance.  There is no need to put it there, right under where you change your status, across the entire window.

    In the individual Skype IM windows, chat bubbles are all displayed on the same side of the screen which is confusing to look at.  An option to put your name on the opposite side would have been very nice.

    The Video Call and Call Mobile buttons could have been put up top and merged with that area.  Have you people ever used your app on a 1366x768 resolution display?  it looks utterly horrible because a lot of those UI elements waste disproportionate amounts of screen real estate.  It looks ugly and it's clunky.  No one needs that network status indicator crap sitting there.  It's super distracting.

    Additionally, Facebook Chat still doesn't allow you to send Offline Messages.  Lots of Facebook people aren't actually Offline when Skype sees them as Offline.  They're mobile.  This means that unless you want to install another 3rd party client, use a web browser, or install Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop, you have to go to Messaging Hub on Windows 8 to send an Offline Facebook Chat Message (that Hub has its own host of issues I will not delve into here).

    The Social Feed window is terrible and Windows Live Messenger runs circles around Skype there.  Ad in the Social Feed window looks ghetto, but so does the entire thing.

    That Desktop client looks like trash, and I could never use it.

    3.  Skype for Android

    I won't even touch on the rather crappy WP7/7.5 client that I had to use on my HD7 (which I have now sold), or the iOS version which generally functions much better but that's mostly due to iOS' design than to Skype's rather terrible development team.

    The Skype for Android app is absolutely rubbish because it still functions like an Android 2.1 application.

    It does not use C2DM to Push Messages (unless I missed something), so your battery gets destroyed if you run it in the background, and there's absolutely no reason to use Skype for Video Chat and something else (like Google Talk or Google+ Messenger, or even Facebook) for IM when you can do all of that using the alternatives (i.e. Google+ if you group Video or Google Talk if you only do 1-to-1 Video Calling).

    The inability to run an IM client in the background with minimal battery drain and get IMs and calls PUSHed to the device renders it almost useless to people who aren't using it for a specific purpose (i.e. using Skype to make cheap international calls, for example).  Samsung accomplished this with the built-in IM client in Social Hub (for Y!, WLM, and Talk), yet Skype fails to implement a "proper mobile IM solution" for their service?  Is this a joke? Also, Skype's mobile video calling seems to tax the phone's battery more heavily than some well-known alternatives, while offering next to no benefits in quality to offset that.

    Anyone who needs to IM or Video Call me is not using Skype anymore, because I refuse to use it and never will as long as it's a steaming pile of Poo on Android.  I'm not shelling out $450+ bucks for a Windows Phone to rebuy apps/games and run ONE app properly in the background, when the alternatives do it flawlessly for the device I do have.

    Lastly, there is no interoperability with those other services in the Skype for Android application.  No WLM (and by extension, Yahoo! Messenger) IM (and Microsoft has yet to release an Android WLM client, yet they have for iOS).  No Facebook Chat.

    Yahoo! Messenger with its Voice and Video Calling capabilities (and free SMS out) is looking like a winner compared to Skype/WLM across Desktop and Mobile form-factors.

    I am seriously considering Yahoo! now, especially since my GS2 Skyrocket can PUSH all the PIM functions to my phone for free, including PUSHing the IM.  The fact that Yahoo! Messenger for Android can do Facebook Chat and of course you can add WLM users to your Buddy list makes it the brain dead successor to WLM, IMO.

    And it doesn't pop up when I make a phone call asking to be my dialer app.  I like that.

  • Kr4177
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    I use WLM with my autistic son every night so that he can talk to his grandparents each night, he can talk, write, and play games such as bowling.  It is an integral part of day.  He was devastated when Microsoft scrapped the drawing program.  I can't imagine how devastated he will be when he learns he is restricted to Skype which has no games.  Can you please tell me who I can write to, who I can lobby to change this decision or to upgrade Skype so it has these features too? Please, please please help him.  I am sure he is not the only autistic kid who relies so heavily on this program.

  • My concern is that the Windows Live Messenger updates for mainland China.

  • dohl
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    This is sad, Skype lacks some of Messenger features (aforementioned pictures view together, free groupchats, etc.) :(

    Also may I ask what is going to happen to Tbot bot ( - Microsoft Translator bot? Would it be transitioned to Skype and continue functioning?

  • abm
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    Would you guys consider entertaining this request ever:

    I can't see file shared with me in the desktop app and groups in the desktop and mobile app. Nail down this feature and you will find whole bunch of happy customers!

    @Nathen, you can do it, Goto press "Permissions", click "Manage linked accounts"  and then click "Manage linked accounts". After that, when you log in to click your name at the right corner of the top ribbon and you will find your linked account(s). From there you can switch between the accounts without entering password.

  • liron
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    Will Microsoft add Windows Messenger contacts to the Skype app on Windows 8 (not the desktop app but the Modeern one)?  Currently it supports Skype and Facebok accounts but not Messenger, whereas Messages supports Facebook and Messenger accounts but not Skype.  It would be great to bring it all together.

  • bluvg
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    What about the MSN emoticons? MSN emoticons aren't that great (Yahoo Messenger emoticons are by far the best... they focus on clearly depicting *emotion* and do so far better than any other service), but even then they are miles better than the Skype emoticons, and at least MSN allows you to import custom emoticons.

    Will there be any improvement in this area?

  • Skype is a fantastic VoIP and Video service and application, but it's IM support is horrible at best. It really is like using MSN 5.0, and needs to be brought up to at least the features we would lose in the transition. Honestly, going to 2011 was a step back from 2009, and this is a much further step back on top of that.

    As Jonathan Kay  wrote:

    "What it doesn’t have: animated display pictures, custom emoticons, font colours, standardized format to access the chat history (ie. something you can access outside of Skype), winks, nudges, voice clips, scenes, a third-party scripting platform* (like Messenger Plus scripts/plugins), idle status indication, Hotmail/ support/indicator, requests for remote assistance, free SMS, games, photo sharing, et al."

    Each one of those things has some important significance to myself, and many others.

  • RandPC
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    Will Skype be adding support for custom emoticons, font colours?

    Any standardized format to access chat history outside the client?

    Third party scripting support like Messenger Plus?

    Right now the Skype client is pretty bare bones, and while it offers some notable functionality a great deal is lost from Messenger. Will these functions be added in over time?

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    I never knew I would see MSN messenger will have resumable file sharing this way. Few years back I tried hard to write a plugin for that matter (explored BITS service and whatnot) but never able to make it. Then Skype came through and did this job. Then Microsoft acquired Skype and now they have merged good old MSN messenger!

    @Brian Hall & team, please allow us to share *all files* from SkyDrive on Live messenger (and Skype), rather *only* pictures. Why don't you guys think beyond pictures, videos and messages when it comes to SkyDrive? In Live Messenger only pictures can be shared with SkyDrive. In Windows Phone 8, the phone backup is scoped to Pictures, Videos and text-messages (how about zipping whole backup, including settings, app data, IE favorites ..everything and dump it on SkyDrive!). In Windows Phone 7, only pictures and documents can be sync with SkyDrive. In SkyDrive app for Android and iOS, only the pictures can be stored into SkyDrive from Phone. Why not everything? There is lot more to life than pictures. We got mp3, avi, mp4, zip, xml, cc, cpp, .h files ! 8-)

    @xpclient, so you don't have "issues" with the decision either, implying its a good decision? That's correct.

    @Nathen, you can still do it. Login to > Permissions > Manage linked accounts > Add linked accounts.

  • Have you considered tens of MSN plugins in other multi-protocol messangers? Which Skype interface will replace them? Is Skype going to support XMPP protocol? I use text messaging still much more frequently then calling.

  • Will I be able to import my emoticons to Skype?? Emoticons are such a helpful thing in Messenger to express oneself.

  • I'd like to know one thing. Will you (Microsoft) end with all the Live programs or just Windows Live Messenger? I'm happy that Windows Live Messenger is dead, didn't use it for a long time. Now i've got Skype. The App Messages in Windows 8, in my opinion, should be gone too, cause Skype does it better too. I think that you're making a great work in ending mutch of the crap programs that have lost popularity and don't have room in the Windows 8 space, such like all the Windows Live programs and Zune for exemple. Since i'm using Windows 8, i'm using less and less the desktop and i dont miss it at all. I think that you should continue with the good work and in the next Windows you should kill the desktop for good, making Windows sound like what it really means, the apps and the tiles are like tiny Windows aren't they? I think that in Modern UI Microsoft can control piracy a lot better cause Microsoft can control the apps that can be installed in Windows by using the App Store. And people canot acess the files of the apps so people cannot copy them, what is even better. I'm against piracy so, go Microsoft, GO!

  • Wow, except for mainland China...

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Personally, it started with the network, but soon became more about the app since all the messenger contacts I have in messenger also joined skype. Knowing this day as coming though (by the simple fact that "messaging doesn't do voice/video on W8 and you joining my accounts when installing metro skype) I've been using more and more Skype. Here are two things I can't get over:

    • horrible echo canceling capability. With messenger I could videoconf while listening to audio/video on my PC, and none of the sounds it made would bother my partner. With skype she listens to everything my PC is doing. That's one giant step backwards to the early 00's...

    • doesn't seem to have the "drag pictures to the chat to view together" feature, which is also very important to me.

    I hope that either I'm wrong or you'll catch up with these two features before killing messenger for good.

  • @saad - threads will keep working as you use them today.

    @gurtej - sorry, I should have been more specific. you are correct that it requires an updated client to support the Microsoft account / Messenger contacts. so you can do that today on Windows and Mac with the new Skype releases. for other platforms, keep using your existing Skype app for Skype contacts and Messenger app for Messenger buddies and look forward to some Skype updates on other platforms.

  • Gurtej
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    @Brian thanks for your response but still this looks like a gimmick to me. Here is why? When I log into my Skype account,  I am able to see many friends available through some third party Skype messaging app on iOS and Android (IM+ etc).  I thought something similar would happen when I log into Skype with Microsoft ID and then merge it with Skype ID. This should make me visible to all Skype friends as I am always logged in with Microsoft ID thru a data pack on my Windows Phone 7.5 but my Skype friends do not see me online.

    Then I logged into Messenger on a PC. My friends (through Skype) still do not see me. Now the question is when third party apps are able to show you online on Skype and facilitate messaging for you then why it is so confusing between Skype and Live Messenger?

  • Saad
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    How will this affect Threads in Windows Phone? Last I checked on Messenger and Facebook were supported natively in Windows Phone, and you need to use the Skype app to chat.

    Will Messenger be removed from Threads, or will it 'just work' and function as though it's going through Skype?

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    I installed Skype yesterday.  Uninstalled it immediately.  It looks terrible.  Ads in worse places than WLM.  In the Social Feed there is a huge ad, and the Social Feed looks absolutely attrocious.  There are call and network status buttons in the IM and Buddy List window that I'd like to get rid of, but I cannot.  Group Video calling costs a subscription (are you kidding me, Hangouts are free).  The Skype WP8 Metro App also doesn't work correctly with Video Chat (at least from Android to Windows 8 it doesn't work).  I may have to just settle for SMS + Facebook Chat, or try to get people to start using Google Talk/Google+ Messenger which works flawlessly across multiple platforms.

    I doubt March 2013 is enough time to make the Skype software usable or even work correctly (this IS Microsoft we're talking about, not the most agile of corporations), so I'm writing it off.

  • @mkenyon2 you can - see more detail on the Skype blog:

    @Gurtej that will keep working for anyone that you have as a Messenger contact, in the Messaging app. As you move forward hopefully over time to Windows Phone 8 and beyond, Skype is amazing with it (and always on, in the background)

    @Nathen we hear you. we know we can do more here.

  • The questions is why microsoft release a new update for windows live Messenger 2012 Build 16.4.3505.912 ?

  • Gurtej
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    Hi Brian

    I hope before Windows Live Messenger is retired, Skype should be fully functional in the background on Windows Phone 7.8 devices. From my Windows Phone experience so far, I was able to get messages immediately only through Windows Live Messenger. All other apps had serious delays in toast notifications. Although the apps have improved their notification performance over the time but have never gained the reliability status for me if something is time critical.

    Therefore I would always ask my friends to send me a message through Windows Live Messenger if they wanted my immediate attention. I hope Microsoft will not shoot itself in the foot without providing a reliable replacement. Just to repeat, Skype is not functional in the background on WP7 devices.

  • Nathen
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    Looks good but I still need I either need the ability to merge all my msn/hotmail accounts into the one or the ability to sign in multiple accounts otherwise I'm still forced to use 3rd party clients.

  • xpclient
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    Like we had a choice in the matter of choosing "better".

  • Will we be able to merge Skype accounts with a Windows Live login or vice-versa?