Facebook App for Windows Phone Adds Places and Tagging

Facebook App for Windows Phone Adds Places and Tagging

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For everyone that got a shiny new Windows Phone for the holidays or for those with phones already that were too busy shopping and eating to pop into the Marketplace for some app updates, a couple cool features were added to the Facebook app you should go grab now. The Facebook app for Windows Phone now supports their location based service called Places, and also the ability to tag your friends in photos all from your phone. The app and the update are free so definitely go check it out.

Here are a some photos of how it works.

Facebook Places

places 2places 3places one


Tagging Photos

tag 1tag3.1tag 3



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  • T.C.
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    That’s nice, but do you know what would be nicer? A “delete text” functionality, that is. Well, maybe not nicer, but certainly ESSENTIAL. How basic is it to miss putting in the functionality to delete posts and comments? It’s ironic I have to go to the iPhone to delete a text I butchered in WP7. Why did I butcher the text in the first place? Because (and I’m not the first person I know that did that) I accidentally hit the “Post” button instead of “Space” when trying to add a comment. And why did that happen? Because the “share message” and “add comment” forms have slightly different keyboard layouts that don’t take in consideration human muscle memory.

    The WP7's UI design feels amateurish. It’s beautiful alright, but there’s a lot more to a smooth UI than just nice graphics.

  • agaace
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    This is cool but I don't get it why this functionality is present only in the separate facebook app? 99% of time I use the people hub to view friends feed, comment, like and update status. I hardly ever open the separate app, and this is required to use functionality like notifications, places, photo tagging. Why can't it all be just integrated in one place? Why do I need to remember I need to open a separate app to access some of the functionality?

    Also, it's kinda difficult and counter-intuitive to discover photo tags on photos not added by yourself, but added by someone else. Easier for photos added by yourself, cause the 'tag' option appears in the menu.