Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing

Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing

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Today is the day that the Windows Phone team has been driving towards, and we’re very excited to say that we’ve reached the biggest milestone for our internal team – the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Phone 7!  While the final integration of Windows Phone 7 with our partners’ hardware, software, and networks is underway, the work of our internal engineering team is largely complete. 

Windows Phone 7 is the most thoroughly tested mobile platform Microsoft has ever released.  We had nearly ten thousand devices running automated tests daily, over a half million hours of active self-hosting use, over three and a half million hours of stress test passes, and eight and a half million hours of fully automated test passes.  We’ve had thousands of independent software vendors and early adopters testing our software and giving us great feedback. We are ready.

I last posted on this blog when we reached the Technical Preview milestone, and we’ve received some great feedback since then which we’ve been able to respond to and improve the smart design throughout the OS. For example, folks loved the Facebook integration in the People Hub, but they also wanted ways to filter their contacts so only the Facebook friends they really know will show up in their contact list  – we’ve added support for that.  We’ve also made it easy to “like” a post right from the People Hub, or quickly post a message to someone’s Facebook wall directly.

This has been one of the most incredible product development efforts I’ve ever been a part of. Today’s milestone is exciting not just because of what we’ll deliver to customers later this year, but how it sets us up for success over the long term in the mobile space… we’re really just getting started.

We reached today’s milestone because of the tremendous efforts of the entire team including our partners, early adopters, and independent software developers providing feedback.  I want to send a huge THANK YOU to this extended team– we couldn’t have done it without you!


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  • i m a doctor. i am using windows based mobile for last 6years. this years i want to change my mobile and decided to buy latest wp7 based mobile. But all of a sudden i decided to Iphone 4. Because there is no option of copy/ past. How forget microsoft this option? there is no thir party installation option and storage mass like USB. there is very very little medical related software in windowmarketplace as compared to huge software in apple store. Free medical software in apple store is much more as compared to windows market place. similary same software is cheaper in apple store as compared to in windows market place. i m living in pakistan. So again urdu language software is much more in apple store as compared to in windows market place. basically i donot like iphone but i have to buy iphone 4 because of much more medical and religious software not only free but also much cheaper in apple store as compared to in windows market place.

    So my final decision is iphone4 for bussines

  • shaamt
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    Microsoft should concentrate what it does best, that is developing software and should not invest heavily on hardware. But anyway Bill Gates knows what best for his companies, cause he is an extraordinary man of great vision.


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  • shaamt
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    Microsoft should concentrate what it does best, that is developing software and should not invest heavily on hardware. But anyway Bill Gates knows what best for his companies, cause he is an extraordinary man of great vision.

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  • Out of all cellphones I have looked at, I find windows 7 phone, interesting and I will buy that phone when it is out .

  • well done, each window need some improvement and this is being done in next version, never the less this window is better than the previous. so we are hoping to have it better and it serve all the basic needs of the users


  • shaamt
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    Windows Phone 6.5 is the predecessor of Windows Phone 7. I'm eagerly waiting for the outcome before buying any smartphone related. Hope to hear good review from experts.


  • WP Fan
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    Congratulations on finally releasing the phone. Live tiles is a great concept and I would definately want to have this on my tablet. Why is Windows Phone 7 not releasing a tablet version? Is MS waiting for Android to completely take over the tablet market..  Windows Phone 7 makes lot of sense to be on tablets than windows 7 for the reason that it is built for touch and windows 7 is built for mouse, isn't it too simple to understand?

  • shaamt
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    Windows Phone 7 was integrated with HTC HD7 but the smart phone will only be for sale in the middle of October 2010. The success of my web at is depending on the outcome of Windows Phone 7. I hope you guys have done a great job in ensuring the credibility of the OS and minimise the "Screen of Death"


    "The universe is free to create itself as it goes along."

  • Your Windows Phone 7 will never get popular because of one simple reason - your marketplace distribution. I want create applications for your platfrom but why should i pay money to place my app in your store. If developer creates a new successfull application then he makes the whole platform more popular. Everybody wants to distribute their own apps from their web sites and other places (like android do it), not marketplace. I'LL WAITING FOR UNLOCK THAT WILL ALLOW INSTALL APPLICATIONS FROM ANY OTHER PLACE EXCEPT OF MARKETPLACE!!! I can't understant how do you want to win this competition between mobile platforms while you makes everything for developers to move on android????

  • today most of the smart phone have the same features more or less....but till date the phone that beats all phones is the i phone (for some reason i can't use the word i phone)  because of  the looks it has got....what i like about the looks of the i phone  is that it has nothing printed on the face of the phone.... i wish WINDOWS7 phones come up with the same style.

  • Hi,

    I just like to ask, is Windows Live messenger 'built-in' with the WP7?

    or we still need to download an app for the messenger?

    Kudos and thanks

  • kebi
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  • Imp
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    That's great that WP7 is finally RTMed. And I can't wait to try it out. But still wondering if it's gonna be available on Russian market. Any info on this, pls.

  • Can´t wait to have mine. Have had an Android 2.2 on My Milestone but it will never reach the possibilities my previous Windows Phone had.

  • Congrats WP7 Team¡¡¡ Waiting for the launch in Europe ;)

  • abm
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    Well you guys did a wonderful job by developing WP7. Mostly, MS products are "right" with decent set of features "that is exactly what i was looking for ... with a little +/-"

    Except sometimes, like; "WP7 is a close cousin to kin" Hey WP7! avoid the bad company.. :P

    But still Hail MS! we don't give a crap about "i for ape-el" gayish products. Oracle might be a sophisticated competitor to MS but both the Goo-fies and Apes are low-life losers. No goofing, I would rather appreciate binging on IE and soon on WP7!

    PS: M for Microsoft, Metallica and nothing else matters.

  • I've got a Samsung Omnia II with WM 6.5 and I just love it!!! I'm really excited about the potential of the next release of WM, and hope there'll be a way to update 6.5 smartphones! ;) Apple and Google have done better in the past years in this field, but WM has been existing years before iOS and Android appeared in the smartphone market, so i think Microsoft with its experience could cover the gap between WM and other mobile OSs! :)

  • Seth R
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    @Parrotlover77, I disagree.  Microsoft's new philosophy stands out to something 'really' different from it's competitors.  The user interaction with WinPhone looks enjoyable, unlike an Android phone (which I own). iPhone, too, has the same stale look.. icons on 'pseudo-pages' - where WinPhone introduces live tiles (even for marketers, this is exciting!)

    From a software engineering standpoint, Microsoft has always engineered excellent tools and well written documentation for programmers, giving developers the familiarity and ease of making awesome apps. Hands down Microsoft could, with it's resources of XNA, dominate the game marketplace for phones (XNA is so lustful).  

    People who say it's too late for Microsoft to fix itself is delusional; Microsoft is well known for making very successful products after some failed attempts... as long as they see a potential interest or market.  Let's just hope they continue to listen to the customers :)

  • When I first saw Windows team Blog I thought this blog's readers should read this! . Renting a laptop makes no sense at all! The cost for renting a laptop for even a couple of weeks is going to set you back as much as just buying it!

  • Félicitations ;)

    impatient de voir tourner cet Os ^^

    bonne continuation

  • por fin!!

    I'll wait for this in venezuela. Congratulations!!

  • Nater
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    I'm not impressed simply because there is absolutely no easy-to-find information about the OS and it's accompanying software.  Too many unanswered questions, so I went ahead and brought a Galaxy S phone.  I'm very happy with my purchase and I doubt WP7 will be good enough to make me think of thinking of switching.

    I don't need 10000 apps on my phone, so I don't care about the crap apps in the market.

    I have no issues with battery power.  Multi-Tasking is needed.  Even Apple is realizing this, and their customers are even easier for them to brainwash into thinking otherwise.

    My Android Phone has great Twitter and Facebook integration.

    Android does copy and past.  RTFM.  On HTC Sense phones you long press on the text to start it, on some others it may be in a menu option or long press menu.

    Just...  Very much bland at this point, and not much information on it other than Microsoft hyping it without giving all that many details.

  • sianlee
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    This is fantastic news! I'm from Australia and have been waiting to get this for a long time, and have been very excited.  I really do hope that this will be successful, unlike the kin - to which I have been very worried.  I just wished that Microsoft would release a product that would completly tromp all over Apple's products, that way people around the world would stop saying 'Apple this and apple that" instead they will look up to Microsoft.  Anyway, I have been a fan of Windows Mobile, and even though I don't expect as much as other hard core smart phone users, I do love the social networking idea, netherless this phone will meet my requirements and any other additives will just simply add to the enjoyment.  So, thanks to all the Microsoft team.  I have yet to ever buy an Apple product yet, as I still firmly believe Microsoft is the way to go, with any device they come to make.  Bravo!

  • CRM
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    I am(was) really excited about the Windows Phone 7 release, been using 6.5 on my HD2 for some time now, and it offers so much, i was looking forward to moving onto wp7 when it comes out, on a new phone, however now realise there will be no "user swappable microsd card slot".. For whatever reason this is, and im sure microsoft have a good one, it looks like i will be forced to move over to android..

  • Congrats! really well done mobile.

  • I would like to comment directed at everyone who is adamant that copy/paste and multitasking are a must for phones.

    I think what Microsoft have done here with "Smart-Sense" is much better than copy/paste on a mobile device.

    Smart-sense is more of a Select->Consume than it is copy/paste although the net result is still the same.

    That is of course unless you want to type:

    I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person. I can't live without an iDevice in on my person.

    so, the need for copy/paste remains to be seen.  Try smart-sense and see if it meets your needs.

    User level multitasking is kinda silly on the phone which has Live Tiles to keep you abreast of changes to your information/contacts, etc.

    The only thing that user level multitasking would to is ensure the device owner remain tethered to their charger.

    I believe in the WP7 vision.  I am quite happy that Microsoft are breaking with tradition of putting a PC into a phone.

    This approach to mobile computing will revolutionize the industry.

  • Adding congratulations on v1 release ... I actually enjoy the skepticism of ParrotLover77... If it were worded better. "Better late than never" is my take - I hope the wait is worth it (and that you have learned from the mistakes of others and are standing on the shoulders of their accomplishments [leveraging good ideas when you see them]. //Mark (user of WM 4, 5, 6, 6.1,6.5 ... and still can show the bruises)

  • WM7 is pure innovation....i am just a bit curious about what the price will be  because of the high-end requirements

  • Greetings

    Selling the source(non exclusive) for my iphone game

    Similar engine to Flight Control(The one with over 2 million downloads)

    You can then port it and have a full game ready for Windows 7 Phone

    Price is very accessible


  • Wow! I've been dying for this. I want to move off of my 6.5 phone ASAP. I know that Silverlight is primarily used for this OS, but will flash 10.1 be supported on the device? Also, I have a younger sister who cannot bring phones to school, will there be a PDA version or iPod Touch like device from this. Can't wait to see some deivces. Please don't bring it out on AT&T first!

  • GoghUA
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    Congratulations, I'm looking forward to upgrading from my Touch Pro 2.   Is there a final feature list available?

  • Great news; now get working on the following and complete the OS: copy'n'paste and third-party multitasking. After those features are implemented there is very little the opposition can argue against it.

  • joslat
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    Congratulations, a great step I've wanted since the Mobility World Congress presentation. People who succeed are those that deliver!

    A big clap for V1.0.

  • jimbo
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    Excellent job guys!!!  As a Microsoft employee also, I have been waiting for this and can't wait to get my hands on one.  I can't wait until I show it off to my friends and make them jealous so they will go out and buy one too. :)

  • cs_gwl
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    Congrats to the Entire WP7 Team. Being a MS employee and part of WP7 Dev community, I know how hard you guys are working to make WP7 a world class product.....Go WP7 Go!!!!!!!

  • kitche
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    Ummmmmm.... why are use nerds thanking Windows Phone 7 for an excellent job?

    The phone is not even released yet and no one owns one yet?  and it's delayed?  

    And here use are saying Congratulations!!! yahooO!!!

  • PrabhuK
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    Congratulations to the Windows Phone 7 team! Can't wait to buy a real device soon!

  • Alz
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    Good news, but I hope you got this right.

  • Congrats!

    This is great news :)

  • Congratulations to Windows Phone 7 team. I am really looking forward in WP7. Go Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 Rocks!

  • Sataris
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    I really hope this is a worldwide release. Also hoping that the phones themselves resemble the Zune HD, because it would combine form and function seamlessly.

    Here's hoping!

  • Congrats!!!! Counting down the months and or days til the public gets to buy one.  Can't wait.

  • Congratulations to the entire team! Great UI and UX design. Nice example of well executed product development and project management.

  • runxc1 - The final Windows Phone Developer Tools will be available on September 16. We announced this last week:

  • rojo
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    AWESOME!! Hurry up with the launch event already. I can't wait to hear about all the extra new goodies (services) built into the experience.

  • Sadatay
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    CONGRATS!!! WP7 team. I'm loving what I've seen so far and I think WP7 will outshine the current leaders in the smartphone world in just a few years (probably 2 years). Anyways can't wait to get my hands on a real device and I hope that HTC HD7 is for real for real. Good job guys just keep the updates coming on a regular.

  • Excuse me Parrotlover77, but my Droid does NOT copy/paste. But it does have dozens of task managers, which is EXACTLY what we need on our advanced phone devices, huh? I mean, nothing like having to go in, download a task manager application from the market, then configure it not to kill essential services/widgets/apps, and then use it to kill apps as my phone slows to a crawl from all the nasty background apps. Gotta love the command line interface and complex file system of Android too!  Just like a full PC!  And Google, who are supposedly so GREAT at search, can't even provide a searchable calendar!  

    And Android apps in the marketplace are a joke; thousands upon thousands of crapware by hobbyists like soundboards, slide-puzzle apps; hardly anything professional or nearing the quality of what's on the iOS or even WebOS marketplaces. Going from iPhone to Droid, the differences in quality in the marketplace are amazing.  Droid has lots of dirty little secrets nobody talks about, but as a current user I tell you they are very real compromises you make when you go Droid.

    WP7 devices will have better battery life, a slicker and more efficient UI, and more professional apps due to MS's massive developer network than Android.

  • Congratulations to the entire team involved with Windows Phone 7!!! This is a major milestone and will bring about a breath of fresh air in the mobile space. While iOS and Android steal the show today, both those operating systems are starting to look extremely dated. Kudos to the WP7 team for rethinking the user experience and having the guts to come up with a different UI paradigm. And to top it all, built on top of .NET and Silverlight - smart decision indeed. I look forward to many more successful releases from this team. Can't wait to throw my iPhone back at Cupertino :-)...Bring it on, Microsoft!!!

  • envlguy
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    Congratulations, this is a huge achievement for Microsoft. I don't care what other people say, WP7 will set a new bar for smart phone platforms interms of Rich UI, Cloud services and integrated hubs for apps.

    I'm equally excited for WP7 as well as Microsoft Kinext for Xbox, can't wait to get these devices.

  • The lack of Cut and paste has been explained many times, and nobody who tried win 7 phone has never cried for this. It's like "search with..." accelerator in IE8... No more cut&paste in search field (or CTRL-C + CTRL-V).

  • Tola A
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    Congratulations WP7 development team! I'm so glad to hear this, and I look forward to picking up a device on launch day (or whenever Sprint decides to put one up).

  • bday
    3 Posts

    Fantastic news, Terry! You hit a home run with the changes you championed into Exchange 2007 back in the day, so WP7 should be equally as awesome.

  • frankwick
    37 Posts

    @ Parrotlover77, I think you are wrong.  Andriod seems to be more of aniphone clone than any other mobile system.  WP7 looks like it is the most refreshing system since ipone was released.  In fact, very little of WP7 looks like iphone.  The hubs for example are a new concept.  The integration looks like nothing else.  I don't tink you can call this a clone of anything.

  • noobify
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    Exciting stuff, I actually have an iPhone now and am very ready to move over.  I love the Facebook integration, can't wait for Twitter.  As well I'm really glad to see you take extra steps to separate the contacts for Facebook if needed, shows you guys are serious with this.  Some of the other comments make sense too, cut/paste that needs to be soon, Apple took waaay too long.  Congrats on everything you've done so far I can't wait to see a finished product!

  • ups
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    I really look forward for WP7 althoug I must say I'm a bit skeptical due the shorthands that were already announced and the maturity of Android. Time will tell.. I wonde if I'll have to shelf over than 200 euros to get a good WP7 phone...

  • kitron
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    Take a couple of days off and then start working on Cut&Paste :)

    Tools should be available sometime around 9/15.

  • CONGRATS! As a Microsoft employee I am very proud with what we have accomplished here and how quickly after the last "restart" we got this quality product out the door. Many of us are very much here to support you and the ecosystem, lets make WP7 shine.

  • What a GREAT news!!!

    Congrats to all team. It's an amazing product...

    SharePoint and productivity applications access will be so exiting :)

  • Congratulations on the RTM! I can't wait to finally get my hands on it and experience it for myself! Take a breather, take a week off, celebrate!! Then get to work on 7.1 so that we can have copy/paste (simply for the sake of shutting people up about it), and of course any spit and polish from the initial release... and folks... really... 7.1 by spring, OK? Smaller, more frequent updates are very much desired and appreciated!

  • It is so exciting to realize that we are closing in on WP-Day!  It will be exciting competing with iPhone and Android.

  • beway
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    Congrats to the team!  I am eagerly waiting for the day I can get my first WP7 phone and make it my own !

  • runxc1
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    When will the final Development tools be released.  Oh and how do I get my hands on one for testing my app.

  • Unfortunately I agree with Parrotlover. I was hoping that copy & paste and other missing features that I love in Windows Mobile 6.5 would get implemented before RTM, but it doesn't seem so. I'll stick with my Touch Pro2 until it's safe to move over without losing so much functionality.

  • Web Guy
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    Yay - at last I can't wait for my Win 7 phone !

  • Congratulations - can´t wait to see the first indiegames on a WP7 phone. :-)

  • BTW: Update the Windows Phone 7 website ( It doesn't has been changes for a long time!

  • Excellent News!!!  WELL DONE ALL!!!

    Now start work on Version 2 with multi-tasking, databases, and background tasks :P


    With the OS done, can we start hearing about the handsets, prices, and bing/zune services in the UK!

  • I'm with @UCFw00t.  Great news ... take a week off, then get back to work on that first update that will hopefully be ready by the time we get our greedy little hands on the first phones.  :-)  I remember getting my ZuneHD a few weeks after ship and the first thing it did was update the device's software.  Hey, that was OK by me!

  • Windows Phone 7 is pure greatness... Amazing job all.

  • SWEET! Oh please, oh please, I need one! Contrary to the ignorant post by Parrotlover (should be Fruit-lover), the phone is UNIQUE and looks FANTASTIC! Gimme, gimme! Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations!!! Best news of the day!

  • UCFw00t
    7 Posts

    Congrats!  Now get back to work on those "missing" features :)

    Now when can I get one?  I'll be lining up Apple style to get one of the first ones if I need to.  I can't wait!

  • Congratulations on the WP7 RTM!  I can't wait to check out the OS on actual hardware, and I look forward to purchasing a device as soon as they are released.  Great job, guys!

  • SmartyP
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    big congrats to everyone for getting 1.0 out the door! i think you got it right with "we’re really just getting started" - look back at Silverlight 1 not even 3 years ago compared to Silverlight 4 today.. I can only hope such amazing improvements happen in a similar timescale. unfortunately there will be naysayers who want it all yesterday, but i am very hopeful that starting over fresh on top of such a great technology stack will pay large dividends in the coming years through both updates from MSFT and the ease of development - something WP7 is leaps and bounds above in comparison to its competitors.

  • Congrats! I'm really excited about the Windows Phone 7. It will brings some fresh air to the smartphone market. Don't forget to put the brazillians on the launch list, please! ;)

  • Congratulations on releasing a mediocre iPhone clone.  Meanwhile, Android 2.2 is already in the wild and is doing everything Windows Mobile could have done, had MS given a crap about smartphone before January.