Windows Phone Radio 12 and Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst Are Live

Windows Phone Radio 12 and Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst Are Live

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The latest episode of Windows Phone Radio is ready for download in the Zune Marketplace and iTunes or for direct download here. You can also plug this link to the show RSS feed into your RSS client or Zune software if you are in a region that does not currently have podcast browsing available in the Zune Marketplace. We take some time to talk about cool new apps in the Marketplace and best of all kick off a giveaway for two HTC Surround phones.

Also out this morning is Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst for Windows Phone 7. This a cool game that takes place in the Crackdown universe but instead of a shooter, it’s a tower defense style game. The really awesome thing about this game is how it uses Bing Maps integration as the play environment. That means you can defend your school, house or coffee shop from the freaks and they will actually walk along the streets and alleys of your neighborhood. Go check out the details and screenshots in the Windows Phone Marketplace visual search gallery on Bing.


Go grab both right now!

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  • @Blaxer - For the past couple days, I've been getting that error consistently.  I also seem to be unable to load most maps (the area around my bases appears as a green or gray blur, although freaks seem to be more or less staying to the invisible roads), and I've tried on a solid 3G connection (five bars) and on Wi-Fi.

    Can't seem to find help yet, either...

  • Blaxer
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    Does anyone know where to get help with this game? I have two Windows 7 phones and it works perfect on one and on the other I only get "Connection to Xbox LIVE and project sunburst server is necessary to start playing. Please try again later" I have been getting this message on this phone since the launch of project sunbust, everything else on the phone works perfectly.... any ideas?

  • It's got a few little issues (like the fact that it only seemed to recognize I've played Deluge and Chuck's Ducks when I went to build my first base, and then "forgot" about it from then after).  But it's a great little game with a really cool concept, using real maps as the play field.

    And you get a nice bonus back in Deluge.  I got to use a rocket chopper and really mopped up.

  • baron164
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    I've been playing Project Sunburst now for a couple days and loving it. Definitely my favorite tower defense game on Windows Phone 7 to date.