Windows Phone Deal Alert!

Windows Phone Deal Alert!

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I know many of you have been waiting for the perfect time to pick up your new Windows Phone. AT&T just sweetened the pot a bit for the holiday shopping season with the announcement of a buy one get one free deal for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus. To take advantage of this offer head down to your local AT&T retail store, sign up for a two-year contract and you and a friend will have a couple of the coolest phones of the season.

Buy one, get one free

Combine that offer with the AT&T entertainment pack which includes a free download of the Xbox LIVE puzzle game ilomilo, 30 days of Zune Pass service plus 10 free song downloads and 30 days of AT&T U-verse and you have a great way to pass the long drive to grandmas house for Thanksgiving.

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  • i m a doctor. i am using windows based mobile for last 6years. this years i want to change my mobile and decided to buy latest wp7 based mobile. But all of a sudden i decided to Iphone 4. Because there is no option of copy/ past. How forget microsoft this option? there is no thir party installation option and storage mass like USB. there is very very little medical related software in windowmarketplace as compared to huge software in apple store. Free medical software in apple store is much more as compared to windows market place. similary same software is cheaper in apple store as compared to in windows market place. i m living in pakistan. So again urdu language software is much more in apple store as compared to in windows market place. basically i donot like iphone but i have to buy iphone 4 because of much more medical and religious software not only free but also much cheaper in apple store as compared to in windows market place.

    So my final decision is to buy iphone4 for medical profession.

  • There should be a ZunePhone (WP7) under every Christmas tree this season!

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  • BOGO for USA is fine..... but when do we get a (any) WP7 device in India? Have you guys forgotten one of the fastest growing mobile markets of the world? There are 15 - 20 million NEW subscribers being added every MONTH. You see no role that a fresh smartphone platform can play here?

  • Vannos
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    Any word on if a deal like this will be coming to Canada? For Rogers?

  • Semmal
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    Updates... updates... updates... this is the only thing that needs to come from the dev. team.. wonder why there is not that many leaks on the forthcoming updates.. except Copy/Paste, there isnt much that is committed.. also, an open-ended timeline doesnt help either.. known for a lot of vaporware, its good if we can have tighter/optimistic deadlines like what is coming in Jan quarter, what to expect in April quarter would do a lot of good to stimulate the feel-good factor around Win Phone 7..

  • sweet!

    now let's get more apps and updates to shut up the critics