Worldwide Excitement for Windows Phone

Worldwide Excitement for Windows Phone

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Over the past 24 hours, Windows Phone 7 fans have been attending pre-launch parties and store openings in cities including Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Sydney, Milan, Madrid, and London. It’s so cool to see phones beginning to hit shelves in some of the retail locations in these cities. Determined fans including Jourdan Templeton in Auckland, New Zealand and Andrew Willett from London, England got early starts to be the first ones in their countries to purchase Windows Phone 7 devices.

While there can be only one “first” customer, others were treated to celebrity appearances in store while they purchased their phones – ranging from actor Isaiah Mustafa at Telstra in Sydney, to radio personalities Jonny Vaughn and Lisa Snowden at Orange in London. Lucky guests in Berlin got to welcome Windows Phone 7 to Germany with a star studded evening in Berlin hosted by Microsoft and Deutsch Telekom with top German celebrities including singer and actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and the TV hostess Barbara Schöneberg. While in Paris, people flocked to Orange’s flagship store to try out the new Windows Phone 7 handsets. 

Early reviews continue to come in from around the world, here are just a handful of my personal favorites:

“While the home screen squares and rectangles in solid colours on its phones look like buttons to push to get to essentials - calls, mail, messaging, contacts - there is a level of sophistication hiding just beneath the Windows Phone 7 touchscreen surface.”

- Chris Nuttall, Financial

“Let's just get it out of the way: Windows Phone 7 is the most exciting thing to happen to phones in a long time.”

- Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo

“But the Windows Phone 7 platform is a strikingly nice system with a refreshingly different design that shows the team in Redmond still has enough vision and talent to be a serious contender.

Brier Dudley, The Seattle Times


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  • I'm telling you, Windows Phone 7 is going to be HUGE!!!! Less than a week to go! I'm hearing it's selling out around the world! That is such good news!!


  • Semmal
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    hi Brian, can you please reply back with some official word on the availability of the devices.. we like WP7, but we should also be able to buy one to appreciate it..

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    Yes i agree with the previous comments, The launch in Australia is completely disappointing. Only one site provided any information about any devices. Not only that where are the 32gb devices? 8gb isn't enough, not only this if you want to but them outright they are selling for as much as an 8GB iPhone 3gs, that's crazy. Either way MS needs to put more pressure on the telco companies to advertise more.

  • What a bizarre 'launch'.

    Windows Phone 7 launched here in Australia last Thursday. 5 phones advertised on the website but only 1 phone is available (Telstra) and only available in 11 of their stores (which quickly sold out). Two other major telco's Optus and Vodafone only have press releases on their websites (which you can only find by the link from the Microsoft website). And no details of the phones, pricing or release dates on these carriers websites at all, except for Telstra.

    Microsoft, are you serious?

    How can you spruik a 'launch' and generate all this hype and nobody can get a phone or even get details on the phone? You speak to staff at the major carriers and most of them know nothing about the Windows Phone 7 phones.

    Why have the 'launch' at all and generate all these great reviews and generally good media coverage and then not have any bloody phones available for the people who are keen to buy them? Was your Australian team goaled on press coverage or phone sales? Press coverage goes sour if they phones can't be bought by willing customers.


  • blahism
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    I went and checked out a lot of the linked websites from Australia and WP7 devices are featured on the home pages of all of them.  Perhaps the vendors just needed to play catchup.. i dunno.  I do however hope to hear of people seeing/witnessing a great launch/marketing campaign though.

  • Excitement -- yes! Availability of devices, unfortunately not.

    I was hoping that this was going to be a spectacular launch, but it seems that apart from a few select stores, it's not actually possible to get hold of a device at the moment. I called several of the main UK carriers yesterday and none had any in stock (or really any knowledge of the product -- the Vodafone rep I spoke to didn't know that WP7 existed). None of the online stores even have prices or availability dates, never mind stock.

    Somehow I doubt that Apple would allow a major release like this to be so poorly supported. How many of the people working for carriers didn't know about the first version of the iPhone when it launched?

    Is there any chance of some official word from Microsoft about how and when this situation is going to be improved?

  • when is it going to be release in india !!!!!!

  • MrEs
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    Dont worry Sadatay, I live in Australia which was part of the "world wide launch" and there's no signs of these phone in any stores, advertising, or websites ANYWHERE!

    The majority of Australians only know the existence of 2 smart phones, the successful iphone  and just recently the Galexy S.

    Windows phone 7 is not advertised anywhere in Australia. (same as the previous WM6.1)

    Not even the major telecommunication carries that Microsoft has partnered with to release this new handset has advertised anywhere.

    I have no information of it's existence or the release date.

    Not only that, even on the official Microsoft website is very poor in providing me with information.

    It shows two handsets with (Telstra) on it..... no release date or any other information in regards of release dates or which modal will be going to which provider.

    I truly believe that Microsoft's poor advertisement in Australia will crumble the sales of WP7.

    Very disappointing.

  • Sadatay
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    Why do we in the US have to wait almost 3 weeks to get our hands on this beauty called Windows phone 7? I'm pissed about that, but I guess I have no choice but to be a little patient. WP7 FTW!