Windows Phone Radio Ten and Must Have Holiday Apps

Windows Phone Radio Ten and Must Have Holiday Apps

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Windows Phone Radio episode number 10 is ready to download after a short break over the Thanksgiving holiday. You can also subscribe in the Zune Marketplace in the podcast section. Thanks for making Windows Phone Radio a top podcast in the Marketplace! This week we invited Bill Hurwitz from the Windows Phone Marketplace team to the show to give listeners a view into how apps are merchandised across the various Microsoft channels like Bing, Xbox LIVE and facebook.

Speaking of apps, head over to to check out some of the must have apps for the holiday season. Everything from finding the next movie show time, to restaurant reservation to helping you work off the holiday calories is included so head on over to check it out. Also don’t forget, you can browse the top Windows Phone apps thanks to Bing visual search, a great way to browse, then buy and download the best apps on Windows Phone.

Next week we welcome Major Nelson to the podcast to talk Xbox LIVE and mobile gaming. Don’t miss it!

Brian (@brianseitz)

Get ready for the holidays

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  • On the phone, I was quite the favorite, I think a lot of people and I have the same idea, we think?<a href="">Nokia E72</a>

  • So how's everything going with the Windows Phone 7? I heard Steve Ballmer hired the Old Spice Guy ( in order to promote the phone.

    ..But I never saw any commercial from him on that. Why?

  • Brian, I'm so glad you brought up Bing Visual Search.  It's by far, the BEST way to search through the thousands of Windows Phone Apps that are available.  In fact, I was surprised to see how many are available when you consider that most of the other sites you search for WP7 apps on only show a hundred or so but often much less.  Here's a write up of Visual Search as it relates to Windows Phone 7 Apps.

  • Could you post in the blog the apps you talk about in the podcast? I listen to the podcast when I'm driving or otherwise occupied. It would be nice to have a quick place to remember the names of the apps you talked about. There was specifically one flashlight app a few podcasts ago that uses the LED flash... what is the name of that app?

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    yay awesome! been looking forward to the next podcast!