Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 8 - MyPhone

Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 8 - MyPhone

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In the number 8 slot for Michael's Top 10 Mobile Apps countdown is the Microsoft MyPhone App. The following description comes from the About page of the MyPhone site: "With the My Phone service, information on your Windows phone is backed-up to a password-protected web site hosted by Microsoft. If you lose your phone or upgrade to a new phone, you can restore your information easily."

You can grab a copy of MyPhone from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Michael Gannotti is a Technology Specialist for the Microsoft Corporation and the author of the blog SocialMedia Talk. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • I was able to use this app several times already and it's great :D

  • Is this service for free or does this come with a charge?  I would really love to get this because I can be a bit of a scatter brain!

  • BerthaB
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    I would love to get this for my PDA, how do I get hold of this?

  • BerthaB
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    I use this app on my Blackberry and for someone forgetful like myself, this app is heaven-sent!

  • Good job! It was of good help to me, hope to hear from you soon again.

  • I want to express my deep gratitude toward windows dev team, by the ways I personally want to see windows jump into the hardware side of things too and make a cellular version of the HD.

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