Get Ready; Windows Marketplace for Mobile Offers Millions of Potential New Customers

Get Ready; Windows Marketplace for Mobile Offers Millions of Potential New Customers

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My name is Todd Brix and I am the Senior Director for Mobile Platform Services Product Management at Microsoft. I am on site at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans to talk about Windows Marketplace for Mobile and the terrific opportunity it represents for developers and partners. Given the enthusiasm we’ve seen around Windows Marketplace since we announced it earlier this year, I'm excited to have this opportunity to provide an update and hopefully address some of the feedback we've received.In terms of milestones, I'm pleased to report that Windows Marketplace is on schedule to open for submissions in 29 supported countries* on July 27th. We're already working with a wide range of leading developers for both business and consumer applications and will soon be able to make available a new wave of applications that will be ready for download when Windows Marketplace launches with Windows Mobile 6.5 in the fall. To make things a little more interesting, later this month we'll also be announcing the details of a developer contest that will kick off at launch.

We're working hard to create a new experience for mobile users and developers alike; where users can easily discover and confidently purchase and download applications for work, life or play and developers feel good about the submission process and are able to reach a new market for their mobile applications. In fact, we’re announcing today that by the end of 2009 Windows Marketplace will also be available to Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices. This means that developers will have an opportunity to reach more than 30 million Windows Mobile devices. To help those millions of business users find what they're looking for, we’re also unveiling the Windows Marketplace Business Center; a category in Windows Marketplace that will contain mobile business applications across several common industries and line of business functions from leading companies that include Avanade UK, Formotus, Ilium Software, Pyxis Mobile and WebIS. Business Center is another way for our partners to differentiate themselves and showcase their business applications, while making it easier for users to locate and purchase the latest mobile business tools.

(sample view of Windows Marketplace Business Center, subject to change.)

To recap the Windows Marketplace for Mobile announcements at Worldwide Partner Conference:

Application Submission Opens on July 27th: Windows Marketplace will open for application submissions from 29 supported countries July 27.

Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 Support: Windows Marketplace will be available for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 by the end of 2009 (in addition to Windows Mobile 6.5 at launch in the fall).

Business Center: Windows Marketplace will feature a "Business Center" category for business applications.

Developer Contest: Microsoft will be disclosing the details of a Windows Marketplace developer contest on July 27.

I’ll be on site at the Worldwide Partner Conference today talking to partners and presenting our Windows Marketplace strategy and even offering a brief demonstration on the main stage on Wednesday morning. Throughout the event, I’ll be gathering feedback and doing my best to drive registration and application submissions for July 27th. My team and I are eager to get your feedback and will do our best to address your comments and questions in the days and weeks ahead.

You can also view my video post here on Channel 9.

*29 Supported Countries/Regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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  • dko69
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    The Registration process through Geotrust is just CATASTROPHIC. They are owerflowed, they manage your request only when you call them (we are already waiting for 2 weeks and every time we talk to them something is not good). Sending by e-mail your identity information through non-secure connexion is just the best way to be hacked and at the end the credit card is billed immediatly and not at the end of regsitration process (as announced on the Marketplace). The most surprising is that the wrong amount is billed (Displayed price 99 euros / billed 113,85 Euros). Huge, huge disappointment....

  • I would like to achieve windows mobile 6.5 . I wish that you will expand your market includig Turkey as soon as possible.

  • I opened this account because MSN has completely ruined my computer.  I cannot surf the internet because of their MSN; and they give me no way to uninstall their program or communicate with them.

    They have totally ruined my computer.  I want them off.  Please pass this on.

    I cannot comunicate with them because they will not give me a way to do it.

    They have totally ruined my computer.  I cannot even surf the web now.  I want them OFF!!!!

  • I opened this account because MSN has completely runined my computer.  I cannot surf the internet because of thier MSN; and they give me no way to uninstall their progream or comunicate with them.

    They have totally ruined my computer.  I want them off.  Please pass this on.

    I cannot comunicat3e with them because they will not give me a way to do it.

    They have totally ruined my computer.  I cannot even surf the webg now.  I want them OFF!!!!

  • I am realllly angry right now but I will be brief.

    Windows Mobile 6.1....

    Opera can't use the windows mobile site to download or view the themes... wtg, nice to see you can implement this lame IE8 and Opera but still can't program your own sites to work with them.

    Who was the genius who made Windows mobile unable to sync normal windows contacts? I am taking back a Fuze after wasting hours trying to get the contacts out of the 8125 into the Fuze without any success. Even after hacking the 8125 to get the contacts out in a csv and fixing them to windows contacts, I still have to either buy an email account, or Outlook capable account and oh lets not forget, Microsoft Office. I tested Windows 7, I honestly had hope, but they want over $300 for the OS I tested. Not happening. I have been nickled and dimed to death, you lost a long term customer. I won't own anymore MS products. I'm fed up.

  • Is it true that, students get free accounts with Marketplace?

    I tried dreamspark website with my account, but there is no link to market place. If so, how do students create their accounts?

  • I hope some of these programs can be used in the palm webOS based systems as well.l I would love to use alot of my desktop programs on my phone and on the go.

  • Will this Marketplace be available on the upcoming Zune HD? I have an iPod touch and I'm waiting the Zune HD launch to sell my iPod and buy a Zune, but I'm afraid to miss the App Store. It will be great if the Zune HD got the same marketplace of all WinMobile devices.


  • Will this Marketplace be available on the upcoming Zune HD?

  • Hi cawilde,

    I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. We are fixing some glitches that exist today in the registration flow, and will release the fixes on July 27.

    Please come back on that date and try again. Let us know in this forum if you still experience any problems, and we will make sure to address them.

  • cawilde
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    I attempted several times to register at: but at the end of the input of financial details, clicking the Continue button simply goes back to the Live ID signon page.  This  process repeats if you try again.

    Do I need to wait until July 27 before using this sign in process?  If so, why is this sign in page publically displayed now?  It is currently a frustrating waste of time.

  • Fede201 and Ali Daneshmandi,

    Thanks for your interest. We are launching in 29 countries first, and will be extending to other markets after that. Stay tuned for more news in the future.

  • Hi,

    Is there a plan to extend the available countries to contain Iran as well? I am a PPC developer from Iran which I hope you add Iran, too.

  • Fede201
    3 Posts

    Hi! Thanks for the info!

    Are you planning expand the available countries list? More countries of latin america?

    best regards