Concerts, a road trip, Windows Phones on November 8!

Concerts, a road trip, Windows Phones on November 8!

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November 8th is fast approaching and to kick off on the celebration Microsoft and AT&T are giving thousands of music fans the chance to see free concerts from Katy Perry in New York City and Maroon 5 in San Francisco. Fans will need to visit select AT&T retail locations in New York and San Francisco for the chance to attend the exclusive concert. Stay tuned for more info and full details by visiting the Windows Phone facebook page.

Also marking Windows Phone 7 availability in the U.S., Rob Dyrdek and Minka Kelly will race across the country on the Really Rally Road Trip, challenging people to change their relationship with the mobile phone. This one day journey will start the morning of November 8th in New York City and cross the country to see if better phone design can help curb bad phone behavior, ultimately ending up in San Francisco at the Maroon 5 concert that night. Follow the Windows Phone facebook page, twitter account and for sure follow Rob to get the real time commentary.

Everyone out there can help call out bad phone behavior with Rob and Minka as well. Windows Phone recently began running a promotion on facebook encouraging people to submit their “really moments” for a chance to win a Windows Phone 7 handset. Again, hit the Windows Phone facebook page.

One more week to go!


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  • @jkavanagh58 @ Bobby Cannon @albert - phones are still flowing into our retail partner stores, thanks for the support or WP7! The HTC Surround will show up in AT&T stores on Nov 8

    @fudtbear - best to visit Samsung to get the specifics about the SD card support for focus, we participated in a Twitter FAQ with them on Thursday. Go to and enter #WP7focus to see the stream, they talk about SD card support there.

    @baron164 - thanks for the support of Windows Phone!

    @Bill Camera - thanks for the questions! 1. The Zune functionality out of the box is great, I think you will agree. You can still initiate a Smart DJ playlist on the PC then save that as a playlist and sync it via USB or WiFi Sync to your Windows Phone 2. there are a ton of great ring tones to choose from and they vary by mobile operator and handset manufacturer 3. Right now there is no native support for tweeting songs that are playing in Zune 4. there are several twitter apps in the Marketplace but yes the official twitter app is fully functional with retweets, DMs, Twitpic and such. It is a great app you are going to love it! Thanks for the great questions and support of Windows Phone!

  • Sorry, I mean *songs in Question 3 of mine, not gongs lol.

  • I've got a few questions, please:

    1. Why no Smart DJ out of the box when the program already exists and is a success?

    2. Why no customizable ring tones?  Seems strange this day and age.

    3. Can we tag Zune gongs in the Twitter app like we can with the Twitter app on the Zune HD?

    4. Does the Twitter app on WP7 allow Re-Tweeting, unlike the Twitter app on the Zune HD?

    Thank you and CAN'T WAIT for my WP7!!



    Denver, Colorado

  • baron164
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    I've already got my new Micro SD card ready for when I get my Samsung Focus. I'm already planning on being at my local ATT store nice and early on Monday to secure my new phone.

  • Albert
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    @BobbyCannon Very true; the Super-AMOLED screen is also tempting...but one thing is certain, I, like you, desperately need my Windows Mobile device to be replaced!

  • Funny, as soon as I went back to my Zune software Episode 6 was there waiting.  So much for my patience, now if you can just help with my question, is Class 2 alright or should we go lower space and faster speed Class 4?

  • I saw where skipdeez announced the new podcast is out but I don't see it on Zune Marketplace.  I found it by coming to this website but really want it on my Zune HD.  I hope it's there in the morning.  Also I have a big question, please help me.  I want to get the samsung focus and I want to expand the memory.  Does it matter what class MicroSD I get?  I want to put a 32GB MicroSD in it but can only find class 2.  I see 16 GB MicroSD's at class 4, which would be best?

  • @Albert - Two Words (Samsung Focus). WOOT! Upgradeable memory SDCARD!

  • Albert
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    No LA love? Bummer.

    @jkavanagh58 @bobbycannon What even more sad is that not all phones will be available at launch. I really want the HTC Surround from AT&T, but I think neither Microsoft nor AT&T have confirmed the launch date for that phone.

  • I'm a little frustrated too. I'm so excited but ahhhhhhhhhh just give me my WP7. My Windows Mobile device is about to drive me bonkers. Stupid 3rd party UI's suck.

  • Looking forward to it but I have to say that with all of the hype and anticipation I am getting more frustrated than excited.  I am sure the international users will say "now you know how we feel" but ...