Windows Phone Radio Episode Seven

Windows Phone Radio Episode Seven

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Hey gang. Windows Phone Radio number seven just went live! Head over to the Zune Marketplace in the PC software or stream straight from the Windows Phone Radio page on If neither of those options strike your fancy, you can always direct download from this link as well. Matt and I take some time to cover some of the launch day activities that are happening on Monday, so tune in to see how you can get involved as well! We also chat about some of our favorite apps at the moment like Fandango, Foursquare, One Bus Away and others.


Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • Nathan
    2 Posts

    Oops I meant, why can't I stream over bluetooth?

  • Nathan
    2 Posts

    Can you guys tell me when in IE on my Dell Venue Pro and I hit the Bing search button I am directed to use Google?  Also why can I stream the zune over bluetooth?

  • mrmckeb
    26 Posts

    Hey guys - can you talk about when non-US customers will get voice search, Bing Local, Zune music, etc?

  • Where is a good place to go for support and help with Window Phone OS? Also suggestions too. A few things I can not seem to figure out or just missing how to do it is the biggest issue I am dealing with right now.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Someday I'd like people to make it other places in the midwest than chicago.....

  • Thanks for the comment MD - hope we can make to NorCal soon!

  • It's Windows Phone Radio 7!

    In the episode, you guys asked us to suggest potential locations for a Windows Phone Radio meet-up.  Well, the Sacramento, CA area would be awesome.  ;)