Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio Unveiled in New York

Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio Unveiled in New York

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Just a short while ago Steve Ballmer took the stage here in New York City to take the wraps of the Windows Phone 7 global portfolio, revealing nine new handsets from leading mobile operators in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia. He talked about how Windows Phone was designed to help bring together the stuff you care about most to help you get things done faster, whether that is going through work email, updating your Facebook status, taking pictures of your night out or playing games, music and video.

Windows Phone is all about deep, integrated experiences and a unique, elegant design. These integrated experiences come from all across Microsoft including Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Office Mobile, Zune, Windows Live, Bing and more. But it is not just about Microsoft services, Windows Phone 7 is a powerful platform for third party developers as well, allowing them to build applications that are visually stunning and functionally unique. Only Windows Phone 7 has Live Tiles, that display real time updates like news, appointments or status updates. The Live Tiles and Start screen mean you can have a customizable and deeply personal experience with your phone. Like it should be! Our mobile phones are increasingly important to our lives, and they should be uniquely ours. I love that every time I unlock my Windows Phone my family and best friends are staring back at me on the Start screen, and I can get a quick read on what is happening in their lives.

That is my quick update from the press conference. I am going to scoot around the event this morning and post some more about gaming, music and video and of course some more shots of the cool new hardware from Dell, HTC Corp., LG and Samsung.

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • reece
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    Sorry guys, but after using a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone (HTC Excalibur), I'm not going back to a WM phone. You're going to have to do something different in terms of hardware and software value if you hope to win back defectors. (WM 6.5 -> Blackberry -> iPhone)

  • Ahotasu
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    If Microsoft wants WP7 to really take off, they'll work with carriers to allow existing WinMo phone owners to buy WP7 devices at the fully subsidized prices regardless of their contract renewal date. Otherwise, all of the WinMo owners will have to wait as much as two years before being able to upgrade without paying out the nose.

  • I am not sure, but I expect that this terminal comes to South America, Ecuador, I bought a SE Xperia X1 more than one year ago, with win mobile 6.53, all functions works properly but the speed in the apps is disappointed, in Ecuador the most of people use a BB or Iphone, I think Windows Phone is a really option for the people in South America, the most important function is the Office app for me, but the others functions are good too, I expect I can change my olfd SE Xperia x1 win mobile 6.5 for a HTC or LG with Win Phone 7 soon

  • "Only Windows Phone 7 has Live Tiles, that display real time updates like news, appointments or status updates."

    Yes, no other phone on the entire planet has some sort of widgeted home screen with live up-to-date information like news, appointments, or status updates.  NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!  God I hate marketing speak.

    On a more serious note, though, congrats, MS.  This is a great iPhone competitor.  I'm really hoping in another year this will be a more power-user friendly phone like Android is turning out to be and WM5/6 was back when it was fresh.

  • hdw
    25 Posts

    Any news on devices with front facing cameras?

  • baron164
    16 Posts

    That's excellent, as long as I can bump the Focus's memory to 16gb or preferably 32gb and do a hard reset it's a day one purchase for me.

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    @baron164, reported on Samsung Focus and says that 8GB is a removeable micro sd.  Apparently you can put 16GB or larger.  The only thing is, it will require a hard reset so, if you upgrade the memory you'll want to do it before you configure the device/download content/etc.  At least that is my take on their blog post.

  • Jonez
    2 Posts

    How can someone even try an stay microsoft are short on cash. They've gone more that some countrys

  • @alejjak No cash? $36 billion in cash and short term investments according to their balance sheet... Certainly a nice nest egg...

  • alejjak
    4 Posts

    hey balmer, get out of there, MS needs a new face that can innovate and come up with fresh ideas before you run out of cash and cant buy competitors and re-do the wheel... oh im sorry Ms has no cash already ... =(

  • baron164
    16 Posts

    I'm liking the Samsung Focus but with only 8GB of internal storage I'm kind of disappointed. is there going to be anyway of expanding that to at least 16GB or better yet 32GB or am I going to have to buy an HTC that has 16gb of internal storage and be stuck with that?

  • captainjy
    14 Posts

    Man, I am torn between the new Win7 phone and my iPhone.  The new Win7 phone is looking good.  May have missed it, but what about a Verizon phone?