How to: Take class notes with OneNote Mobile

How to: Take class notes with OneNote Mobile

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Our friends over on the Office Blogs have just posted a handy rundown for students on how to take class notes on your phone and sync them to Windows Live SkyDrive—perfect for those moments when you’re stuck in class (or a meeting) without a laptop.  Check out the post.

Their post also made me curious: Where else have you found OneNote handy on your phone? What are your favorite OneNote tips?


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  • Jdog
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    I really, really want OneNote mobile to work correctly, but it has some MAJOR limitations that I think people should be aware of:

    -OneNote mobile has no search functionality.  So if you are looking through pages of notes, it becomes counter productive.  

    -If you have pages of notes, lets say you scroll down in a list of 100, to about the 50th note, since there is no search, you need to open that note to see if it what you were looking for.  If it was not, when you hit back, it brings you ALL THE WAY back to the top of the list of 100!!

    -Sync is less than desired if you want to sync to multiple computers as well as to your phone.  You can use Windows Live Essentials 2011's "Windows Live Mesh", but that syncs to "Skydrive synced storage", NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Windows Skydrive, which is where WP7 syncs up (they are completely different storage areas, with different storage limits).  .

    -If you have "inked notes", ie notes taken using a tablet pc, good luck, WP7/Onenote Mobile WILL NOT read those.  I sure hope there will be an update for that so that I don't have to spend months converting my notes.

  • Looking forward to better-than-step-child treatment when it comes to using OneNote on my WP7. iPhone gets a mature client and I get a prototype client. I can only pin a notebook *page* to my start screen; I can't pin a notebook, as far as i can tell.

    And there's no intuitive way keep any notebook I want synced with *and* OneNote on my work PC and any of my home PCs. Only through hours of messing with it did I discover the *magic* status of the "Personal (Web)"  notebook.

    When will we get a more fully featured OneNote client for WP7?

  • slobo80
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    I am not clear on your comment. Would you please elaborate?

  • hitmouse
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    TIP: Get a bank account with an address in the USA so you can actually get a copy of OneNote for the phone. It's not available for the world to see.

  • It's been really handy to pin both a ToDo and Shopping list to my Focus' home screen for quick access... they are both part of my sync'd SkyDrive OneNote notebook, so it's easy to share access with others.  Just think how easy it is to have a shared, dynamically updated Grocery list between couples with this thing!

    For a recent trip, I had a little packing-prep list pinned as well while I ran around the house.  Very handy!

    It would be groovy to somehow tie in certain content from those lists to display in the Live Tile, or even on the Lock screen for quicker visual access.  It was sometimes awkward to pull out my phone, toggle the power and slide the screen to get a glimpse while pushing the shopping cart ;)

    So far, loving it.