The First Wave of Games Announced for Windows Phone 7

The First Wave of Games Announced for Windows Phone 7

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Late tonight here in Redmond, but very early over in Germany we took the wraps off our first wave of game titles making their way this holiday to Windows Phone 7.  I know there has been lots of anticipation about XBOX Live on Windows Phone 7 so I hope this first drop of news is welcome!  First, head over here to get all the latest on the announcement including titles like Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst. This is a tower defense game that uses real locations as the gaming world thanks the Bing maps. Defend the big landmark in your city or even your own house!


In addition to the games, we also announced enhanced Games hub functionality in store for Windows Phone 7 including a rich avatar experience, messaging using Xbox LIVE and the ability to see all your friends’ play status, Gamerscore and latest achievements. If you don’t have a Xbox LIVE account when you purchase a Windows Phone 7 you can sign and up and deck out your avatar all from the phone, no Xbox console required!


This is just the first in many great announcements we have planned for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone 7 so be sure to stay tuned for the latest. I will drill into some of the specific titles announced today in the coming days, and also try to get some guest posts or interviews with our publisher friends in coming weeks. Also head over to the Windows Phone Developer blog to hear from Michael Klucher on the ground in Germany!

Brian [@brianseitz]

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  • dovella
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  • Wow a game with real time location, this is truly something intelligent. Hats off to Windows Developer who has made this a successful game.. It will be exciting to use this phone..

    Thank you

  • gaurav
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    Important Feedback:

    When i am on home screen at the very bottom, then i click on a tile and i go into an application. Now i click on home button and i am taken back to top of the home screen but not from the place i left ( which is near bottom ). Is there any plan to improve on this???

  • Imani
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    Windows Phone 7 has a basic implementation of "multitasking" if that's what you want to call it. If I remember correctly this will be improved on in future updates. As for copy/paste, Microsoft started from the ground up on Windows Phone 7, and want to make sure they implement that feature properly and in a reasonable manner that will fit into the whole experience. If multitasking and c/p are your priorities I'm sure there are many other platforms to tickle your fancy of those 2 over-emphasized, geek-driven abilities. The iPhone doesn't have true multitasking, and neither will Windows Phone 7. Both will freeze background apps, but Microsoft will not call it multitasking as it really isn't. On the other hand Apple does tout "multitasking" as a major surprise there :) . As for copy and paste , currently the OS will recognize phone numbers, email addresses etc. for you to work with. It's just not system wide (as I said not yet, updates). Be patient with them, your priorities matter, but so do those of millions of other customers. They are listening and already said the features you want are coming. Let them do it properly, we don't want it rushed, we know what happens when a giant tries to move to fast, it could trip and fall over XD . I am enjoying what I'm seeing thus far and I wish the entire team working on this success.

  • I'd rather have copy-and-paste and multitasking than a robust gaming platform, but hey... My priorities are not the same as Microsoft's.

  • Nice! If I only could buy a Windows Phone in my country xD

    By the way, any idea about the XNA Studio 4.0 for Windows7 and Xbox360? I wish I could create games for windows using VS2010, as I do with the Windows Phone games ;)