Windows Phone Radio Number Nine

Windows Phone Radio Number Nine

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Good evening! Windows Phone Radio is doing double duty this week with another episode out now in the Zune Marketplace, RSS and for direct download here. Today’s episode is really cool with a special visit from Albert Shum, GM of the design studio here at Windows Phone. For all of our developer listeners, make sure to follow Albert and the design team’s posts over on the Windows Phone developer blog.  Thanks for all the support listeners, we really appreciated it!

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • Great interview with Albert. Its always interesting and insightful to hear from the people that make incredible products come to life. It is a great idea to get WP designers on the podcast more often.

    Some suggestions for other big-name members of the WP7 team to get on the podcast in the future: Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson (VP of WP engineering).

  • Hi! Loved the podcast this week. I was wondering something. Will Microsoft, and if so when, release a Windows Live Messenger app? There's one in the marketplace, but as the rating tells you, it's not that good. I was a bit confused to see that Messenger was missing from Windows Phone, since it is available for Windows Mobile 6.x and even for the iPhone. Thanks in advance!