Windows Phone Rings in the New Year

Windows Phone Rings in the New Year

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Happy New Year from all of us at Windows Phone! We’ve had a great time sharing Windows Phone 7 with the world over the last few months and we are looking forward to more good things in 2011. If you are one of many out there deciding what phone is right for you in the New Year, there are some great tech round ups out there to help you decide. Gizmodo recently named the Samsung Focus with Windows Phone one of the “Best Gadgets” in the smartphone category on AT&T. If you just got your new Windows Phone and want some advice on the best apps, accessories and tips head over to Engadget for a great break down.

What are your favorite features of Windows Phone? How has it fit with your lifestyle?

Thanks for the feedback and support and happy New Year!


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  • Mark
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    I'm a proud owner of a WP7 Samsung Focus!  I upgraded from an iPhone 4 and am happy to be out of that whole cult and money pit infrastructure.  @jaxim - I upgraded my memory with a 32GB mem card and only use my Zune HD32 when my WP7 looks low on battery, usually on long airline flights so I still have a phone when I land.  The Zune is now relegated to it's HDMI dock next to my plasma.  I do agree with your second point, but not sure I even know what Adobe Air (point 3) would buy me.

    Things I hope for in the near future:

    1) Graphical emoticons in my SMS texting - iPhone had an app to allow additional font selection with smilies.

    2) Folders - Scrolling through all apps would be easier if there was a way to categorize them.

    3) Ability to disable/desensitize Back/Win/Search button when playing games.  Ugh, hitting them in the middle of a game forces you to reload the whole game. This may also be remedied when games are more aptly multitasked.

    4) (maybe next hardware platform) Don't directly oppose the ON/OFF button with the VOL button.  Squeezing one side inevitibly squeezes the opposite.

    5) A more hardened way to get to OS essentials, like Settings.

    6) More color selections for Theme, especially Black.  That'd look so good on black background.  Tiles would appear non-existent, except for the foreground white, making the UI look more '3D'.

  • mayooms
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    My favorite features of my WP7, are the FB integration and Xbox Live tile! Both fit in with my lifestyle because I FB a lot and play video games! It's great to know that I can boost my gamer score on the go and earn achievements for games that I never thought I would!

  • To WP7 developers,

    I owned 4 windows mobile phones in the past 10 years since the OS was still called PocketPC, I spent a lot of money on hardwares, accessories and softwares. Now I am struggling with my decision to switch to another OS because over the years I have collected a very large client database using a software called HandBase, the main strength of HandBase for WM6 was the ability to create custom forms for easy data entry because I collect many data fields for the busisness I run. Unfortunately, HandBase will not be compatible with WP7, and despite being a loyal MS customer for so long, I will not be able to switch to WP7 as HandBase does not feel the market share of WP7 justifies the cost to develop its WP7 version. There is an iPhone version of HandBase, but it currently lacks the ability to use custom forms but the developer is working on this feature for the iPhone version.

    I am sure many MW6 loyal customers have the same issues as thier favourite apps will not be compatible with WP7, why can't WP7 develop an emulator to run WM6 to allow developers of these older apps more time to transition into WP7 format? The market share will not change overnight (hopefully it will change someday in favor of WP7), and small companies that developed those apps will have to put their manpower on where the money is.

    If someone from iPhone/ Android comes up with an emulator to run WM6 on their OS, you bet millions of WM6 users who collected lots of apps before will consider switching to the another OS, I know I would definitely consider that as I cannot go back 10 years to redesign my client database.

    I used to think iPhone is a toy for the general public who are more into networking and media playing, WM6 was for business use. Now WP7 is becoming an iPhone wannabe and only focussed on networking.

    I know someone from iPhone is developing an emulator to run WM6 to convince millions of WM6 users to switch over, I am challening WP7 develops to do this before the iPhone version is out.

  • I have the Samsung Focus and love it.  Love the GUI as well.  Great phone.

  • I bought a Samsung Omnia 7. I like it because it acts like my portable computer. I also use it as a camera on my today’s hike. The results were quite good. You can see a few photos at my FB account here:

    But there are a few things that really bother me:

    - Storage: It only has 8GB. This is not enough for my music, podcasts and a few movies.

    - Purchasing applications. Can Microsoft make this available to other countries not just to USA and a few countries? I really don’t understand what the problem is with selling the applications to anyone. I can buy the phone officially in the country where I live, but I can’t buy the applications because I don’t have the US credit card. This way MS didn’t avoid selling us the applications but it made our life more complicated because I have to ask my US friends to buy me an application every time I need one. Can you at least enable buying applications by using Microsoft Points?

    - There are a few applications missing. One of them is an offline application like TomTom or Garmin, plus an application like OziExplorer. I also miss an application like Microsoft Money or Ultrasoft Money. There are a few similar applications at the marketplace, but they are all US or UK oriented which makes them useless for the rest of the world.

    - Copy/Paste. Is really a problem. I really need that and I hope it will come with this update in January. There are so many things I would like to send by email and I have to go to my laptop because there is no Copy/Paste.

    - Office Mobile. Excel is completely useless. I would like to insert a new row and … There is no Insert a new Row. Even my Windows Mobile 6.0 phone had this feature. I don’t understand why this Office has less features than we had in 2003 already.

  • I wish I had WP7 to tell you what my favorite feature was.  Unfortunately I am stuck out in the cold using Sprint and there is no CDMA support for WP7.  That would sure be a nice feature.

  • jaxim
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    I'm still waiting for a few things before I get a WinPhone:

    1) a phone that is as good as a ZuneHD32, The phone needs at least 32GB of on board memory.

    2) WinPhone needs to be able to play flash within its browser.

    3) WinPhone should be able to load Adobe Air apps.

  • dovella
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    Ok, now i want emulator approve in marketplace