Free Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Phones

Free Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Phones

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Today not only marks the availability of Office 2010 for organizations, but also the immediate availability of Office Mobile 2010 for all Windows Mobile 6.5 based phones with an earlier version of Office Mobile FOR FREE! via Windows Phone Marketplace. Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5 includes new mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace. These new mobile versions offer a more touch-friendly layout and greater ability to work with documents on the phone – like editing PowerPoint presentations. 

Personally my favorite new feature is the SharePoint and Windows Phone integration. With SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010  and PowerPoint Mobile 2010 I can access, edit and save changes to a presentation, all while offline, and know the changes will update back to the server.  For example, I have access to links and documents from my SharePoint sites and I can select a PowerPoint presentation to view offline on my phone.  I can then make quick text edits and be ready to present no matter where I am. Finally, thanks to SharePoint Workspace Mobile when I save the changes these get updated back into the SharePoint server so everybody has access to the latest version of the document.


In addition making Office Mobile 2010 available for download today, we’re also demonstrating some of the next generation capabilities of Office Mobile for Windows Phone 7.  Check out this demo of PowerPoint Streaming for Windows Phone 7 that was shown today in New York at the Office 2010 Launch:

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  • hey, i can´t see the download link, sorry i´m new here

  • so did this do anything to the onenote mobile app? I kept hearing about "sync" this and "cloud" that, but I'm continuously disappointed in the lack of promised features...

  • PAF
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    It is really great to be able to open and edit Office documents on my HTC HD2 phone. But it was a buge dissapointment that Office Mobile 2010 still don't support password protected documents. Where do you think I most need to use password protected documents - on my office computer which is protected by a domain login, or on my phone which I could forget anywhere? The ability to password protect documents is a must on any portable device.

    Peter :-)

  • Nater
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    After testing this for a while, I took it off my phone.  Don't really see the usefulness in the Office Mobile applications when:

    1.  No Sharepoint Mobile Workspace

    2.  No Outlook Mobile - Only Available as an OEM Pre-Load

    3.  OneNote Mobile doesn't sync with the OneNote Web App @

    Basically we're wasting space for a new version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile...  The only benefit of installing Office Mobile 2010 is so you can actually create new files on a Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard device, but who wants to do that anyways...  Oh, and View Offiec 2010 files, cause changing File Formats with every version upgrade is cool, yo!

    How about a Zune Marketplace App for Winodws Mobile?  That would actually be useful for those of us who don't want to be in front of a computer to download a music file, and hook our computer up to our phones to transfer (cause syncing a phone to Windows Media Player isn't the greatest experience, and is often glitchy).  Maybe an Amazon MP3 store Application?  Actually...  I think that wouldn't work... for obvious reasons.

    Personally, I'm going to move to a WebOS or Android device.  Given Microsoft's track record with Windows Mobile, I actually have a bit of faith that WP7 will turn out to be somewhat of a failure.

    HP needs to hurry up and release a new WebOS phone.  You people almost make me want to buy Apple Hardware and transition completely.  You're years behind them when it comes to end-to-end desktop-to-mobile experience, and you've been in the game factorably longer than they have...  How is that even possible?

    Windows Mobile 6.5 feels like the Windows Me of smartphone OSes.  Do you guys actually use Windows Phones?  Have you not realized how unstable that mobile OS is?  And do you realize how much of a failure it is to have a mobile OS that cannot be readily updated/patched to fix those bugs?  I'm through with WinMo.

  • Thanks!

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  • Nater
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    Thank you so much for giving us a version of Office Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Smartphones that allows us to create new files and save them, instead of being limited only to opening and editing existing files.

    That's a very nice "boost" for those of us who like the Blackberry Curve-type devices, but wanted something similar to them with Windows Mobile on it.

    I'm sadface since I can't get Outlook Mobile 2010, though.

  • That's great! Now, has anybody updated WMDC to work with Outlook 2010?

  • 7flavor
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    Why does Word Mobile crash with long documents?

  • This is fantastic.  It wasn't a week ago that I started to contemplate switching from Windows Mobile to Android but with the previous release of Bing with turn-by-turn directions and now Office 2010 running on my Windows Mobile 6.5 device I'm getting excited again about Windows as my mobile platform going forward!  PowerPoint, by the way is awesome!

  • I think it's really great that you guys are giving it away for free.  However, I'm very disappointed that OneNote 2010 looks identical to its previous version.  It could be a totally killer mobile app, but it's stuck with a lousy UI, no ink, no drawing, and very rudimentary integration with the "big" version.