KIN Availability and Pricing Announced

KIN Availability and Pricing Announced

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Starting May 6th, you can order KIN online at Verizon Wireless and on May 13th, KIN will be available in Verizon Wireless stores.


KIN ONE is available for $49.99.


KIN TWO is available for $99.99.

Prices for KIN ONE and KIN TWO are after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement with Verizon Wireless.

To truly get the most out of your KIN, you will need to be on at least a Verizon Wireless Nationwide Talk plan and an Email and Web for Smartphone plan. Verizon’s Nationwide Talk plans begin at $39.99 with monthly access. And their Email and Web for Smartphone plans start at $29.99 for unlimited monthly access.

For more on KIN, visit the KIN website or read this blog post from Andy Lees, Senior Vice President for our Mobile Communications Business here at Microsoft.

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  • Web Guy
    19 Posts

    I never had the chance to see a Kin phone in person before the end of life was announced.  I actually considered the Kin one while waiting for Phone 7.  Ah just as well I guess.

  • It's amazing to me how small the KIN ONE is and it has web capabilities!  I would love to get this phone, but i have AT&T =(.

    I wish there would be more phones with Windows OS available at AT&T.  Either way i still like the design of the KIN ONE.

  • Avery
    2 Posts

    I like the special design, looks very cute.Really.

  • unfortunately your treating it as a smartphone and pricing it accordingly. BIG MISTAKE.. It's not a smart phone, as others have pointed out they can get a full featured smart phone like the PalmOS for the same price (including plan). Thats just crazy!!

    Goodluck with the Kin's, but the plan prices are what turned me against it :(

  • The Kins are cute feature phones, but I wouldn't really call them "smartphones" per say as they aren't on the same level as Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone.  As such, I'm perplexed by the $30/mo internet fee on Verizon.  For my Touch Pro 2 I pay $20/mo on Sprint, and that's a full blown smart phone.  The Kins would be much more attractive if Verizon had an internet plan in the $15 range.  The price point for the Kins themselves is pretty good, despite requiring a mail-in rebate (always annoying), considering they are brand new device with new UI paradigm.

  • I'm sorry to say that but someone from marketing missed the point with this product. It is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE considering the target audience.

    KIN should have been priced (with its carrier plan) in a way that would leave parents and/or the target audience (15~24 years old) almost no other interesting alternative.

    With the current offering and their "normal plans", there is simply no reason to get a functionally limited phone when you can get other competitive and full-featured alternative.

    I want KIN to succeed because it is a well branded and original product with a great potential. But with obsolete marketing strategies, it is heading straight down the drain.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    I missed something..."mail-in" rebate.  Is that the standard for how Verizon does in store discounts?   I noticed their website has online discounts and those are instate rebates.  So will Kin Two, if purchased online include an instant rebate?

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    The device price is acceptable considering the higher end camera that is built-in.  But I am disappointed that a custom plan wasn't offered...for example maybe allow the device to be paired with a data only plan.  I think it is a real mistake not to include Zune Pass.

  • WOW! before I read that post of KIN. You didn't specify the price. Well if you ask me honestly I would like to buy the cheaper on KIN 1 because I don't have that much amount to pay $100. LOL. Anyways I liked that phone as soon as it was announced. Many thanks and congratulations to you guys.