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Microsoft Communicator Mobile

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So I was nearly kicked out of the campground at Hood River, Oregon last weekend. My friends accused me of working more than windsurfing. They claimed to see me working in the car, on the car, in a tent, on a hammock, by the campfire, and even down by the river. Fortunately they had very little proof to back these outrageous claims and I was able to remain on site through yesterday afternoon. What tiny proof they did have, was my Windows phone.

So it is true; I absolutely love my job and want to stay connected with my colleagues at all times – perhaps, maybe, possibly even occasionally during last weekend’s camping trip. Thus, one of the most frequently used applications on my Windows phone is Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile.


Screen Capture: Mark Boyer from the Office Communicator team blog

Recently we announced some new features to Communicator Mobile 2007 R2. The new features enable you to:

  • Join Unified Communications (UC) conference calls with a single click of a button
  • Avoid roaming charges when out of a provider’s network range
  • Make calls from work, even while out of the office (e.g. camping)

Even if you aren’t quite as passionate as I am about staying connected with your own office, I think you would agree that these new features are a great example of Microsoft’s efforts to evolve the Windows Mobile experience for the mobile worker. For more information about these improvements, be sure to check out the Office Communicator team blog.

About Microsoft Communicator Mobile

The 2007 R2 version of Microsoft® Office Communicator Mobile is an enterprise application for mobile devices that helps you quickly find and communicate with your colleagues. The application is designed to make communication easier and more accessible and includes real-time presence information, single number reach support and rich instant messaging (IM) capability all with a familiar look and feel similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator.

Key features included since the original release of the R2 version;

1. Single Number Reach support –With Single Number Reach, your desk phone and mobile phone will ring when an incoming call arrives

2. Enhanced presence information –For users running multiple Communicator applications (Office Communicator, Office Communicator Mobile, Office Communicator Phone Edition), Office Communications Server 2007 R2 will determine the best option to reach you by showing the most active application you are running for your presence information.

3. Usability updates – You have access to recent contacts, expanding distribution lists on your Windows Mobile device, and easy navigation between multiple IM conversations.

4. Communicator Mobile for Java Enabled Devices – Communicator mobile is available for Nokia S60 and S40 devices as well as Motorola RAZR devices. The application provides presence information, IM capability and the ability to search your company directory.

How to Get It

The Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 update is accessible via your mobile phone at or on the Microsoft Download Web site.

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  • You guys need to wake up and smell the coffee.  WM is dying on the vine b/c everyone at M$ is asleep at the switch...

  • I've got to say that I personally love all the new technology that allows you to work no matter where you are, sure you may put in a bit more work for your employer.  However this is more than made up for by the fact that when you go to work you usually know ahead of time what to expect before you get into the office.  The conferencing call features look nice, and are definately a plus to those companies who have invested in their Microsoft technology.

    I cant wait for Office 2010 as hopefully that will be the maturity of alot of these features, and push companies to make this cool tech more mainstream.