Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 1 – Microsoft Bing

Michaels Top 10 Mobile Apps: 1 – Microsoft Bing

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Having saved my proverbial bacon more times than I can remember the Bing application for Windows Phone squeaks ahead in to my number one slot in my Top 10 Mobile Apps countdown. "The Bing app is your central stop for maps, directions, and local searches."

Well that wraps up my top 10 apps for this past year. My son is home from college for winter break and I have had a peak on his first generation HTC Touch and have seen that there are quite a few more applications available for touch screen Windows Phones than are available for my HTC Ozone running Windows 6.1. Do have a touch screen phone running Windows Mobile 6.5? If so what are your favorite applications?

Gotta run now. I am heading on a family vacation trip where I will be using my top 2 applications quite a bit. IncaX Live Media GPS will be used as part of capturing the whole event and we will be using Bing to navigate around the town. :-) Have a great New Years everyone and keep on living the Windows Phone mobile dream!

You can grab a copy of the Microsoft Bing for Windows Phone from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Michael Gannotti is a Technology Specialist for the Microsoft Corporation and the author of the blog SocialMedia Talk. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • techSage
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    @dgrebe: I disagree with you on the latest Bing for Mobile - the interface is nice even though different than Live Search for Mobile.  The problem is the not the interface, it's the lack of turn-by-turn directions - the app doesn't switch to the next turn when you reach it.  It definitely did this before the "update."

  • dgrebe
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    Microsoft what are you doing in this mobile market? Are you a leader or a follower? I have been with MS way before it was ever thought of adding a phone to a PDA device. My first device was a Casio.  MS was doing a grand job back then. Used that Casio for years then moved up to a Dell PDA device and loved it.  I waited and waited for a PDA phone device operating on windows, until HTC came out with the AT&T tilt 8125. The wave of the future was in the palms of my hand. I passed on the lame apple phone until the tilt2 came out. After $400 later, I must say that MS has fell on their faces with keeping up with the ever fast growing pace of the mobile market. I just expect better from a company I have support for years. Bing is just the latest disappointments I have discovered with applications in the mobile market place. After using google’s map app, anyone can see that Bing is lacking with the easy of the user interface, speed of screen refresh, easy to use touch screen and a better search experience. Not saying google’s app is without faults, but much easier to use and more eye appealing while driving.  Just look at what google has accomplished in a short time frame. It is time to step up or get out of the way.

  • Estou esperando a revisão da base de código e sei que esses recursos vão voltar, talvez mesmo com a capacidade de texto um endereço para um amigo e selecione um endereço de contatos no telefone.

    Obrigada e um bom fim de semana.

  • Bing and Top App, don't belong in the same article. If you compare it with Google Maps on the same device it pails in comparison.  The resolution of streets, ability to navigate and the list of landmarks/points of interest when you are outside the US is wowful.  I can't believe that Microsoft would continue to ship such an average product.

  • Bing is Awesome app. My Motorola Q doesn't let me use my gps so I don't have gps right now. But its a great still.

  • Love the post and Bing also rocks on my Blackberry Curve!

  • Oops, my last sentence hasn't been formulated very well. What I meant to say there was that WM7 should definitely look like HTC Sense.

  • According to HTC, you shall get it Q1 2010 over a broad range of carriers if they market it there like in Europe. :-)

    Now, as far as prices are concerned, you get it free from Vodaphone UK with a new contact and for €100-200 with a new subscription in France for instance, so I don't expect it to be that expensive in the US too.

    Anyway, the HTC Sense's layer above WM6.5 should be how WM7 should look IMHO... And even there, there are rooms for improvements too !

  • PascalI would LOVE to try the HD2 (been drooling over it for awhile) but it isnt on Verizon yet plus being just a filed rat for Microsoft I am pretty limited on phone funds. I am trying to save up though as I would really love to get one,or at least a similar one some point. My son has an older Samsung i760 and he was showing how many more cool apps are out there for touch screen devices and gotme jealous. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your favorites!  I will have to check them out

  • Well, I'm using the HTC HD2 running under WM6.5 and HTC Sense UI (You've definitely got to try it, Mike! ;-)) and here are my favorite applications so far:

    1. Windows Live - For instance, Messenger gets more and more impressive there, e.g., my PPC vibrates when I receive a wizz from contacts abroad. I even get voice message from it!

    2. Ilium Software RSS Hub - nice and simple RSS agregation tool; the very first thing I check when I turn my PPC on.

    3. ALK CoPilot Live 8 - it's a multi-touch GPS navigation system which is simple, cheap and extremely efficient!

    4. Office Mobile - it's just great to be able to review and edit spreadsheets or word documents on the move without turning my laptop on.

    5. Facebook for Windows Mobile (it is still perfectible though)

    6. Resco Explorer 2008 – I especially like its registry editor (among other things) to customize Windows Mobile to my needs.

    7. Opera Mobile (sorry but IE support of flash doesn't make it that user-friendly when it lacks multi-touch capabilities,  much like WM without HTC Sense for that matter.)

    8. CorePlayer - It allows me to read DivX files too.

    9.  MusicId (shazam) - It’s a great application to know what’s that song played on the radio, in a bar, etc.

    10. Jeyo Mobile Extender - Well, that’s an application running from my PC but it seriously makes my life easier by saving and managing my SMS and MMS messages from Outlook. And even more so because it allows me to send SMS’s directly from Outlook with my PC keyboard as input.

  • techSage
    23 Posts

    Bing is (was?) great until they removed (or just haven't added back in yet?) automatic turn-by-turn directions, distance to next turn and audio prompts before turns (even beeps were better than nothing).  I'm hoping that this is due to the obvious overhaul of the codebase and that these features will come back, maybe even with the ability to text an address to a friend and/or select an address from your Contacts on your phone.  I submitted this via the feedback tool in Bing for Mobile also but haven't heard anything back (not that I require it, but just providing this as an update).