Windows Phone Radio 15 Hits the Airwaves

Windows Phone Radio 15 Hits the Airwaves

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Who wants some more app hints?! Yes, we all do and thanks to Mike, author of our weekly Pinworthy column, we have some great ones in store on Windows Phone Radio 15. Hear from Mike live and direct about his picks for the week as well as a couple tips from our own Matt Akers, like iBlast Moki, a game he thinks is the next Angry Birds. Mike also takes time out to talk a bit about his book Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple. Tune in, download [via Zune and iTunes] or stream right now!


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  • ScubaDog
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    Brian & Co.:  Totally get it and appreciate what you are doing.  You guys make a point in the podcasts of saying that you take suggestions back to the developers and that they are at least listening.  I think we'd be okay with not knowing WHEN something might be incorporated as long as there's some indication IF something is going to be incorporated.  OR, if you have a line on a third party app that accomplishes the functionality you get a lot of feedback on--we're all trying to make the most of WP7 and I don't think we're taking full advantage yet.  But some are more than others and your podcasts, etc., can help move us along.  Let's face it, we kind of get tired of hearing the iPhone or Android users ragging on us when comparing.  On a sidenote, however, couldn't help but notice a full-on Metro UI theme for the iPhone (with pint-to-start and everything).  Imitation is the best form of flattery ;)

  • I would like a copy of "Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple". I'm hoping to get a WP7 very soon.

  • Hello all. thanks for all the great feedback keep it coming! I know many of you think we should be doing more disclosure of "what's next" or "the real story behind..."  and trust me I would love to do that every week. We do have to balance between what is interesting, fun and realistic for the business. Before we can say what is coming or new functionality for the phone OS, we need to be sure it will indeed make it in. Hope you understand and thanks again for all the comments and support.

  • Eventhough I am still waiting for Verizon to get Windows Phone 7, I would LOVE to have a copy of "Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple" for me and my wife.  This will be my wife's first smart phone and the book sounds just what we need!

    Thanks for the awesome podcast!


  • ScubaDog
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    For "MySnowPro", you should frequent or the sites to get help understanding how to do a lot of the things you use to with Windows Mobile.  The Hotmail Connector works EXTREMELY well in allowing you to have you contacts, email and calendar from Outlook move smoothly through Live, to your WP7 device and back.  The only think people are complaining about is the lack of support for Tasks & Notes.  OneNote, of course, is supposed to replace the need for Notes, but there's no reasonable support for Tasks.  But people need to just get off the idea that they have to have a direct sync with Outlook's just not needed with the Connector.

    For Brian Seitz, et. al.: No disrespect intended, but your podcasts are mostly fluff.  I don't mind them being loose and casual, but really, guys, bring some real meat to the table.  You have an avenue to directly respond to the extensive and significant questions, issues and (dare I say it?) disappointments from the consumers.  Personally, I care much less about what app you're using than about apps that, say, make up for missing functionality within WP7.  Now THAT would be useful.  Or, how about clueing your listeners in on the best avenues for submitting concerns about the platform to Microsoft developer and (gasp) the possiblity of actually getting a comment from them?  Most of us LOVE this platform, but the way for it to succeed and eat into the iPhone and Android markets is to be RESPONSIVE to consumers.  I don't necessarily agree with everything Paul Thurrot says, but he pretty accurately describes the observed situation and the collective concerns of the customer base.  So, listen to the people and respond accordingly.  Get off the megafluff, guys!

  • Awesome show and would love a copy of the book...  ideally a kindle version would be sweet...

  • After living underneath a rock for 28 years, I just stumbled upon podcasts. Boy are they great to listen to when you don't want to work! It is refreshing to hear commitment to the Windows Phone, and I feel like the only one in a family of Android and BlackBerry users that appreciates all the work you have put into it. Thank you. Anywho, I just would like to throw my name into the WP7 Plain and Simple hat and hopefully win the raffle!

  • Hi guys!

    Congratulations on the podcast. Love it!  Especially the tips and tricks segment.  Been using my WP7 for the last couple of months and I discover something new and interesting every time. Looking forward for the incoming update.

    I am starting to develop my first apps and I  "I want Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple" !!. It will surely help me a lot.

    Keep up the great work,

    Regards from Mexico.

    ~ Jorge

  • motz
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    I want windows phone plain and simple!!!!

    I started listing to you guys a few weeks back and I am really enjoying the podcast, keep them coming.

  • @ toddler

    I couldn't agree with you more.  I couldn't have said it any better.

    As a Microsoft fan, it is really becoming depressing, especially seeing in the last few months that the iPhone has been getting more funtionalities in Bing, Bing Maps, Live Messenger and now OneNote and nothing for WP7, together with the subpar or none advertising of WP7.

    If I don’t get some compelling update for my Omnia 7 in the February update that is going to at least put us on par with the iPhone as regards to Bing, Bing Maps and Live Messenger and if I don’t hear some outstanding news regarding future updates come MWC, I’ll be getting the iPhone 5 come June. I’m not putting up with this any longer like I did with WinMo 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5 while I watched the iPhone and then Android make all the right moves. I believe that WP7 is the most outstanding and elegant mobile OS in the market right now but if Microsoft aren’t going to be updating it in rapid fashion to bring it on par features wise with Android and the iPhone, then I’m OFF. Even Paul Thurrott's is not very happy with "slow as tortoise" approach you guys seem to be adopting.  This is not the PC market, if Microsoft wants to play in the mobile space, they need to be as fast and nimble as the opposition, they need to be updating this OS every month or every couple of months for the next year or so to bring the OS on par with iOS and Andriod quickly. I became an early adopter of WP7 because I wanted to see if Microsoft is really serious about mobile as they’ve claimiing since last year’s MWC, they better not let me down.

  • I have been using the phone for 6 weeks and have been learning WP7 interface and Zune software. Very cool and time saving stuff. It also works great as my new music player. LOVING IT

    There have been 2 simple things which have been driving me a little crazy.

    1) When texting/typing in the vertical format, the letter are a little too close, and it adds to my misspellings.

    2) The ability to sync with my person outlook 2010 in addition to Windows Live. Bummed that I can't easily sync my Calendar.

    As for apps... "Where's My Car" came in very handy over the weekend.

    Pinning - I pin my favorite podcasts, and I like how they go blank once I listen to that episode. And pinning my playlists to the home screen literally rocks!

    I issues are simple so I figure the  "Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple" maybe just what I need.

    Thank you for the fun & informative podcast.


  • DaNorm
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    I want Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple.  I'm waiting for the Verizon phones to come out before getting my dad one and this book would be perfect for him and his move from a dumb phone to the mobile Platform of Awesomeness.

  • toddler
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    Hearing you guys talk about why certain features are not available where I live was really disappointing. You should have spent more time discussing the whole topic. When Microsoft's Zune is the only service that cannot offer me Podcasts on the Marketplace, I really want to know why this is happening and I was really hoping to hear an explanation for that. What kind of licensing issues prevent you from making free Podcasts available? I sure understand why the Topics on your Podcast are mostly focused on the American market, but you also have to understand that Windows Phone 7 currently is just an okay experience if you can't use Zune Pass, Bing-related services, Podcasts, or any other stuff you've not made available to everyone.

    Talking about these features as if they were actually part of the Windows Phone 7 experience is misleading, because they clearly aren't. They are features that are only available to those WP7 users who are living in the United States – and pretty much no one else. What's even worse is the fact that no one at Microsoft wants to talk about all of this. Everything takes time, but it's been months since the service launched and all we hear is “we're working on it”, but nothing else. Give us dates, tell us what services will be made available (is it even possible to have all the services everywhere?), talk about everything, and don't just throw a “you have to wait, it takes time” in our faces every time we ask about it.

    Sorry for this little rant. Love your Podcast and will (of course) listen to the next Episode. :-)

  • TricBox
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    "I want Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple" please. My wife and I just got our first smart phones. We got the Samsung Focus and this book could really help the wife learn her phone. I've been listening to the podcasts since episode one, keep up the good work!

  • Ok - "I want Windows Phone 7 Plain & Simple"; I bought my family 3 HD7s for Xmas so if you send a copy it will get passed around! - and thanks for letting those of us who take a few days to get to the podcasts get in on the contests - great show btw!

  • Sheeds
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    Guys - nice podcast (was it just me and that was a little short today - or did my shopping and listening just pass quickly?)

    Hey - per my tweet, my wife could sure use that WP7 simple book...err, I mean....ummm It would allow her to deftly and efficiently learn my new phone OS whilst mutitasking successfully as a working mum, homemaker and loving wife and life partner.  Yeah - that's what I mean't  <wife looking over shoulder as message hastily edited>

    Re: the Bing local search O/S access.  I reckon you could have pleased both new/casual customers and powerusers alike by shipping Bing Local disabled like in AUS - but allowing an advanced settings menu - with a disclaimer like:

    "adjusting the following settings may enable additional WP7 features that may not at this time be fully functional or available for your WP7 phone region.  These options are unsupported and may impact the user experience of your phone"

    Whew Alert Will Robinson.......that should keep only the bravest, mature tech head and fellow WP7 adventurers from playing with these settings, and lets face it Matt and Brian - if the Bing local search awesomeness only works 40% off the time - that's 40% more awesomeness than now.  And regular Bing can find info for you as a backup.

    Keep up the great Podcasts (and Matt howszat you can get the WP7 podcast out but skip us a week on Zune Insider grrr )