A Night with Music apps and Windows Phone 7

A Night with Music apps and Windows Phone 7

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Tonight, while down in San Francisco, we had a chance to share some of the third party music applications that will be making their way to Windows Phone 7. We had a great time showing off the apps to some of our favorite people here in the Bay, but I wanted to share some of my highlights of the three music apps we debuted: iheartradio, Lyrics by MusiXMatch and Slacker.

First up - iheartradio. I really do heart radio, especially when I can tune into my favorite out-of-town radio stations streaming from my phone. You can use the same keypad-style navigation found in the contacts view of Windows Phone 7 to jump right to the city names you are looking for - a nice touch that shows off the ability developers have to create apps for Windows Phone 7 that are consistent with the design of the OS.

Next is Lyrics by MusiXMatch. My favorite feature of this application is how it automatically pulls in the music you’re already listening to from Zune on your phone and serves up the song lyrics. This comes in handy when trying to school your friends on music knowledge or practice for the next karaoke session.

Finally, we have Slacker. This app takes full advantage of the options developers have with pivot and panorama and really showcases all that Windows Phone 7 apps have to offer. The paralax effect is awesome [meaning foreground and background move at different speeds as you swipe left and right]. It also does an awesome job of highlighting featured content and your recent listening history.

So there you have it! Just a quick hello to show you some of the cool stuff in the hopper. I will post an update soon with some visuals but until then check some shots from CNET. More awesome Windows Phone 7 stuff on the way!



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  • The only people complaining about an OS being "too open" are those who are shills for an OS that is not open.  Android is the perfect balance between Windows Phone 6.5 and Windows Phone 7.  The user is allowed to actually install any app they want (thanks, but I don't need Apple or MS deciding what's right for me to install) and gives them app permissions to control unexpected behavior.  Perfect balance.  Windows Phone 7 is a bastard I want to love, being a Pocket PC guy from before the naughts... But it's really hard because it feels too much like IOS.  That said, I'm trying really hard to give it a chance.  From a developer perspective, the tools are a dream, but the restrictions a nightmare.  Some very simple apps I have developed for 6.5 simpyl cannot be made for WP7 for the simple reason that there is no way to run an app in the background.  Blah blah blah performance, blah blah, but that's just an excuse on a 1GHz processor.  For crying out loud, we had effective multitasking in the 70s on hardware not as powerful as my watch.  Microsoft has had personally it since NT.  Hopefully XDA can crack this nut open and release its true potential.  So much potential, but so unnecessarily locked down, and so many apologists that are all too happy to be told how they should be able to use their device.  How about just locked down by default?  Then hide an unlocked mode deep in some setting.  The average user will never find it and never have to suffer the ill effects of poor software.  The rest of us can take the chance and won't blame MS for our overriding their benevolent control.  Also, SIDE LOADING damnit.  I'm not a kid.  Let me install apps from hobbiests who can't afford $100/yr.  Jeez.

  • Leigh
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    @brian: Didn't find your email above, but I hope you have time to reply.

    Do these "insiders" have the power to stream music in the background using the internal O/S support that Zune uses, or they just run under the lock screen?  If not today in the background, is that in the offing?



  • Leigh
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    @aiejak: Why did Google decide to bring out Android?   There was already iOS, and I'm sure it was "perfect" to some people.   Google gives away the operating system (minus the patent licesning that is necessary for using other's investions built into the O/S), but they make money (lots of money) off all the apps, or did you think that Android was "free".   Please!

    iOS was out for almost 3 years before Android.   So to your way of thinking, Android should not have existed.   And of course, no one should have released 1.0 because it wasn't full featured.

    Windows Phone 7 is offered as an alternative to other ways of thinking about a phone operating system.   It threads the needle between too limiting (iPhone) and too open (Android) ... should I say "WAY too open!".   For this reason, WP7 is far from a copy of anything, except that it runs on a phone (oh, yeah, copying Symbian, I suppose you'll say next).   WP7 has extreme gaming now with XNA, something Google is just introducing now, and no integration with any consoles.  I guess to your mind Google should give up since they don't yet have extreme gaming?

    Check back in a year or so and let's see who is ahead of what....



  • alejjak
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    thats great and all but while this is some "new" feature in a phone that is not out yet, Android is like 3 years ahead and continues to release features that are way more stable than what i experience in 6.5

    why isnt microfot pushing just to have android use .net instead of their java version ? i think they prob tried but this would be a lot better than just trying to copy what others do ... I know microsoft wants to make money by selling their OS but i think it spends way too much $$ re-inventing the wheel ... you want to kick ass then innovate, and lead not follow !

  • An even more awesome app would be making the Zune Pass available in Canada, eh!

  • How does a hobbiest developer who wants to bring his music app to WP7 do so?  It seems this is something only available to the "big guys" right now as I can't find information on intergrating into the music hub and running in the background.