The Windows Phone 7 Launch Has Started

The Windows Phone 7 Launch Has Started

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This afternoon the very first Windows Phone 7 handsets went on sale in New Zealand with more countries in Europe and Asia Pacific like Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain and the UK joining the mix tomorrow, and dropping here in the U.S. starting on November 8th. This is a very exciting time for us here at Windows Phone HQ and around  the world as we finally put the phones into your hands, and we are really looking forward to hearing what you think.

Congrats to Jourdan Templeton on his purchase of the first Windows Phone 7!

Some of the early reviews of Windows Phone 7 are starting to come in and many have recognized our unique approach to design and integration of key Microsoft services like Bing, Xbox LIVE and Zune are great reasons to consider purchasing a new Windows Phone.

Applications are a key attribute of the smart phone experience. We’re energizing an expansive developer community with new tools and resources to create quality apps that take advantage of Windows Phone’s unique capabilities - giving people a different kind of app experience. Windows Phone 7 apps truly extend the phone’s new design and ability to integrate and organize the things that matter. Hundreds of app and games have posted to Windows Phone Marketplace and Zune over the past few days, on pace to deliver more that 1000 by the time phones become available in the U.S. And that’s just the beginning. We’ll be adding hundreds more each week through 2010.

Now it is up to you! Go purchase a new Windows Phone 7 handset and give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook and subscribe to the Windows Phone podcast for all the latest news and notes. Tell us what you think!



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  • maxxorz
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    Here in the states, contract prices work differently than they do for you folks across the pond.

    The $199 price is on contract. We pay $200 up front for the phone, and then we pay monthly for our contracts.

    So, assume a $50 a month contract (low balling it), that's $50 * 24 + $200. So, essentially, over the course of our two year contract, we pay $1400 for phone and services.  This equates to roughly 892 British Pounds.

    I think it costs less for you in the long run.

  • abm
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    @Mark, the AT&T guy in opening ceremony sounded like those three (HTC, Samsung, LG) devices would cost $199. So it made sense to me as if $199 is the price for device independent of any contract (otherwise he would have stated the breakdown of the price per-month!)

    Even though MS is just selling PhoneOS, MS would like to make their product as pervasive as their PC window, so they must have some solid influence on device price! (Also note, those devices came into existence due to WindowsPhoneOS not the other way around..)

    IMO, I don't think, after iPhone being so popular due to zillions of iApplications and their unique-powerful hardware design and then those Andriod-phones, Win7PhoneOS devices should cost more than $200-$300 (equal to iPhone and Android phones) to convince large population and make more everywhere-windows-like-or-friendly-environment fans in cellphones paradigm !

  • Can't wait for it, but I have no choice as I can't get it until it comes to Verizon.  Bummer.

  • Ryan
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    I have been using the phone for a day now. Am Loving it. I have some suggestions.

    1) Create a seperate "Contacts" hub that is solely contacts that can be sync'd with an Outlook Contacts List. I love the idea of the People hub, but its really not practical when it comes to just wanting the numbers and to sync with Outlook.

    2) Create a unified mailbox or a Hub for Mail items that contains all the mailboxes created.

    3) the Applications list can become very long it would be good if you can scroll between 2 or more screens with apps on them (i know I know it sounds very Apple/Android... but it works) or allow the list to be split into 2 columns.

    Thanks again for a great product.

  • Mark
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    @abm.. Microsoft doesn't set the price of the devices that the device manufactures are making.  The price of the phone is up to the people actually producing the hardware... different components that go into the phones cost different amounts.  Those device manufacturing companies are licensing the operating system from Microsoft but Microsoft doesn't have say in the price of their devices.  

    It sounds like you are saying that a 4" screen, 32GB ram, 8 megapixel phone should cost the same as a 3.2 inch, 8GB ram, 5 mega pixel device and both of those should cost less then the iPhone or Androids made of the same components.

  • abm
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    Great work...but what about the price? AT&T guy said, all three handsets would cost $199. Would that be payg price or contract (if its contract price, would the breakdown be something like; $10 /month for 20 months)?

    In UK and Europe, the announced payg prices, for various WP7 handsets, are ranging from £350 - £550 and the contract is £20 per month for 20-24 months which is light-years ahead of the initially rumored price of $200 everywhere and the announced price from AT&T. (I thought MS would try to get a breakthrough via significant price difference from its competitors and low prices would give it dominating entry-point in cp-market).

  • The phones are almost upon us!

  • Why can't I read any news at all from Danish operators today? Help. I want a new phone :-)

  • Swen
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    sorry guy´s. not a good start for a new OS on this market. In germany, no provider can deliver the phones until the 3rd of november :( Also Amazon can´t tell a delivery-date for the devices.

  • Can't wait for the Dell Venue Pro!

  • adacosta
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    Congratulations, hope they reach Jamaica soon, I love the HTC HD7, gorgeous screen and Windows Phone 7 tiles look elegant and attractive on it.