Windows Phone Radio Episode 5

Windows Phone Radio Episode 5

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Let’s ring in the weekend with a new episode of Windows Phone Radio! You can find it in the Zune Marketplace or do direct download here. Enjoy!

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  • I was the first to buy the phone What I love mostly is that it’s so unlike anything else out there and packed with new ideas.

    Thanks for all the good work guys it really paid off!

  • @gregw74


    I don't mean to Spam the board with our site, I will be happy to deleted if against the rules, (but it is about Windows Phone 7. )

    We are in the process of creating a really great forum that has everything to do with Windows Phone 7.  we are truly excited about the device and think it's going to be HUGE!!!! . I already cancelled my Android service. (Worst phone I have ever owned). Anyway, love for you to stop by and since we are so new, we are looking for passionate guys to help us MOD!

    Nice JOB MS. You guys got it right and big things are coming!!!!


  • I like window phone because its function and look so good.

    <a href=">

  • I like Window Phone's because its function so nice and its really beautiful and  amazing and i like it, always use it.

    <a href=">

  • IMO, the MS propaganda machine is doing a great job with WP7. I was sold on the platform early. I'm waiting for the HD7 unlocked to be available in Hongkong before I buy one however. Until then I need a steady stream of WP radio and blogs to keep my anticipation up. Keep that shiz coming. It's been over a week people!

  • @freshMelk On the Zune PC software, the Marketplace for WP7 Apps and videos (movies & TV shows) is already up for Canadians who download the Zune PC software in Canada. However, if you want the full-blown US marketplace with US Videos and Music and podcasts, you can change your location on your PC by going to Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Change Location and change to United States (instructions for Windows 7) anyone outside the US can do this.

  • @Interframe1 Awww yeah!

    Will the Marketplace finally be available for Canadians then?

  • @freshMelk Bell is launching their LG phone on November 8th, as is Rogers (the Samsung Focus). Canadian launch is that same time as US.

  • @Ivan006 Oh I know that much. :p But I'm wondering if there is a release date or any hints of when it is coming (to Canada/Rogers).

  • mrmckeb
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    When will the Zune Pass or any form of Zune's music services be coming to Australia and other countries?

  • gregw74
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    @SilverPineapple I am likewise curious of this.

    What is the best forum, blog, website, etc... to get questions answered about WP7.

  • Hi Guys, great podcast.

    Any idea when New Zealand will be getting access to Zune Marketpace for podcasts? (Is this Zune Pass?)

    We were first to get the phones :-) why not give us the whole package?



  • In the last podcast, you answered at bunch of questions.  Where do we send questions to?  I have 2, one from the day Windows Phone 7 was announced and one based on recent reviews, I was hoping to get some answers to.

  • Ivan006
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    Great podcast guys.

    To freshMelk, Canada/Rogers will be getting a WP7(Samsung Focus).  Rogers is only getting one phone.  Check the link below.

  • Any news on when WP7 is coming to Canada/Rogers?

  • Hi I loved the podcast this week! One small technical detail, could please try to reduce the noise on the line? That would make it a little more pleasant.

  • @Brian Seitz Thanks for responding! Really appreciate it!

    Ive seen many videos of Albert, from MIX, to Channel 9 interviews with Bill Buxton, and others, and I'm really inspired and amazed by the incredible work he has done with WP7!

    I'm dying to know what he is thinking about regarding where mobile user experience is going in the future, and some of the ways he and his team are going to evolve the Metro design language (of course, I'm sure he cant talk about the ground-breaking work with future versions that he is probably working on now, but even subtle hints or generalizations about what hes thinking about would be seriously awesome to hear!).

  • Hey Interframe1 - absolutely we know him well. We will get him on soon.

  • Can you guys please, please, PLEASE get Windows Phone designer Albert Shum on the podcast!? Id love to know more about how he and his team designed the OS, and what are some of the general things hes thinking about going forward!

    (BTW, in case you guys don't know, (MS is a big company), this is Albert Shum > )

    Hoping to hear him soon on the podcast (along with Joe Belfiore, which you mentioned last week, would join you guys in the future).