Buy Windows Phone, Get a Free Xbox Game

Buy Windows Phone, Get a Free Xbox Game

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Just in time for the gifting season Microsoft is making a special offer, buy a Windows Phone and get a free Xbox game to go with it! When you buy any Windows Phone 7 you can pick either Fable 3, Halo Reach, Kinectimals or Kinect Joy Ride, some of the hottest games this holiday. More information and links can be found here.

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  • agaace
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    Love my WP7, Focus was a good choice, love the beautiful screen. I had an iPhone 4 previously. Call quality on WP7 is so much better, no more frustration related to dropped calls or not understanding what someone else is saying in that noise and cracks. The only thing I don't like is the lack of some apps, but this is natural when being an early adopter. Bejeweled Live sweetens things up - this game is better than Bejeweled on the iPhone!! Just waiting for Angry Birds on WP7 :)

    The other annoying thing is the lack of some settings. For example, inability to manually add a wifi network that doesn't broadcast its name and will therefore not be discovered by the phone automatically (iPhone lets you add any wifi network). Also, I wish my phone could tell me its network MAC address, may be useful in some network configurations where traffic is filtered out by MACs.

  • Began evaluating the Focus for our company about a week ago.  We're about half iPhones and the rest older Blackjacks.  I've got my iPhone 4 in my desk while checking out the Focus which I have to say is impressive for a first generation OS.

    The build quality of the Focus is crap but Samsung will never drop the same resources that Apple does into their phone fleet so I can live with that.

    That the app market for the phone is immature and there are a few items currently missing is also no big deal given that will change quickly in the coming months.  The Focus is a little slow on the browsing compared to Apple's latest offering and some of the Android builds.

    The unique interface sets the OS apart from the rest of the pack early however this evening when firing up Marketplace I was greeted with a Wendy's ad set as the background.  This is a deal killer.  We don't pay $100-$200 for a phone plus expensive data and voice charges to have Microsoft sell our screenestate to advertisers.  It's plain unacceptable and will push our company to Android and Apple.  

    Keep ads off my phone or the phone goes in the dust bin.

  • Sales must be pretty bad.  Everywhere I go, it's get free this or that with your new Windows Phone 7.  If sales were strong, there would be little incentive to give away free crap to persuade somebody to buy your phone.  Maybe when it gets to CDMA, the sales will pick up.  GSM is great in the rest of the world, but AT&T and T-Mobile are the worst in the USA.  Only Apple fanbois are saving AT&T.  T-Mobile at least has pretty decent customer support, even if 3G (or reception in general) is spotty.

  • I have to say the phone is awesome. Yes it needs a few items added/updated., but whan new device doesnt. Only thing i have is why not reward the loyal microsoft customers and not the ones that are struggling to buy a phone. I bought mine on the 16th so I can t cash in on free game. I know it is all about marketing and pulling in more numbers, but dont forget the true customers either, we effect your numbers too(word of mouth, showing off phone, etc).

    Pick the Samsung Focus... awesome phone. Huge very bright screen and expandable memory slot!!!!!

  • Sucks for the early adopters of the platform like me who got it day 1 because I wanted to get off the iPhone, and all the Androids have no standards or the latest updates.

    If I had waited even a month I could have gotten my WP7 BOGO, free at some locations, and now a free Xbox game too!

    I would hold out longer to see what else you can get out of MS.

  • Bought a Windows 7 Phone and took it back a week later. Very , VERY, cool phone except it doesnt have Kindle or Audible apps. I need these apps. Will buy the phone again when more apps are available. Otherwise, very awesome phone especially the Netflix App. Hurry and get these apps and I will buy one for everyone in the house.

  • .... waiting impatiently for WP7 on Verizon

  • mefree
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    (Sorry, I meant to say 'Bring Windows Phone 7 to Sprint', somehow left out the Sprint part.)

  • mefree
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    Bring Windows Phone 7 and my entire company is going to upgrade.  Here's my problem though, are we going to be able to get cool special deals like this when it is finally available on Sprint/Verizon, or are we going to get screwed over and not get special deals (such as by one get one free and this free game deal) just because you couldn't get your OS done in time to ship to all carriers?  I sincerely hope you don't punish loyal customers this way due to no fault of ours and 100% fault of yours.

  • hdw
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    Any word on when the next  wp7 update is going to be?

  • tsrblke
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    @jaxim There are already a few devices with physical keyboards.  The other stuff though will likely need to come.

  • jaxim
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    I'm a long time Zune user. (My household has 4 zunes.) I'd really like to get a WinPhone, but I'm holding off on getting one until:

    1) Flash is supported in the phone's browser

    2) Adobe Air is supported as an application format

    3) one of the available devices has 32GB of on board memory. It would be great if it ALSO had a slot for expandable memory.

    4) Screen resolution as good if not better than the ZuneHD. A HUGE screen would also be nice.

    5) Preferably a device with a physical keyboard.

  • Agreed. Can't upgrade to 7 until it comes to Verizon.

  • Bill_G
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    Hey, this site doesn't work in IE9 Beta. Log in is the problem. Had to use Firefxo

  • Bill_G
    12 Posts

    I second that, not until it's available on Verizon......

  • Bring Windows Phone 7 to Verizon!