Announcing Windows Phone Radio

Announcing Windows Phone Radio

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Today I am excited to announce the release of the first episode of Windows Phone Radio. Each week Matt Akers (@skipdeez) and myself (@brianseitz) will record and release a new podcast episode featuring behind the scenes information and conversation with key personalities inside Microsoft and our partner friends. Tune in each week and let us know what you want to hear about next! We can be found via direct link above or in the Zune Marketplace – just search for Windows Phone Radio!


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  • I am not complaining at all (own Samsung Focus), but I am curious.  WHY no Smart DJ on WP7?  Also WHY no custom ring tones?  I just want to know why - I would like to understand those two decisions.  Thanks!

  • gregw74
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    Question: Podcasts on iOS devices generally suck, in that you can't read more than 20 characters of each Podcast's title, and you can forget about there being any show notes, or episode descriptions. So, my question... do podcasts on Windows Phone 7 suffer from the same problem? I haven't been able to find much information regarding how the Podcast component of WP7 function... if anyone is able to provide further information on how Podcasts function on WP7 I would greatly appreciate it; screenshots or a YouTube clip would be ideal :)

    Thanks.... by the way, great Podcast!

  • great addition in mobile world


  • For Ploogle:

    Q. A podcast I want to subscribe to isn't available in the iTunes Store.

    A. It's easy to subscribe to any podcast using iTunes, even ones that aren't available in the iTunes Store. To subscribe, find and copy the podcast's feed URL. In the "Advanced" menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste the feed URL into the dialog box.

  • Ploogle
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    Great! Now where on iTunes can I download it?

  • I came here just to post one comment, and I see that Ricker has already posted it for me. So, Ricker +1.

    I'm very excited to listen to regular episodes, and I'm even more excited to replace my broken phone and broken Zune with a compelling device! So as I limp around with an old old WinMo phone and having purloined one of my kids' Zune 30s, I'm drinking as much Kool Aid as I can find!

  • Ricker
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    Matt really, really, really, really, needs to stop trying so hard; chill out, "My Man" :).  Looking forward to the series, subscribed on my Zune.

  • DSebJ
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    @madd0 - I think you want the RSS feed?

  • madd0
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    This sounds like an interesting project, however, is there a way to subscribe to the podcast from outside the US?

  • Cool!  I'll download it and have a listen.  I'm very excited about the new phone!

  • Touche MarkKB - fixed!

  • MarkKB
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    "Today I am excited to announce the release of the first episode of Windows Phone Radio episode 1."

    You mean there's more than one episode one? :p

    I kid, of course. I'll check it out right now, but I wanna tell you guys you're doing a good job with Windows Phone 7. Keep it up!

  • Ds2600
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    YES! I love the Chan9 stuff, but I need SOMETHING to listen to on my commute. :D

  • NICE!  Congrats to Matt and Brian and the whole gang.  I can't wait for my (Zune) Windows Phone in a month or two and am looking forward to your podcasts on Windows Phone Radio.  WIN!