Roundup: What’s the best Twitter app?

Roundup: What’s the best Twitter app?

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ZDNet’s Matthew Miller just posted a nice roundup of Twitter apps for Windows Phone, sorting out the pros and cons of 5 of the most prominent entries in Marketplace: Birdsong (a new arrival this week), Twitt, Beezz, Twitter (the official app), and Seesmic.

Check out his review and tell me what you think. What’s your pick?


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  • Marcellus
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    The official twitter app needs a serious update. It really does. There are a few problems with it also.

  • Hi,

    v1.1 of Birdsong has just released. This delivers major performance and stability as well as a few new features such as run under lock screen, multi-language support and landscape mode.

    Now we have a really stable platform we are working on delivering more advanced features such as multiple accounts, push notifications etc..

    Check out v1.1 here:

    With v1.1 we’ve also taken steps to improve our support offering by opening a brand new Support Portal on which you can make (and vote on) feature requests, discuss ideas and issues with the Birdsong Community, and contact us for support.  The new Support Portal is or you can email us here:




  • anger
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    I would like to recommend a new Twitter apps for Windows Phone 7.  It provide some excellent functionalities. For example,

    1.Retweet: Allows user to edit the content of the Retweet, support Retweet by SMS, Email

    2.Lists management: Add, edit, delete Lists. Allow users to choose which lists will be invisible/visible.

    3.The user interface of the lists and search sections are shown by ‘Metro’ mode. It allows users to swipe left or right to see different lists or searching results within one app.

    4.Nearby: Display the content of the tweet and location of the friends you followed on the map

    5.In the details of the timelines, provide the main drive route navigation that helps you to find the location of your friends easily

    Zune Link:

    I hope you can review it or try the trial version.

  • anger
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    I am an individual developer. I finished an excellent twitter app on December, 2010. It spends me 4 months to develop. But it still failed to certification process. My app’s status is ‘None’. It was stuck up to the present. Otherwise, it will be the best twitter app on the marketplace. I have viewed all twitter app on the marketplace. All functionalities of the app are better than Microsoft’s official twitter app’s. Actually, I have passed the technical certification. But the Microsoft told me that my app submission is stuck in package signing via VeriSign. Do you believe that? I have never heard the VeriSign. The Documents of the development and submission has never mentioned the Verisign certification. Anyway, I hope Microsoft can help me to resolve the problem. Finally, people can see my twitter app.

  • @Cain--Thanks for popping in! See everyone--this is why it's so crucial to provide thoughtful feedback on apps you're downloading.  The talented folks writing these things are listening--and they're eager to make their app a hit by making it better. Keep it coming!

  • Hi Guys,

    Yep good comments. We have only just released V1 of Birdsong. We also have an update coming next week with some key performance improvements and some other key features. That will be the all the basics complete.

    We then have push notifications coming shortly after which is much in demand. We're working as hard and fast as we can to deliver the key functionality that people want.

    We already had "resume timeline from last read tweet" on our backlog of these to do along with other features such as multiple accounts and a lot more (almost 50 new features on our backlog currently).

    We really want your feedback and will be prioritising our development according to user feedback and votes. Feel free to add enhancements and vote on existing ones here:

    Odegaard, you will notice "resume timeline from last read tweet" currently has the most votes so it looks like we will be delivering that with a matter of urgency after push notifications are delivered.




  • Great comments, guys--especially the lists of what you'd like to see in a Twitter app.  Hopefully all the developers out there are listening.... :-)

  • twitter apps make our life much more comfortable, especially for us that work and live from the internet. For a regular user they might be just for fun, but for me they are a money and time saver...

  • Twitter - it has the best integration and its free, even if it were $1.99, I would likely buy it because of its functionality over the competitors.

  • I'm trying to make the jump to WP7, but twitter (and copy/paste which we will soon get) is what holding me back. I current have on iPhone (primary phone) and two different WinPhone devices laying around.

    So here's what's wrong with all the twitter clients:

    A) They all use the pivot control. The problem with this is that I can't see if there's new messages waiting in for instance 'replies' or 'messages' without actually going to them.

    B) When I go back to the app, it always starts out at the top of the list, instead of where I left off last time I used the app. Similar if I hit the refresh button and 10 new tweets comes in, it pushes the tweets in view 10 messages down, instead of keeping the ones I'm currently reading at the same spot.

    The official twitter app for iPhone is really well done, but usability issues on the WinPhone version makes it unuseable.

    Birdsong resolves issue (A) quite nicely, but issue (B) which is the most annoying one is still unresolved in all the WinPhone twitter apps there is. It's beyond me noone has addressed this yet. You'll even see people complain about this in the app ratings.

    When they get (B) right, all they need to do is also mark all items read when you have scrolled to the top.

    It's like everyone has been TOO focused on following the Metro design, that they forgot about how UX should still work with the type of app you work on.

  • Jay
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    I don't use any of them for one reason: None of them keep you at the last viewed tweet when the timeline refreshes. I don't check Twitter obsessively, so I like to be able to open the app, have the timeline refresh, and continue reading where I left off. It's annoying to have to scroll down and find the last tweet I read.