Windows Phone Radio 14 Ready for Download

Windows Phone Radio 14 Ready for Download

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This week, Windows Phone Radio welcomes special guest and new blog contributor Michael Stroh.  Michael is writing a weekly post called “Pinworthy” highlighting some of the coolest apps to hit the Marketplace each week. For everyone that contributed comments for the Windows Phone Radio giveaway via the blog and Twitter, tune into this week’s show to see who was selected! Direct stream here or grab it in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes or your favorite podcast app for your phone.


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  • Jdog
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    @Brian and Michael

    I just found your blog and listened to this radio episode, and it was funny and informative.  I'm curious where the best place is to give feedback about WP7.  I have a Samsung Focus, and came from a WM6.1 device and there are a few items of feedback.  

    Here is my list, but I can post it elsewhere if there is a better forum:

    -Where is the OneNote search capability?

    -If you are scrolling through a long list of notes, look at a note, then hit back, it takes you to the very beginning, frustrating!

    -On the radio, is there a way to pause/rewind live radio (like a radio DVR)?  My niece has Nano Touch, and it has that functionality.

    -Once you create a radio favorite, how do you delete it?

    -Is there a call log that shows how long you were on the phone with a specific phone number?

    -Are there any streaming protocols that are supported natively by the OS?

    -Future feature gossip:

    --will RDP support be coming at some point?

    --will VPN support be coming at some point?

    --will Bing voice turn be coming at some point?

    --will WiFi tethering be coming at some point?

    --will the ability to add your own ring tones be coming at some point?

    --will the Windows Home Server app that is coming, support WHS v.1?

  • What would Matt do in his other life?  He'd be a one man "cover band" named "Awesome!1!". Who would he cover? Rick Ross, of course.

  • @lomdar - of course we will start with that this week

  • lomdar
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    Would it be possible to provide show notes to the podcats? There are so many apps and links in the show and it would be great, to have them in written form. Especially if you listen to the podcats on the go...

  • slobo80
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    Please review my application GPA & Grade Calculator. It's website is and twitter @GGCalc.


  • baron164
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    So I'm interested in learning how to code and possibly make an app or two for WP7 but I'm completely new to coding. I haven't done anything since Visual Basic in high school and college like 8 years ago. Any recommendation as to possible books or online references I could check out to learn up on and start coding?

  • vifola
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    It's probably just me - but I just can't find Windows Phone Radio on Zune. I succeeded in adding Hanselminutes (a nice, unique search-word), but no searches revealed the Windows Phone Radio. Zune has indeed been a very puzzling experience and seems in stark contrast with the ease of use of the WP7 which I like very much...

  • LocoKip
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    On the Skeleton Key, it would be great if I could "share" the file so that my wife and I could both view/update the same logins and passwords, all the while knowing that it was the most current data no matter which one of us updated it.  Maybe adding a feature where you could mark certain entries as "private" to only show on one account would be helpful for some couples... a-la Ashley Madison ;)

  • Sheeds
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    Are the give aways / comp's open to podcast listeners from outside the US/Canada guys ?

    Just checking....