Pinning Favorite Artists to the Start Screen + Windows Phone Radio 11

Pinning Favorite Artists to the Start Screen + Windows Phone Radio 11

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Windows Phone Radio number 11 is ready to download in the Zune Marketplace or for direct download here. On the show this week we had a chance to sit down with Xbox’s Major Nelson and talk about gaming, taking trips to CES and of course Windows Phone. We also discussed pinning artist tiles to the Start screen, coolest thing being you get the doublewide tile! Really tricks out your Start screen.

Here is how you do it. From the Start screen or the apps list press Music+Videos tile then press music


Once in Music pivot to the artists list and find the artist you want to pin to the Start screen


Once you have the Artist in mind, long press on the artist name to get the sub menu and press “pin to start”


Boom, now you have a double wide tile to trick out your phone! If you want to move that tile from the bottom of the screen, long press on the tile and drag it where you want


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  • You responded to a message about the search button not bringing up Bing and said it should always do so.  I have the same "issue", in that when I'm in IE and I press the search button, it goes to

    I posted a tweet to @WinPhoneSupport about this, and they said the carrier (T-Mobile in my case) can dictate what happens when you press the search button in IE, and there's no way for the end user to change that.

    If I press the search button from most anywhere besides IE, I get Bing, though.

  • For the Music on windows phone 7, is there a way to view your albums all by simply it's picture stacked all in alphabetical order just like on the Zune HD? the video's ive seen have only the one row of album art and artist and that's it. I really don't want to scroll down a huge list of my albums to find the one i want.

  • I actually did this right away with my phone. Very cool. And it is easy, so I just plan on deleting it after a few days and putting the next thing I'm listening to in its place.

    Last night the phone (weatherbug) woke me up to warn me of the severe winter storm rolling through my area. I have that feature enabled to warn me of tornadoes and whatnot… so I was a little upset to be woken up because of snow. Oh well. Still a very cool feature.

    And I had to buy Black Ops after this podcast. Not something I was planning on doing.

  • @Parrotlover77 Who would want to do that? How about someone who isn't a hardcore geek? Say, like, the majority of the world? Who doesn't like music? Pretty sure there are way more die-hard music fans out there than hardcore geeks, who would want quick access to their favorite artist rather than some geeky, dorky "widget".

    P.S. Ever heard of "Live tiles" in Windows Phone 7? They are like interactive widgets expect they're more organized and fit with the rest of the design language of the operating system. Wouldn't expect a a hardcore geek to really understand why thats important to the majority of of people in the world who are actually normal.

  • That could, possibly, be the stupidest feature to brag about ever.  Who wants their home screen to be filled up with album art?  How about something useful, like interactive widgets on the home screen?