Windows Phone Radio 13 is Live!

Windows Phone Radio 13 is Live!

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Happy New Year from Windows Phone Radio. Matt and I are back from a break for the holidays and the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas last week. We are fired up! Tune in this week to hear about our trip to CES and our holiday adventures, as well as our favorite apps and hot music picks. Also, Matt is looking for your feedback on the Zune software, shoot him a mail to for your favorite feature requests or tweaks you would like to see to the PC software.

Finally, we are doing a special January phone giveaway so download or stream episode 13 to hear how you can get in on the action.


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  • Does anyone on the Windows Phone team actively monitor ?

  • normys
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    Let's be honest, with Matt's voice and enthusiam there is only one thing I could imagine him doing other than working at Microsoft.  Adult Club DJ!!  "Gentlemen, Let's give it up for Mercedes!"

  • Sheeds
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    As far as Matt goes.........Either a game-day Seahawks Mascot.... or a proud home-dad / Mr Mum ;) LOLZ

  • If Matt was not working at MS he would be homeless. Wandering the streets only to be discovered as a great radio personality.

  • If Matt werent a program manager on the Zune software, he would be the new spokesperson for diet mountain dew in their new campain where he would freestyle rap battle big names in the hip-hop world and in each of his battles he would mix in the phrases "do the Dew", "AWESOME" and "When will then be now". In his off time he would be probably evangelizing Windows Phone 7 and Zune because he would still love them, because everyone loves the best.

  • baron164
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    If Matt didn't work for Microsoft I could see him doing work in Radio being a DJ. He definitely has the attitude and charisma for that line or work.

  • If Matt wasn't working at Microsoft he would be a spokesperson for Mountain Dew.  His events would draw millions as he is also a competitive Hot Air balloon bungee jumper. Demonstrating his abilities to both stream live podcasts while bungee jumping over notable venues like Times Square and the Vatican and drinking gallons of code red Mountain Dew.

  • Matt’s Zune profile says “I am Zune” which means if he wasn’t program manager on the Zune Software client, then he would be dead. He’d be buried in a grave with dozens of Windows Phones and Zune HDs. His gravestone would read “I dream of a world without iPods” and would have Zune Originals art engraved on it.

  • Matt would be kicking it on a beach if he wasn't on this podcast.

  • @nrfitchett4 - I agree about the audio from a video not playing through BT.  My Ford Edge has Sync and when I was using a iPhone, all audio piped through my car's speakers.  Since I've switched to my Focus, only music, podcasts and phone calls route through my Edge's audio system.  I hope they fix in a update.

  • @Bill Johnson - The app that Brian is talking about is OneNote.  Tap the Office Hub, then tap new note.  At the bottom of the screen, tap the microphone icon and start recording.  If you've already configured OneNote, it will automatically sync to your SkyDrive.

  • idloco
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    Matt should work at Boeing, Lockheed Martin or some plane building company, that way he could promote fast, awesome and cool products ( just like WinPhone/Zune ) also he could add a zune pass for every passenger on the plane while in flight, :D

  • imQ2000
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    Well it would be nice to imagine if Matt had not got hired on to Microsoft him working for the competition trying to bring Apple up to speed; however, probably not a reality. I could actually see him continuing on the insurance path but not still in claims, maybe even working for Starbucks Corporate helping manage the insane amount of employees and getting the cost down for their plans.  Or helping AIG President Robert H. Benmosche  payback the debt to the Federal Reserve and getting the company back on track after receiving the Federal Bailout money in 2008.

  • LocoKip
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    After several fruitless attempts to get hired at Microsoft, including a unique proposition to work solely for pork rinds and Zune credits, Matt moves back to Flagstaff, AZ where he serves pancakes at "Mike & Ronda's."  Unfortunately, the paychecks were far smaller than the enormous pancakes, so fate drew him to a night job where he met back up with his friend Brian behind the counter at "Hot Dog on a Stick."

  • Ke2
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    I think Matt would having been coaching Seahawks and teaching them HOW to that we wouldnt have seen this fate :-(

  • If Matt Akers weren't at Microsoft he would be an ambassador to Japan.

    Microsoft and Matt are both doing well. It seems that Microsoft would have to fail before Matt would fulfill his alternate destiny.

  • Considering Matt's zeal to get to the bottom of issues, I reckon he'd be a Mythbuster if not working for Microsoft. His enthusiasm and charisma would go well with blowing stuff up in the name of science as he answers the questions everyone wants answered. Thanks for all the good shows. I have been catching the podcast from week one (and Zune Insider since ep. 30) keep up the good work!

  • Based on Matt's Enthusiam and excitement, I think that if her weren't working for Microsoft, he would have taken Billy Mays position as a Pitchman...or maybe he could replace Vince Shlomi.  

    Matt, If thinks don't work out at MS there's a Sham-wow in your future.

  • Ketul
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    I think if Matt wasnt working at MSFT, he would have been a lawyer who sues SPAM emailers....#HateSPAMmail

  • weezy
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    Probably a mailman, cause Matt delivers on anything he does.

  • If If Matt wasn't working at Microsoft, he would be a DJ at his own nightclub.

  • the beginning of the podcast you mention something about a voice recorder in the Windows app that auto saves to SkyDrive. Can you please explain exactly which app you're referring to? Thanks

  • in regards to video not playing over BT, it is definitely a wp7 problem. Same BT headsets that played video on winmo, won't play it on wp7, and I have yet to find one person that the audio from videos will play over BT, even for games. Something must have been overlooked or MS decided we didn't need it, but we do.

  • Although his current work @ MSFT is ok (kidding :-P ) he could be a great tour guid!

  • If Matt wasn't working at Microsoft he would be using his enthusiasm and product management/development skills in another way - such as selling ice to eskimos - albiet a special new ice he'd developed that would be better than anything else available in the world today (maybe ice that climate change couldn't melt).

  • What if Matt Akers were not working at Microsoft? What on earth would he be doing?

    Matt would still be a Program Manager, but for his own radio station! Here's the weekday lineup...

    Mornings would start with "Matt and Minka". Three hours of playful banter, double entendres, and music designed to get you to work faster.

    9am-Noon: "180 Minutes", Matt goes solo, taking you "Three hours into the future of music" (where have I heard that before?)

    At 12:00, it's the "Three Martini Lunch" (music optional)

    3pm-4pm: An innovative and daring segment called, "Dead Air" (where Matt sleeps off the previous segment)

    4pm-7pm: "Drivin' Dis Krazy" It's hip-hop time, with enough bass to keep you in the car from the office, on the freeway, and through the once-quiet neighborhoods. Too loud? TOO OLD!

    7pm: "Old Blue-eyes", 60 solid minutes of the Chairman (Steve Ballmer)

    8pm-Midnight: "The Long Trip Home", four transcendant hours of Trip-Hop and Trance; intended to help you zone out and forget the previous hour.

    Oh and the weekend programming?  Let's just say the FCC wouldn't let Matt get past Tuesday afternoon. Ah, well.

  • Thats weird, I dont think Matt can do anything BUT do what he does! His name is almost synonymous with Microsoft.  Though Im sure that if he didnt work there, my Zune software wouldnt be as "Mattified" (read "cool") as it is and hopefully continue to be...

  • Matt would be regularly attending a Mountain Dew addiction support group by day, just trying to cope with that crazy addiction! While, hosting the Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurott by night. What a crazy life he doesn't live....

  • If Matt wasn't working for Microsoft he would be working for Geico, because his extreme enthusiasm would go perfectly with their crazy marketing!

  • On the zune podcast, I think Matt said he was an event planner in a previous life, so between that and his general talent for recognizing great content ( like the tron score ), my guess is running a bar, managing the entertainment. that sounds like fun.

  • Shelby
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    If Matt was not working at Microsoft he would be sitting on a porch in Wyoming listening to Chris LeDoux drinking lemonade waiting for a Windows Phone on Verizon like the rest of us in Wyoming. Sing along now Matt, “Bull dawg the Mississippi, pin it's ears down flat...Long before you take this cowboy's hat....”

  • Matt should work for Mountain Dew and produce Mountain Dew vs Coke Zero ads for them where he uses his favorite adjectives : "cool" "awesome" "amazing". He could say stuff like, "this mountain dew really resonates with me" or "This little mountain dew is really rockin it out hardcore with some diet action goin on here."

  • OK feed seems to be fixed!

  • Looks like there might be an issue with our RSS feed as the episode has not made it to Zune Marketplace yet. WIth that we will take submissions for the giveaway all week..